Emily Quartermaine

Emily Quartermaine has been through some trying ordeals, including breast cancer, being kidnapped by Helena Cassadine, being brutally raped by Connor, and ending a difficult marriage with Nikolas Cassadine.

Sonny offered Emily a place to stay at his guesthouse to help her heal from her continued difficulty in dealing with her rape and her marriage problems. Sonny also supported her continued pursuit to become a doctor.

When Carly had a mental breakdown, Sonny asked if Emily could help him take care of Michael and Morgan. She agreed. Emily respected Sonny as a father, as she saw how caring and tender he was with his children. Emily and Sonny developed a deep and respected friendship, as they each shared their private demons and struggles.

Emily fell in love with Sonny. When Sonny contracted the virus during to epidemic that crippled Port Charles, Emily stayed by his bedside and took care of him. Sonny's near death experience made Sonny and Emily draw closer and both expressed their love for each other.

Emily witnessed first hand how devastating Sonny's "darkness" could be. Sonny first exhibits signs of severe mood swings during a trip to Spain with Emily. Sonny confides to her that he gets so bad at times he becomes unfunctional. Emily is the first person in Sonny's life to suggest he could have a chemical imbalance. Months later, after Jason steals Sonny's business from him, Sonny starts exhibiting manic behaviors. Emily stays by his side and finally convinces Sonny to get help. Sonny credits Emily with making him understand he can get better and doesn't have to live a life of pain anymore. When Sonny gets officially diagnosed as having bipolar disorder, the thanks Emily for saving his life.

Sonny and Emily break up because Sonny wants Emily to have a better life.

Tragically, Emily was murdered during the Black and White Ball at Wyndemere. Sonny was devasted by her loss.

“Everybody hated us together. It almost ruined my relationship with Jason. Everybody would say, you know, it's going to end badly, and the truth is that she was too young to be in a relationship with me. But I got to tell you, she was the kindest, gentlest person I've ever known. She was the one who figured out that I was bipolar, and she had to force me to get help. So she pretty much changed life. And what do I do to repay her? I bring down Anthony Zacchara on her.” -Sonny