The Anniversary of Stone’s Death

It’s morning and Mike, wearing a robe, comes downstairs from his place above Luke’s and sees Sonny sitting in the same position at the same table that Mike last saw Sonny at the night before. Sonny is sitting, slightly slumped, staring at Robin’s letter, which he got last night on the table in front of him. He has an empty shot glass in front of him and another full shot glass across from him with a mainly full bottle of liquor in between. November 1996.

Mike: I thought I heard somebody go out the door.

Sonny: (takes a while to respond) Yep, it was Bobbie Spencer looking for Luke.

Mike: Well, you said you were going to close up the place after you left last night?

Sonny: Yeah I know, I said it but, uh, I didn’t do it.

Mike: It’s Robin’s letter? Did something happen? (Sonny doesn’t respond and Mike picks up the bottle of liquor that’s sitting on the table).

Sonny: I’m not wasted Mike. I’m just having, (pause), having a drink with a friend. Except he doesn’t drink.

Mike: Well, uh…(Mike looks around)

Sonny: He’s gone, he’s not here. (sighs) It’s a helluva thing…he’s not here. (Sonny places Robin’s letter on the untouched drink opposite him and then picks up his coat and leaves. Mike picks the letter up and reads out loud.)

Mike: “And I know you’ll be thinking of him too on the, what do we call it, the anniversary of his death.”(Mike finally understands) Stone, a year ago today . . .