GH Review 2001-Summary of Sonny & Mike Scenes

December 28, 2001

Sonny and Courtney talk and seem to hit it off right away. Sonny is already being overprotective of her. He tells her she is family now. Janine continues to try and extort money from Sonny. Sonny refuses and has Janine and Courtney go back to the hotel. When it's just Sonny and Mike: 
Mike: Sonny . . .
Sonny: We're finished here.
Mike: Not even close.   
I don't think Mike is going to allow Sonny to shut him out over this. I have a feeling he's going to fight tooth and nail to get Sonny to understand how much he loves him. But, I also think Mike should give Sonny some space right now. He needs some time to let all of this sink in. I loved the Sonny/Courtney scenes. I think that Courtney has a lot less anger towards Mike than Sonny. Maybe she will be the one to help him the most. 

December 27, 2001

I am going to give both Maurice Benard and Ron Hale a rose for today's performances. They were incredible. These two actors bring raw energy, emotion, and intensity that makes you feel the pain and yearning of both characters. I can't say enough about their scenes today.

Both actors gave their all today. They bring the written word to life.

A few notes about today's scenes:

I did agree with Sonny, and didn't like the comments Mike made about Adela. He shouldn't blame her for loving him too much. That's low. 

Sonny really did look like a little boy today, as he tried to contain his emotions, but was pretty much tearful as Mike was arguing with him.

I know the scenes were supposed to be serious, but I was LOL when Sonny ordered Mike and Janine out of the Penthouse. Especially when he asked Janine if "She had a problem with that?" 

And I did get a kick out of Sonny, the mob boss, taking the higher moral ground on the two gamblers. I think Mike's comment said it best. "I’m human Michael. And your standards are so high you tend to forget that sometimes." Fantastic show today. 

December 26, 2001

Sonny and Michael are playing cars together when Mike knocks on the door. He asks if Sonny will help him find Courtney. Sonny doesn’t answer. Carly explains to Sonny that Mike was just trying to do the right thing by not telling him. Sonny angrily says it’s always someone else’s fault. Mike says he’s not asking Sonny for forgiveness, only his help. His sister needs him. This only makes Sonny angrier, but he does tell Johnny to have Zander track down Courtney. Carly encourages Sonny to talk to his father because he needs to set a good example to Michael. Sonny wants Mike to meet him at the Penthouse.

Sonny arrives at the Penthouse and waits for Mike. He is so angry. He wants Mike to explain to him why he didn’t tell him the truth. Then he accuses Mike of only finding him to get some money. “You came for the money, Mike. Everything else was a con. How many times did you say you were sorry? You tried to explain? You asked for my forgiveness? And I almost bought into it.”

Comments: Ouch. Sonny was angry, but tearful when he said this. I think the initial shock of Mike having another family has really shaken Sonny. But, I also think he was just saying this because he knew it would hurt Mike. Sonny is hurting right now, so he is going to strike back and hurt his father with words. Because Mike hasn’t really asked Sonny for any money in the whole time he’s been in Port Charles. Yes, Sonny has had to financially bail him out several times, but for the most part, Mike has only wanted a relationship with his son. Sonny knows that as the real truth.

December 24, 2001

Courtney runs to Mike and hugs him. She is very confused and wants to know what happened to him. Sonny is staring daggers at Mike and also wants an explanation. Mike tells Courtney he’s sorry. Janine interrupts and tells Courtney she was better off thinking her father was dead because he took all of their life savings. He gambled it all away because he only cared about himself. Janine had to get her daughter away from that. She tells Courtney she was only trying to protect her. Janine adds that Mike never even tried to find her. Courtney is crying and yells at her mother, still not understanding why she told her he died. Sonny says she should hear her mother out. Why, asks Courtney. Mike says that Sonny is her brother. Courtney looks at her mother and says she only came here to get money from Sonny Corinthos. Janine denies it, saying she didn’t even know Mike had a son. He neglected to tell her he had another family. Courtney thinks Mike didn’t think she was good enough. He was too busy being with his famous mobster son. Johnny knocks on the door. Carly and Michael are there. Sonny tells Mike he is leaving to be with his son. When Sonny leaves the Penthouse, he hugs Michael tightly. He is shaken.

Comments: Sonny expects betrayal from his father. He doesn’t know anything else. So, I don’t think surprise was really the emotion he felt, it was more like disgust and disappointment. I could see him turning into the hurt little boy as soon as Courtney called Mike Daddy. Not because of jealousy, but because Mike had lied to him again. Sonny didn’t say much, but his body language told us enough. The hard and angry stare at Mike, the shaking of his head, and the tears. Sonny, deep in his heart, wants to believe in Mike. He always has. But, every time he has left himself open, he’s gotten slammed back into the reality that is Mike Corbin: a grifter, a gambler, and a con artist. Unfortunately, these are the harsh truths about his father.

December 21, 2001

Courtney is brought over to the Penthouse to meet Sonny. She needs help looking for someone. Sonny introduces himself and they talk for a little while. Carly encourages Mike to go over to Sonny's and tell him the truth before he hears it from someone else. Janine shows up at the Penthouse. Sonny finds out Courtney is her daughter. Mike storms into the Penthouse. Courtney looks shocked as she says, "Daddy?" She's Mike's daughter!

Today was a great Friday cliffhanger and I am looking foreword to Mike's explanation on Monday. But, I will be the first to say that I don't like when they change history on a soap opera. I hope they stay true to the history of Mike and Sonny. Mike's past is unexplained, so they do have some flexibility in the storyline. I am thrilled that Ron Hale is finally getting a story. 

December 20, 2001

Both Sonny and Mike were on today, but they didn't have a scene together. I still did the transcript because I felt that it really showed how much they love each other. Mike says to Bobbie, "I love him." Sonny says to Alexis, "But, the truth is . . . I don’t want him to get hurt." (This is as close as Sonny gets to saying he loves someone). 


Today's dialogue explained the crux of Sonny and Mike's relationship. Mike is afraid of losing Sonny. Sonny, as always, stays in protection mode so he doesn't get hurt by his father's mistakes. Good show today and I am really enjoying this new Sonny & Mike storyline. 

 December 13, 2001

Courtney is brought over to the Penthouse to meet Sonny. She needs help looking for someone. Sonny introduces himself and they talk for a little while. Carly encourages Mike to go over to Sonny's and tell him the truth before he hears it from someone else. Janine shows up at the Penthouse. Sonny finds out Courtney is her daughter. Mike storms into the Penthouse. Courtney looks shocked as she says, "Daddy?" She's Mike's daughter!

This was one of the best Sonny and Mike scenes we have been treated to in ages. I mean, could Sonny be anymore intimidating to his father? And Mike just couldn't seem to muster up the courage to tell Sonny the truth. I loved Sonny's comment about betrayal, because even though he was talking about Carly, it was really being applied to Mike. "Betrayal lasts and when it happens it burns everything out of you." Mike has had a lifetime of chances to come clean with Sonny. Obviously, he has a big secret. Today, Sonny asked him for the truth. "It only bothers me when people lie to me." Wow. It couldn't be any clearer than that. 

December 12, 2001

Mike is at Jake's. He asks Zander to help him find Janine. He refuses. Carly walks in. She says Sonny is back in town. Mike asks if Sonny has talked to Janine yet. Carly doesn't think so, but she warns Mike to tell Sonny what's going on before he hears it from somebody else. 


In the meantime, Sonny has Janine brought to the Penthouse. He introduces himself to her. She knows him by reputation in Atlantic City. Although Sonny is polite, he's also being a little intimidating. They make small talk before he gets to the point. "What is your connection to a man named Mike Corbin?"

Notes: I was glad to see Mike with a new jacket on. Although he looks good in the one he usually wears, he has been wearing it in every scene for months. Sonny looked spectacular and his dark suit looked sharp today.  

December 11, 2001

Mike comes into Kelly's. He urgently asks Carly if she found Janine yet. Nope, she says. Mike needs to know when Sonny is coming back. Carly asks him what is going on with him and Janine. In the meantime, Zander calls Sonny in Puerto Rico and informs him that Carly and Mike are up to something. In the next scene Carly is saying, "Mike, this is huge. This is unbelievable." (We don't get to hear what the secret it). She warns Mike that Sonny won't get past this. Carly and Mike continue to plot. They decide to go to the Penthouse and look for the addresses of all of Sonny's safe houses, so they can find Janine. (Okay, since Sonny's house is constantly being searched by the cops, I really doubt he would keep that kind of info around. Carly and Mike together make a bad combo).  

December 7, 2001

Mike comes rushing into Kelly's looking for Janine. It's a setup. A.J. was the one that called him. Mike tells him to leave him alone. A.J. says he is the solution to Mike's problem, which Mike obviously wants to keep from Sonny. A.J. has some business with Janine, but Sonny has her stashed somewhere. He wants Mike to find out where she is. Mike responds: "Here's the deal. Get lost." A.J. continues to harass Mike, when Carly and Zander intervene. 

AJ hassles Mike

Carly asks Mike what's going on. He says something that could change things forever between him and Sonny. He asks for Carly's help. In the meantime, Sonny is in Puerto Rico, showing Alexis a night on the town. Hopefully, Mike will talk to him when he gets back. 

December 5, 2001

I'm going to give a red rose to Maurice Benard for his performance today. On paper, the dialogue is not that impressive. But, Maurice delivered it with such power and emotion. He revealed to the viewer some of the loneliness and pain that has motivated Sonny Corinthos to be the most powerful man in town.  

Bravo to Maurice

December 4, 2001

Mike visits Carly at her cottage. She asks him to help her find Sonny in Puerto Rico. Mike says he doesn't know where he is and if Sonny wanted him to know he would have told him. Mike says that when Sonny's in Puerto Rico, he's on business. Carly doesn't know how Mike does it (dealing with Sonny's inability to forgive). Mike says he's to blame for how Sonny is because he left him when he was a kid. Mike adds that there are things that he has never told Sonny and it's too late now. "I could lose whatever I managed to build with him." Carly thinks it would be Sonny's loss. 

Mike yells at AJ

Mike leaves Carly's cottage and A.J. is waiting for him outside. A.J. makes some threats about Janine. Mike brushes him off, so AJ promises to tell Sonny about Janine. Mike yells out angrily and warns A. J. to stay the hell away from Sonny and to keep Janine away from him too! In the next scene, Max (Sonny's bodyguard) goes to Janine's room and tells her Sonny Corinthos would like to speak to her. 

November 22, 2001

Sonny & Mike have Thanksgiving together! Okay, granted they were only on for a short time, with one scene of dialogue, but I was very excited. And thinking back over the years, I'm not sure they have had a Thanksgiving together. I remember Mike giving Sonny that platter as a gift and hoping they could be together for future holidays, but that was it. On another note, Mike is no longer scruffy. He has a beard.

Mike has a secret.

Mike is at the Penthouse and has been cooking dinner. When Sonny arrives he teases Mike a little bit and then asks him to stay, since he already messed up his kitchen. Mike doesn't resist the invitation too hard. Sonny pours them drinks. Sonny is melancholy because he isn't spending the day with Carly and Michael. Mike asks if they're coming and Sonny replies, "No. They won’t be dropping by anymore." Mike goes into an explanation about families and Sonny cuts him off. Sonny tells Mike he can't forgive. It's just not in him. Later, Sonny & Mike are shown eating Thanksgiving dinner. 

November 14, 2001

Sonny and Mike don't have any scenes together today, but I will review Mike's scenes with Janine because they will eventually involve Sonny in the storyline.

Both Mike and Janine recognize each other at Luke's Club. It is clear they know each other quite well and aren't on very good speaking terms. Mike wants to know what she's doing in town. She says it's personal and not to worry, because it doesn't involve him. Mike says there are no roulette wheels in Port Charles, so it couldn't be too personal. Janine counters back and then comments that Mike hasn't asked about her kid. Mike asks her about Courtney. Janine says she is fine now that Mike isn't around. Mike gets defensive and says that the "gambling thing had a grip on him so tight . . . "  Janine interrupts him and says she doesn't want to hear any of his excuses, because she has heard all of them before. Janine wants to put Mike's mind at ease and tells him she'll only be in Port Charles a little longer. Janine leaves Luke's Club and Mike looks a little worried. 

November 13, 2001

Both Sonny and Mike were on today, although they didn't have any scenes together. They were both sporting a scruffy look, but I thought they looked great, as usual. 

I'm  going to comment on the Mike scenes, since it's clear he is finally going to get an exciting storyline. Mike is at Carly's house and he doesn't understand why she won't move back into the Penthouse with Sonny. He tells her that Sonny is giving her a second chance and this is as close to forgiveness that she will ever get with him. Carly doesn't want to, but Mike again explains that Sonny is trying, in his own way, to get past her betrayal. Then Mike confides to Carly that he has done a lot of things that he has never told Sonny and probably never will, because he is too afraid that he will lose him. Carly asks what kind of things, but Mike won't tell her. He tells Carly that once you screw up with Sonny he redraws the boundaries in the relationship and it could take years to get that back. Mike looks very sad and Carly gives him a hug. Later, at Luke's Club, Mike is having a drink at the bar. Janine walks in and Mike turns around. "Janine?" he says in surprise. "Mike?" she answers.

LOD: Sonny: "I'm in coffee importing."

October 22, 2001

Mac Scorpio has all of the suspects gathered in a large room. There's a large portrait of Joseph Sorel, so I guess it's his house. Mac is trying to get someone to confess about the murder. There's a lot of bickering among everyone and Carly is accused of pulling the plug on Sorel. All of the sudden Mike defends Carly and says she didn't do anything wrong. Sonny takes Mike aside and tells him to talk to an attorney (Alexis) before he says another word. Mike says he doesn't need an attorney, he is confessing. Mike explains to Mac that he wanted to protect his son and Carly from Joseph Sorel. He saw Carly in the hospital the night he burned his hand. She told him that Sorel wanted to hurt her and Michael. Mike turns to Sonny and says that he let him down so many times before and he didn't want it to happen again. Mike tells Mac he went to the ICU, the cop was asleep, no one was around, so he smothered Sorel with a pillow. Angel interrupts and says that's not what killed her father. Mac listens to her story than summarizes the confessions. Mac explains that Sorel was already dead before Carly, Mike, or Angel intervened. Sorel's respirator was turned off. When they find out who did that, they will find out who is guilty.

October 19, 2001

Sonny and Mike have a brief (and I mean brief!) scene. Mac has gathered all of the suspects of Joseph Sorel's murder in one room. Mike is sitting on the back of a couch looking very nervous. Sonny walks over to him.

Sonny: Hey, Mike.

Mike: Sonny.

Sonny: You're not nervous are you?

Mike: What do I have to be nervous about.

October 8, 2001

Mike arrives at Sonny's warehouse with a bag of takeout food. He sits down and tells Sonny he can't sleep and he figured Sonny couldn't either, so he thought he'd stop by. He tells Sonny that he's done things that Sonny wouldn't understand. Sonny immediately states he doesn't want to talk about his childhood anymore and Mike assures him it's not about that. There's a trail of people that come into Sonny's office. First, an errand boy comes and Sonny hands him an envelope, Skye comes demanding to know where A.J. is, and then the Quartermaines come and tell Sonny there's been a misunderstanding. Mike is never able to finish what he wanted to tell Sonny. When Mike is leaving, he asks Sonny if he thinks they will ever find out who murdered Sorel. Sonny's answer: I hope not.