Carly Jacks

Carly Benson arrived in Port Charles in 1996. It was a long time before her path crossed with Sonny Corinthos. The few times that they did see meet, they weren’t very nice to each other. In fact, they hated each other. Sonny felt that Carly wasn’t any good for Jason and was very selfish. Carly thought the same thing about Sonny.

In the summer of 1999, Carly found Sonny in the Penthouse, depressed, drinking, and distraught. She knew he shouldn’t be alone, so she stayed with him until Jason returned. Sonny confided to Carly about all of his demons. Carly saw something in Sonny she had never seen before. She always thought he was uncaring and cold. But, after spending time with him, she realized he was full of pain.

Sonny and Carly both betrayed their best friend Jason, when they slept together one afternoon. Jason was very hurt by what had happened. But, it was apparent that all along that Sonny and Carly had very strong feelings for each other.

When Sonny learned Carly was pregnant with his child, he took her out of the Quartermaine mansion, got her a divorce from AJ, and moved her and Michael into the Penthouse. Both, Sonny and Carly were excited about having a family and were devastated when Carly lost her baby.

Sonny and Carly have had a powerful, rocky, and passionate marriage. Even though Carly’s actions can be impulsive and dangerous, there are many things that Sonny loves about her. Carly and Michael have given Sonny the family that he has always wanted. Sonny thinks Carly is a wonderful mother. He also likes her stubbornness and that she is a fighter.

When Sonny was gunned down in front of the PCPD and was in critical condition, Carly sat vigil at his bedside. Sonny had a near-death experience involving Lily, and he told her that he wasn’t ready to die. When Sonny woke up from his coma, he told Carly he came back for her.

Carly thought she could live with all of the dangers that went along with Sonny’s business. But, when a bomb was sent to their house, she became really scared. She wanted to save Sonny by having him go into the Witness Protection Program. She had Roy help her try and make a deal with the FBI. Unfortunately, the whole thing backfired and Sonny wouldn’t cooperate. Sonny felt betrayed by Carly and shut her out of his life. But, Carly vowed to fight for their marriage.

Sonny and Carly reconciled. They both moved on and were happy when Carly became pregnant. Morgan Stone Corinthos was born on October 24, 2003.

However, they both realized that their marriage could never work and they divorced. Carly married Jax Jacks. She manages the Metro Court Hotel.