Conversation Piece with Ron Hale

My Favorite Kind of Man:
Charming and a Pleasant Conversationalist

July 29, 1999
written by Mercy

This article is courtesy of the Club Cersoli web site.

How did this happen? It all began, when Val asked who I would like to type for if the surprise could be arranged for Lisa during Club Cerasoli Chat (see transcript)My immodest request was Ron Hale or modestly whomever needed. (Was pleased with the invite to help out). The stunning phone call with information, 'you'll be typing for Ron Hale and ..... ' (I think I squealed ... nah .) Making sure computer and phone setup would work, finding previous interviews and information to read so I would have a clue (this tendency for 'brain cramps' can be scary) kept my feet on the ground until time for the chat.

I recognized the voice right off, (surprised me. Why? I never FF his scenes.) I have liked 'Mike' from his first arrival at Luke's, was doubtful of his motives for a bit but, those twinkling eyes disarmed me, he just had to be a good guy. (So nice that GH has a mature actor we can drool over.) When we discovered who he really was, I liked the idea of Mike's desire to 'make amends' with son. I enjoyed watching Mike work his way thru the apology, attempts at amends, and balkiness of, Sonny, the injured child. (Cathartic and I like examples) No big denouement and fairytale fix, that would be a futile hope, I like a realistic approach to a painful human dilemma.

So many small and a few major incidents occurring over the years intertwined with just living and being part of others lives in PC are reasons I have continued to like Mike's story. (Besides Ron Hale has nice shoulders, sexy voice, cute smile and I have a thing for mustaches .)

Anyway, while waiting for chat to really get moving, we talked. Ron has sat in on a chat before and says it is impossible to look at the screen when all the stuff starts coming up. "It is like launching a rocket when the screen starts." This conversation was starting to be interesting and fun.

Ron is from back east and misses listening to the rain especially at night and how the air smells afterward. There is not much rain in that area of California. He asked about our nasty weather down here last year. (I keep forgetting our hurricanes and tornados hit national news, besides after getting through it, unpleasantness is best forgotten. Those sure were unpleasant.) Ron says it is also difficult to find okra and greens in California. (Hmmmmm, Aunt Ophelia, no fried okra or greens with potliquor and hoecake.) Then after Lisa asked if he had brought the potato salad he explained that when making potato salad, he just puts in 'stuff'. He starts with the basics and adds whatever is available. Makes it a little different each time. He told me Lisa does like his potato salad, and that it is always different and better the second day.

While talking, Ron told me he started off his career doing theater. Soap operas back in the 60's were the lowest of the low for actors, of course things have changed through the years. He feels he is like most actors his age that started into acting then, they would much prefer doing theater, but it isn't possible to make a living on that alone. Ron said it's a matter of economics and to him it is really sad. He has always tried to do as much theater as he could but would have to actually take a vacation, turning it into a working vacation, so he could go off and do a play. When his kids were little he would try to do it in a place where they could make it a vacation for the kids. (Bet that could be tough to arrange.) What he did was to go off and do a play for four or five months at a time. Then their Mom would put them on a train with their bags and they would go stay with him for a couple of weeks. The kids would stay backstage and at night while he was doing the play they would sleep in the dressing room. Ron's three children are now all grown, through college and all of that. He says it was not always easy as an actor but they did it.

Ron's father retired in SC. His brother got out of the Navy in 1964 and is still there so he considers that his second home. It was at that time when Ron headed up for NY to become an actor in the theater. He still gets home about twice a year since moving to California, and usually drives it. It only takes him 2 1/2 days, 1,000 miles a day for first 2 days and then 550 - 600 or so miles into SC the third day. Sixteen to seventeen hour driving days. He likes to get on the road at 3am and quit at around 6- 6:30 at night. And he loves it.

After Ron said his goodbyes and signed off, a few questions were asked, my favorite was "Could we get Ron come back to CC for a chat of his own?" We all like that idea. Now if I could just quit giggling, I would like to do this again. (Discovered in myself lately a dreadful propensity to giggle. Too bad I can't just put all my irritating little habits in a sack and drown them, (wail) it is getting worse.)

It really was fun, Ron Hale was charming and made it so easy. (Besides ... those shoulders, that sexy voice, cute smile and ohhh that mustache!)