Adela Corinthos Woods

Adela is Sonny's mother. Sonny talks about her often. She lived a very difficult life and suffered from severe abuse by her second husband and Sonny's stepfather, Deke Woods. Sonny has always felt guilty that he was never able to protect his mother from her brutal life with Deke.

Adela has occasionally been shown in flashbacks. We have also heard her voice a few times when Sonny’s had a flashback about his childhood. Sonny and Mike occasionally talked about her and it is clear they both loved her very much. They both comment about how beautiful she was. Adela came to the United States from Cuba. Sonny states: “Her family had to escape from Cuba. There were things there that she couldn’t get over. She needed to feel security. She needed to have security. She needed to feel safe, so a big strong man in uniform is what she thought she needed. First, there was Mike, he was in the service by then. Then, there was a cop. All my mom ever wanted for us was to be safe. Instead, we got Deke.”

Adela's first marriage was to Sonny's father, Mike Corinthos, Sr. Mike and Adela married quickly and Sonny was born ten months later. The marriage was rocky from the start. Mike tells Sonny about the night he was born.

“I took her to the hospital. Here I am driving like a freakin’ fool and she’s cool as a cucumber. That was before all this hands on stuff that father’s do now. So I stayed in the waiting room. You were born within the hour and I walk in and there she is holding you in her arms with this look on her face. She couldn’t take her eyes off. I stood there watching the two of you and started to cry. Then I thought, you stupid bastard, who do you think you are to deserve these two perfect creatures?”

Mike and Adela fought often about money. Mike was never very reliable and started disappearing for a few days or weeks. He missed Sonny’s fourth birthday. Around this time he simply stopped coming home. Adela’s parents didn’t have a lot of money either and they were unable to help Adela and Sonny out.

Adela married Deke Woods when Sonny was around seven years old. Sonny remembers Deke starting to “knock his mother around” three weeks into the marriage. It wasn’t long before Deke started beating his stepson as well. Deke would get furious when Adela and Sonny would speak Spanish to each other. Adela would always make excuses for how Deke treated them. Adela and Sonny kept their abuse a secret and tried their best to keep out of Deke’s way. To protect his mother, Sonny decided to start getting in trouble so Deke would turn his rage on him and not his mother.

Adela’s marriage to Deke made her turn old. She stopped listening to music and singing. She started having health problems and always covered up her injuries. Mike returned a few times, but he never felt welcome and stopped coming back for good. He felt Adela and Sonny were better off with someone who had a steady income and a pension. Mike didn’t know about the abuse until he arrived in Port Charles years later.

Adela was a devout Catholic and took Sonny to church every Sunday. They would also say the rosary together. Sonny says, "I learned to say my Hail Mary from my mother. I actually know it better in Spanish than I do in English. We used to sit on my bed at night and we'd say it together. And when things got bad and I was older, you know, I'd hear her whispering it to herself, to you. And one time when she was crying and her mouth was bleeding, I said to her, "Why even pray when you don't listen and you don't help?" And she said I was wrong, that you do hear us and you do care and that you send us grace every day. Grace to go on and grace to live through it."

Sonny also tells a story of how he took his mother to the ballet (telling Alexis this story while he is in lock-up) I took my mother to the ballet once. I'd been out of the house for a couple of years and I was making good money as a numbers runner. And I walked past Carnegie Hall and there was a poster. My mom used to watch ballet on public television. She used to tell me all the time how it was . . . she used to go to the ballet all the time in Cuba when she was a little girl, so I decided I'd take her and so I bought two box seats. They were for the afternoon when I knew that Deke would be working, so I went to the house and I surprised her. She was so excited, you know. Her whole face changed and she was, like, 10 years younger and beautiful again and even wore this suit that she hadn't worn since she stopped working and . . . so we went to the ballet and she was looking around and she was like a little kid seeing everything. And she . . . all she kept telling me was how much bigger this theatre was than the one in Cuba. So we get to the box seats and there was all these girls and they all had uniforms . . . they were giggling and flirting and they kept looking at me, you know. And I just kept thinking, we're so different, you know, because to them this is like a fun day in the afternoon. They're going to go back to their rich schools and rich lives and they'll forget the ballet. But to me and my mother, it was like we were visiting another planet.  What I didn't know then is that even rich people can hurt as bad as poor people. 

Adela was simply unable to protect herself or her son from the vicious treatment they received from Deke. Sonny has never expressed any resentment towards his mother and has only talked about her in loving terms. Adela asked Sonny to leave home when he was sixteen. Sonny and Deke's fights were getting too violent and Adela thought one of them would kill each other. Sonny did what she asked and he left home. He lived on the streets and survived by stealing and eating out of garbage cans. Joe Scully eventually took him in. He always came back to visit his mother. He would bring her presents and take her out to lunch. He would come on days when Deke was at work. However, when Sonny left home, Adela became the brunt of Deke’s beatings.

One of Adela’s most brutal beatings led to a chain of events that resulted in Deke getting murdered. Sonny was upset and confided in his mentor, Joe Scully, that he and his mother had been beaten by Deke for years. The next day, Deke was found murdered in an alley. Sonny knew Joe had ordered the mob hit. At the funeral, Adela asked Sonny if he had anything to do with the death of his stepfather. Sonny was able to deny any involvement. Although Adela became free of the abuse, she never really recovered from the hard years of living with Deke Woods.

It is unclear how Adela died. But, Sonny has always felt that Deke’s beatings contributed to her early death. Sonny packed up all of his mother’s belongings after she died and put some things in storage. He made all of the funeral arrangements. Mike didn’t attend the funeral and didn’t know Adela died until Sonny told him a few years later. Sonny still has a few things of his mother’s, including some rosary beads and some Spanish books.

Here are a few things that we know about Adela:

*She was a secretary

*She was a small woman in stature and had very small feet.

*Her parents didn’t like Mike.

*She loved to listen to music and sing in Spanish.

*She was a devout Catholic and took Sonny to church every Sunday.

*She loved to dance.

*Her true love was Mike.

*She taught Sonny how to cook.

*She was always cold.