Gallery 1- Through the Years in Port Charles
Mike giving advice.   Sonny & Luke.   Toasting Stone.
 Luke's Club.   Checking on Sonny.   Sonny & Benny.
Lily's grave.   Business.   Checking on Sonny.
Adela's ring.   Jail time.   Advice.
Toast.   Mike & Luke.   Mike & Tammy.
Luke & Sonny.    Brook Lynn.   After catacombs.
Mike visiting Brenda   Taking care of Sonny.   Eating breakfast.
Luke & Bobbie.   Kelly's.   Having a rare hug.
Mike & Jason.   Shaking hands.   Mike visiting Sonny.
 Quartermaines.   Mike giving advice.
  At Luke's Club.
Sonny & Michael.   Father and Son.   Taggert.

Laura & Lulu.

  At the Park.