Corinthos Coffee

An establishment owned and operated by Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny: I sent Jason on some errands. The rest of the tour I'll take you in my Masarati.

This place is just mine. I haven't had a business since Luke's Club. I decided to expand my coffee importing business. I know coffee and I know what the customers want. I have every coffee you could want. Cafe au Lait , Caffe Americano, Caffe Latte, Caffe Mocha, Cappuccino Espresso, Flavored Coffee Drinks, Iced Coffee Drinks, even Hot Chocolate. Hey, this is a family place. You're welcome to stop by anytime and enjoy a cup of java.

Sonny: (Opens door to office) This is my office. This is where I do business. Nothing leaves this room. Understand?



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