Club 101

A club originally co-owned by Carly and Jax. It has dining and dancing. Sonny doesn't care for the place much. He's had some bad experiences there. First Sonny almost beat up AJ when he was taunting him with kissing his sister Courtney. Sonny also punched Ned when he insulted Carly.    

Sonny:  This used to be Carly's club. But, I have never really liked the place much.

Jason: Now Jax owns it. He didn't like Carly's style. 

Sonny: Candyboy got a little upset when Carly embezzled $100, 000. She could have just come to me and I would have given her the money.

Jason: You know she had her reason's Sonny. Let's not talk about Jax. He could have the place. 

Sonny: Okay. Let's move on.



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