Brenda Comforts Sonny After Lily is Killed

Brenda goes to the Penthouse as soon as she hears the news of Lily’s death. Sonny is very disheveled. The house is a mess. June 1996.

Brenda: (Keeps knocking on the door, but there is no response). Sonny? Sonny? Come on, I know you’re in there. Please. Sonny?

Sonny: (Sitting in a daze on the couch. He finally walks to the door and opens it. He looks down towards the floor, not looking at Brenda).

Brenda: (Looks at him with worry). I came as soon as I heard. I am so sorry. It shouldn’t have happened.

Sonny: I told her I was going to protect her. I did a hell of a job. (He walks away from Brenda and she follows him. Sonny starts picking up some of the clothes off the floor and Brenda does the same).

Brenda: Sonny, it’s not your fault.

Sonny: Yeah it was. (He is intensely picking things up and drops some dishes that he's trying to clean up. Brenda tries to settle him down by sitting him down on the couch).

Brenda. Shhh.

Sonny: (Fidgets on the couch for a minute, then finally looks at Brenda). He was trying to kill me.

Brenda: (confused) Her father?

Sonny: I backed out of a deal. So, he had no choice but to come after me. That’s the way it works in my world.

Brenda: Lily’s dead because of us?

Sonny: No. No. You’re not listening to me. You were incidental. Me walking away was my crime or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe just loving me . . . she died for nothing more than that.

Brenda: If it’s true, I know she wasn’t sorry. She loved you. She had you for a little while and she knows that you chose her in the end and that meant everything to her.

Sonny: (Broken voice) I broke every promise I ever made to her. I used her love and then I killed her.

Brenda: That’s not true.

Sonny: It’s true okay. I was going to leave her. I was going to leave her, right. And the funny part about it is, I was counting on her to save me. I convinced myself that Rivera was not going to kill the man his daughter loved. Even though I knew if I deserved her, she would always love me and protect me. I guess that’s what you call arrogance, huh? I met a girl in a park one day . . . (breaks down) two years later she’s dead because of me. (Brenda pulls Sonny into her arms and comforts him).