Sonny Corinthos-Emmy Award Tribute

Maurice Benard

Daytime Emmy Award Winner

Outstanding Lead Actor 2003


What the Daytime Emmy Judges Saw

Maurice Benard, General Hospital (29 minutes, 32 seconds)

3/27 -Sonny heads to church and prays for his sister's safe return. Sitting in the front pew of the church, Sonny mulls over the numerous sins he's committed on his meteoric rise to power. Sonny has a heart to heart talk with his priest as he contemplates the darkness which lives deep inside him.

Sonny's Confession 3/27/02 

4/3 -Meanwhile, Alexis insists on keeping her claustrophobic client company as Sonny paces his cell like a caged animal. Alexis warns Sonny she won't be the target for his rage and frustration. 

Sonny in Jail 4/3/02 

What emotions did you want to convey to the judges through the scenes you submitted?  

The pieces I submitted, they're not over-the-top chewing up scenery and breaking things scenes. They are a lot of talking and trying to bring some truth to what I'm doing. Those were the only two shows of last year that after I finished them, I felt very proud. And when I watched them, I felt the same way.- Maurice Benard

“No matter how the Emmys get revolutionized… no matter how the reviewing process is changed… one thing is destined to remain the same: Panelists will want to reward a body of work. and no nominee has a broader, stronger body of work than Maurice Benard. He had strong material this year, and the year before, and we bet he will next year. But in the end, it hardly matters: The guy is due. Pay up, Academy.” Charlie Mason, Soaps in Depth

“I really feel in my heart that this is Maurice's year. He's had wonderful material and he's an extraordinary actor. Every once in awhile, an actor comes along who can redefine the medium. And I think he's one of those actors. -Tony Geary. 

Soap Opera Digest: What are you going to wear to the show? 

“I'm going to borrow something from  (GH); a nice tux. I'm going to be taking Paula, my mom and dad.” -Maurice Benard

Soap Opera Weekly Emmy Preview 5/20/03

What they submitted--and who will win! 

Maurice Benard:

Reel: Sonny in a jail cell. Sonny confesses his crimes to a priest.
Pros: Superb reel, and everyone wants him to win.
Cons: One judge says Benard's stiffest competition is his co-star Geary.
Odds: 3-2

Maurice's Emmy Speech

Alright, first of all, I've got to say to the fans, you're the best. Tony Geary, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. I want to thank ABC, Brian Frons, Felicia Behr, Angela Shapiro, Jill, I don't know where you are, you are my friend. To the producers, Carol Scott, Mary Mercer, Lisa Levinson. To the writers, Bob and Chuck, thanks for getting this character. Elizabeth Korte, thanks for writing such brilliant words. And all the writers, if it ain't on the stage, it ain't on a page. To the directors and crew, I love you guys. To Tamara Braun, you're the best. I don't know, (tells them to stop playing music) to my mother and father, Cailey, Cassidy, my wife who was sent from up above, you are an angel and I love you. Thank You. -Maurice Benard.

“The truth is, I think my heart got a little broken with Maurice not winning an Emmy. Maurice has not only taught me, but generously taught a lot of actors how to act. I really believe that he broke barriers in daytime acting and that he and Tony Geary are the best actors on daytime. The fact that Maurice doesn’t have an Emmy makes the rebellious little kid in me go, “Well, who wants one then?!” So, I’ve just decided to do a good job and not get involved in who’s winning awards.” -Vanessa Marcil.

“It was wonderful and so well deserved. Something that Tony Geary had said in print actually in SOD; he said that Maurice has re-defined the genre in the way that he performs. I think that's true because he takes these amazing risks as a quiet actor and I just adore him, I can't say enough about him. ” -Finola Hughes.

“Maurice, at last, at last. I am so happy you have been acknowledged for your outstanding work. You inspire and surprise me. Congratulations.”  

- Finola Hughes.

“He walks away from what you expect and he walks to something that is so new and surprising and yet so true. It's not a trick, it's not a gag, it's not for that one day, it's not an arched eyebrow. It is true. What amazed me sitting there is when Susan Lucci won and the explosion that night. The explosion for Maurice Benard tonight was close. You needed a seismometer.”-Walt Wiley

" I think it was Maurice's year, it was his time." -Stephanie Sloan

“And an egregious wrong was gloriously righted: I've attended every Daytime Emmy ceremony since 1987 and never, ever witnessed an outpouring of adoration like the one for lead actor winner Maurice Benard. His long overdue triumph triggered total pandemonium at Radio City Music Hall- not just among the fans but among his peers. Truly, the guy is king.” -Michael Logan

Congratulations, Maurice!