Bus Crash

Michael, Kristina, Morgan, and Molly go on a ski trip with friends and chaperones from the General Hospital staff. The bus crashes on a mountain road. Sonny rushes to General Hospital and waits to hear news about his kids.

January 2011



The ski trip start off as a fun adventure. Morgan calls Carly to update her on the trip when the bus crashes.


People from the bus have all suffered injuries. The bus driver is killed, Olivia has internal injuries, Matt has a broken arm, and Morgan has a broken leg. Michael becomes a hero when he finds Morgan lost in the snow and carries his brother back to a warm fire. Kristina suffers from hypothermia. Molly helps out with her knowledge of survival skills. Michael and Molly walk up to the main road and are able to get a phone signal to call for help and tell the rescuers their location. The injured are taken to General Hospital.


Sonny waits at the hospital to hear word about his children. He assures Alexis that the kids are strong and will be fine. Brenda makes it to the crash site and calls Sonny, telling him the kids are okay, but that Morgan has a broken leg. Sonny thanks her for being with his children. Sonny meets Abby in the waiting room and introduces himself as Michael's father.


Sonny provides comfort to his kids as they start arriving at General Hospital. He stays with Morgan until he gets the proper care. He tells Morgan to call him if he needs anything. Morgan thanks his dad for being with him. Brenda witnesses Sonny being a father to his children and is very moved by his love and devotion. She tells him he has done everything right.


Sonny comforts Kristina when things take a tragic turn and her friend Ali dies from head injuries from the crash. Kristina is in hysterics as she blames herself for her friends death. Sonny tells Kristina that she is a lot like him and it's easy to blame yourself for things that are out of your control. Sonny tells Kristina about grief and loss and how much he still misses his friend Stone. He tells Kristina that her friend Ali will always live in Kristina's heart.

Sonny tells Michael that he is very proud of him for being a hero during the bus tragedy. Michael says he just did what he had to do and that he is more worried about Kristina and Molly. All the kids are shaken by the death of their friend. Sonny says that death gives you a different perspective on life.

"I like to think of it like everything happens for a reason. You know, you're here because you got a lot more to do. I should have been dead many times, and I wonder why I'm not. The one thing I do know is that you kids are the reason that keep me going. You teach me how to be a better father."