A series of caves underneath the city of Port Charles. The mob has occasionally used them to store shipments of goods. Sonny Corinthos is claustrophobic and doesn't go near them

Sonny:  (Getting uncomfortable) I don't do a lot of business in there anymore. But, there are some great storage places for our shipments. We still have a few caves we use.

Jason: Sonny doesn't like the catacombs. 

Sonny: (Nodding head in agreement). I was trapped in there one time. Harry Silver planted a bomb and the cave collapsed with me and Brenda inside. He was killed in the explosion.

Jason: I looked for you for days. 

Sonny: I thought I was a goner for sure. 

Jason: I don't mind the catacombs. But, they're not very practical anymore.



Mob Haunts