Look back at some great Sonny history.

Sonny and Michael. Sonny and Michael have a special bond and Sonny always made time for heart to heart talks with his son.

Sonny and Alexis. Sonny and Alexis will always have a connection, due to having their daughter Kristina together.

Sonny and Carly. Sonny and Carly have a tender moment.

Sonny, Stone, and Robin. Sonny will always have Stone in his heart.

March 2002. Sonny grabs Mike in anger.

November 22, 2001. Sonny and Mike have Thanksgiving dinner together.

June 2004. Sonny bails Mike out of another gambling debt.

November 2004. Mike attends the memorial service for Sonny and Sam's child.

1997. Mike gives Sonny a wedding present. It is a Thanksgiving platter. Although Mike doesn’t know it, Sonny is saying goodbye. He admits that he loves Mike and always has. They have an emotional hug. 

2000. Sonny and Mike often saw each other during this time, as Sonny was starting a family and Mike was really trying be a part of his sons life.  

1997. Mike comforts Sonny at General Hospital. Sonny was injured when he was trapped in the catacombs with Brenda (where they admitted their true feelings). Sonny was okay except for some bruised ribs and a broken heart.

1996. Both Sonny and Mike work at Luke's Club. They fight as they interact almost everyday. They don't get along at all. Even Luke calls Mike on his shady gambling style in the back room poker game. As time goes on, Mike continues to try and make a  connection with his estranged son. 

July 2001. Sonny is at Lily's grave site when he gets stabbed in the back by Joseph Sorel. Angel, Sorel's daughter, takes Sonny to her cabin and nurses him back to health. He stays there for a while to recuperate. He is angry at Carly because she tried to get him to go into the Witness Protection Program. Mike arrives at the cabin and asks him to come back home.

1999. Sonny is at the docks on Brenda's birthday. Mike tries to talk to him. "You don't know how to grieve Michael, and it makes me afraid for you. When somebody dies, people come together and they cry and they're nice to each other and they comfort one another and then they go on. And that's the part that you don't get. The living part. I guess the injustice of having to go on with life when someone you loved can't makes you think that there's no justice at all. Now, why don't you give Brenda the gift that she'd really want? Let her go. And give yourself permission to live without her."

1997. Lucy Coe asks Sonny and Mike to dance at the Nurse's Ball. Sonny declines the offer, saying "I write checks, I don't dance."  

May 1997. Sonny was stuck in the catacombs, thought to be dead, thanks to a vengeful Harry Silver. When he's recovering, Mike stays close by and takes care of him. Sonny, for a change, starts being nice to his father. 

December 1996. Sonny is shot up with heroin. When he's recovering at the hospital Mike sits at his side and keeps him company. Sonny shows his usual rudeness to Mike, but we all know he was secretly happy that his father was there.  

January 1995. Mike Corbin arrives in Port Charles. He gets a job at Luke's Club. In a short period of time he steals dinnerware, a side of beef from the Port Charles Grille, a rug to cover damage from a firebomb that delayed the opening, and Idle Rich speakers from a van in The Outback parking lot. He also suggests that Luke water down the drinks for the non-regulars. Luke finally introduces Mike to "the baddest dude in Port Charles." Sonny and Mike finally come face to face.  

June 1996. Sonny has been secluded in his Penthouse since the death of his wife, Lily. Mike tries to help, but Sonny has shut down. In an effort to get Sonny to break out of his despair, Mike provokes him into hitting him. Sonny finally reacts by punching and kicking Mike. Afterwards, Sonny gets Mike some ice for his bloody lip and they have a heart to heart talk.