Courtney Matthews

Courtney Matthews is the daughter of Mike Corbin and Janine Matthews. She was told by her mother that Mike died when she was about eight years old. She followed her mother to Port Charles and found out that her father is very much alive. She also found out that Sonny Corinthos is her half-brother. Courtney is twenty years old. 

Courtney was duped by AJ Quartermaine, one of Sonny's enemies, into marrying him. AJ fell in love with Courtney, but she eventually found out his true intentions. Their marriage was rocky from the beginning. AJ and Courtney were involved in a car accident while he was drinking. To keep AJ out of jail, Courtney was blackmailed into stripping at a club, the Oasis. When AJ found out what Courtney was doing, he burned the club down. The final straw was when AJ hired a stalker to terrorize Courtney, so he could be the one to save her. Courtney divorced AJ.  

Sonny told Jason to guard Courtney when she was dancing at the Oasis. He wanted to keep her safe. Jason eventually fell in love with Courtney. At first, Sonny forbade them to be together. He was determined to keep Courtney safe. But, Courtney became very serious with Jason and Sonny eventually gave his blessing.

Courtney became involved with Jasper Jax and eventually married him. She also had an affair with Nikolas Cassadine. After years of heartbreak, Courtney finally became pregnant. Courtney became infected during the virus epidemic but was able to give birth. She died shortly after childbirth.

Courtney had a baby boy named John Michael Jacks. Nikolas is the father. The baby is now named Spencer Cassadine.