Morgan Corinthos-Baby Boy Countdown

1. Carly tells Sonny she is pregnant.  

2. Sonny & Carly see the first ultrasound. Sonny starts getting in protection mode, starting to worry about the baby and making sure Carly eats right.  

3. Sonny & Carly tell Michael he's going to be a big brother.  

4. After a rough summer, Sonny and Carly start planning for the birth of the baby. 

5. Sonny & Carly are told by Dr. Meadows that they are having a boy. The baby is healthy and has a strong heartbeat. Suddenly, Sonny starts to worry that he will never see his child be born because he is cursed. 

6. Carly starts worrying about the baby because he's not kicking anymore. Dr. Meadows assures her that's normal in the third trimester. Carly is admitted to the hospital for dehydration. Sonny wants to get her a cook and a nurse when they get home. 

7. Sonny has a terrible nightmare about the baby. (As he's taking home his newborn and Carly from the hospital, he sees Lily. She warns him not to get in the car. Sonny turns and the car explodes). Sonny wakes up screaming and in a cold sweat, as Carly tries to comfort him.  

8. Dr. Meadows has some bad news for Sonny and Carly. Their son has a heart problem (oh no).  On the bright side, it was hinted that Sonny and Carly are working on the nursery.

9. There is a baby shower for Sonny and Carly at Luke's Club. The presents include a baby blanket from Courtney and a baseball mitt from Mike. 

10. Carly goes into labor at the new house out in the country. Sonny gets there just in time and delivers their baby.

Morgan Corinthos is born on October 24, 2003.