The mob hangout. It's where Sonny Corinthos conducts a lot of business. It's where mob wars break out, arsonist strike at the warehouses, shootouts occur, and mob meetings are conducted. Most of the action happens around Pier 52.

Sonny:  I love the docks.

Jason: Sonny owns this whole territory. 

Sonny: Damn straight.

Jason: You have to be careful though. You shouldn't come out here by yourself. 

Sonny: It can get pretty nasty. Carly and I were shot at by snipers down here. 

Jason: A lot of things are floating in the Port Charles River. We killed the Tin Man here and dumped his body. He killed Joseph, one of Sonny's best bodyguards.

Sonny: We shouldn't talk about that, Jason.

Jason: Right. The cops come down here a lot, but we're always careful.  

Sonny: Jason's my enforcer. 

Jason: I'll do anything that needs to be done. I take care of a lot of enforcing down here, especially at night.

Sonny: (Agreeing) A lot of our business happens down here. We control all of the docks, the port, and the piers.

Mob Haunts