Courtland Street

Courtland Street is a seedy part of town. It's where there's back room gambling, prostitutes, and dives. Sonny has a lot of control here, as people need bookies and money to support their bad habits.  

Sonny:  This street never sleeps.

Jason: Should we make a few stops? I have to collect on a few people. 

Sonny: No business tonight, Jason. We have company.

Jason: I don't want to upset you, but I see Mike hanging around here all of the time. 

Sonny: Are you giving him money? 

Jason: (Hesitates) Sometimes.

Sonny: Not a good idea, Jason. You'll never see your money again.

Jason: (Shruggs shoulders) It's just money.  

Sonny: (Holds up hands). I don't want to know what Mike does. Just keep an eye on him.

Jason: I always do. 

Mob Haunts