Brenda Corinthos

Brenda Barrett arrived in Port Charles in 1992. Her parents were Harland and Veronica Barrett. She was always treated very poorly by her father and spent most of her childhood years in boarding schools. She came to Port Charles to live with her sister, Julia, with the promise to finish high school. When her sister left town, Brenda moved in with the Quartermaines.

Brenda will always have a special place in Sonny's heart because she saved his life. When Sonny was wounded in a shootout to help Frank Smith break out of jail, it was Brenda who helped nurse him back to health. She gave him a transfusion of blood and he never forgot what she did for him.

Sonny and Brenda had a very passionate relationship. Although Brenda knew what Sonny did was dangerous, she had no idea that Sonny was involved in the mob. He kept that secret from her and everyone else.

Brenda was the first person that helped Sonny start to open up. Sonny was known as a cold and dangerous man, but he started to confide in Brenda. Brenda discovered that underneath Sonny’s tough demeanor, he could be a very caring.

When Mike Corbin arrived in Port Charles, Brenda immediately became friends with him. She encouraged Sonny to talk to forgive his father. Mike adored Brenda, and even after her and Sonny broke up, they remained friends. When Sonny and Brenda were reunited, Mike gave Sonny Adela’s engagement ring to give to Brenda.

Sonny and Brenda got engaged in 1997. However, Sonny felt that he would never be able to keep Brenda safe. Believing it would be the only way to keep her alive, Sonny left town without Brenda. Later, when Brenda was killed in a car accident with her mother, Both Sonny and Mike were heartbroken.

A few years later, Brenda turned up alive in Port Charles. She was taken care of by an arms dealer named Lois Alcazar, who told her she was dying. Sonny and Brenda were able to talk to each other about their past and were finally able to have closure to their relationship.

Sonny and Brenda do not see each other for eight years. When Sonny decides to flee the country when he is facing criminal charges in Port Charles, he visits Brenda in Rome. They have a heart to heart talk and Brenda tells Sonny to go home for his children. Sonny returns to Port Charles. A few months later, Brenda returns to Port Charles for protection, as she is in danger from an enemy named the Balkan. Soon, Sonny and Brenda submit to fate and start seeing each other again.

Sonny proposes marriage to Brenda and she accepts. They get married on February 28, 2011 and they become husband and wife.

Brenda finds out that Suzanne, her longtime business partner, has kept a dark secret from Brenda. Suzanne kept Brenda's child away from her for three years. Brenda thought she had a miscarriage, but Suzanne admits that she drugged Brenda and took her child away from her. Brenda meets Alec when Sonny brings him home after finding him with Suzanne when she goes on the run.

Brenda starts having misgivings about having Alec grow up in Sonny's mob world so she leaves town and moves to Rome.

Brenda meets her son Alec.


*Brenda took photography in high school.

*Brenda is a model, but doesn't enjoy the profession that much.

*Brenda was a troublemaker when she attended Port Charles High School.

*One of Brenda’s best friends is Robin Scorpio.

*Brenda has type O blood.