Claudia Zacchara

Claudia Zacchara is the daughter of mob boss Anthony Zacchara. When she first arrives in Port Charles, she meets Sonny in a bar and they sleep together. Later, she realizes Sonny is her father's mob rival. When Claudia hires Jerry Jax to kill Sonny, the plan turns tragic, when Michael Corinthos is accidently caught in the crossfire and ends up in a permanent coma.

Anthony Zacchara offers Sonny Corinthos a deal to have full control of the Zacchara organization. Sonny agrees to Anthony's deal, which includes marrying Claudia. Sonny and Claudia marry in December 2008.Sonny doesn't know that Claudia is involved in Michael's shooting. As a result of his marriage to Claudia, Anthony Zacchara is Sonny's father-in-law and Johnnie is Sonny's brother-in-law.

Sonny and Claudia have a marriage of convenience. Sonny uses Claudia to show an alliance with the Zacchara crew. Claudia wants a family. She gets pregnant, convincing a reluctant Sonny that it will be good for the business. Sonny stays weary of Claudia, but tries to make the best of it. But Sonny admits to others, that he doesn't even like Claudia, but feels he deserves her.

Sonny finds out that Claudia is responsible for Michael's shooting. He plans a birthday party for Claudia and publicly outs Claudia's role in the shooting. Claudia takes Carly hostage. Michael saves his mother and newborn sister, by killing Claudia with an axe. Sonny and Jason cover up the murder for Michael.

Sonny is not sorry about Claudia's death and tells Jason to bury her "as close to hell as you can get."