GH Review 2002-Summary of Sonny & Mike Scenes

December 24, 2002

Mike goes to the PCPD with Courtney to visit Sonny. They have a brief talk about the rift they've been having since Courtney arrived in town a year ago. Here is the transcript.


Comments:  I think it is very hard for Sonny to make amends with people. He was trying to apologize to Mike the best way he could. It was a nice scene although, after all of these years, it seems like Mike really doesn't "get" Sonny. I'm glad they talked about Brenda, but I am still waiting for a Mike and Brenda scene!

September 19, 2002

Mike and Courtney attend Sonny's faux funeral. Carly and Mike assure Courtney that Sonny loved her, even though he tried to control her life. Courtney expresses regret that she wasn't nicer to her brother. Mike and Courtney are very upset and offer comfort to each other.

Comments: This would be a great time for the Sonny/Courtney relationship to establish into something more meaningful.

August 13, 2002

Mike arrives at the Penthouse with AJ. Courtney is missing and they appeal for Sonny's help. Michael sees AJ and gets upset, as Sonny tries to reassure him. AJ tells Sonny how much he loves Courtney and they don't know where else to turn. AJ's phone rings and it is Courtney. She is okay. AJ leaves and Mike stays. He tells Sonny that it is about time that he forgives people. Courtney and AJ are in love and Mike fully supports them. He wants Courtney in his life and he has given up on Sonny. If he wants to be part of Mike's family he has to accept Courtney and AJ's union. Sonny warns Mike that AJ is only going to hurt Courtney. As he leaves, Mike reminds Sonny that it was Courtney's birthday yesterday. 

Comments: It's hard to see Mike so nice and friendly to AJ. I also wish Mike knew how many times Sonny has tried to reach out and help Courtney and how she has been the one to refuse to bridge the gap between them. 

June 6, 2002

Mike comes into the Penthouse. He needs to talk to Sonny. He tells him that the Quartermaine’s have thrown Courtney and AJ out on the street. Sonny asks how Courtney is doing. Mike says she’s at Kelly’s thinking AJ is going to provide for her. Sonny tells Mike to give her some money. Mike can’t. He has the money tied up in the stock market. Sonny is angry that Mike dumped all of the money into stocks and says he’s being set up by Edward Quartermaine. Mike says it’s not like that at all. He just reinvested the money and in a few weeks he’ll pay it all back when he hits big. Needless to say, Sonny is furious. Mike tells Sonny that Courtney needs her family. Sonny says to stay out of it and he’ll take care of it. At Kelly's, Mike invites Courtney and AJ to stay with him at his apartment. Sonny writes a check and asks Alexis to get it to Courtney. 

Comments: It's good to see both Sonny and Mike taking care of Courtney in their own ways. Let's see if she acts a little more grateful to them. 

May 17,  2002

It is Carly's funeral. Sonny is sitting alone in the front pew of the church. Mike walks in, puts his hand on Sonny's shoulder and sits next to him. No words were spoken, but it was beautiful to see Mike being there for Sonny in his time of need.


May 15,  2002

Sonny is at Carly's club alone. He has just come from identifying her body at the morgue. Mike comes in and talks to him. Sonny blames himself for Carly's death and says it's his fault she is dead. He pushed her away, but didn't let her go. He didn't trust her. Mike reminds Sonny that Carly set him up with the FBI and he had a reason to not trust her. Mike says Sonny always punishes himself. He needs to be fair to himself. Carly had to earn Sonny's trust back. Mike tells Sonny he hopes he can forgive one person, starting today.  

Mike: You expect people to fail you. And that’s why you fight so hard to push them away. And I am a big part of that lesson. I’m the reason that you learned to guard your emotions so closely and I am the reason that you find it almost impossible to trust.

That is why you couldn’t reach out to Carly sooner. And it’s why you have such a hard time forgiving other people when they have crossed you. (Starting to cry) But, the person you have to forgive first is yourself, Sonny. (He reaches out and touches Sonny's back and is tearful). Forgive yourself Sonny. 

Sonny: (Gives him an unexpected hug) All right, Mike.

Comments: It was good to see Mike being supportive of his son, saying things that helped him, and comforting him. The hug was such an incredible scene! Sonny so rarely reaches out to his father and that was a real tearjerker. Mike needs to be there for Sonny right now. I hope we see more scenes of Mike helping Sonny with his grief, because he needs his father. 

I am giving both Maurice Benard and Ron Hale a red rose today. They both gave very powerful and emotional performances, especially showing their tears. 

April 19,  2002

Comments: Sonny and Mike's dialogue was very good today and I transcribed the whole scene. The best part for me was when Sonny yelled, "You always call me Michael!" and then Mike explaining why he does. I liked Mike's explanation, but I also think he sees Sonny Corinthos as only a dark, cold person. Mike needs to see that Sonny is so much more than that. If Mike looked a little closer, he would see that "Michael" is still very much a part of Sonny Corinthos. The sad part about the scenes is that Sonny and Mike seem to be giving up on each other. Sonny feels Mike has to choose between Courtney and himself. He doesn't realize that Mike can love them both. One final thing, when Sonny handed Mike the check, he said "This is a fortune." How much was the check for?

April 4,  2002

Mike goes to the Quartermaines. He sneaks up behind Edward and covers his mouth, demanding that he tell him where Courtney is. He tells Edward he is as dangerous as Sonny. Edward offers Mike a brandy. Mike declines. Edward says he doesn’t know where they are. Edward says that Mike is overreacting. He says Courtney’s whereabouts were unknown to him for years and maybe she could benefit from spending time with AJ. Mike grabs Edward by the collar of his jacket and threatens him again. He says that AJ is using Courtney to get back at Sonny. Ned comes in the room and tells Mike to let his grandfather go. Mike says if something happens to his daughter they won’t have to worry about Sonny. Mike will rip AJ apart with his own bear hands.

Comments: Kind of a weird observation, but until Mike and Sonny establish a relationship with Courtney, this story line is not very compelling. We need to start caring about Courtney.

March  28, 2002

Mike wasn't on today, but Sonny told a story about when he was young and how he would look for his father:

Sonny: Mike disappeared all the time. I used to ask my Mom where he was because I needed him to read me a book, fix my train, whatever it was, and my Mom always said she didn't know where he was. Maybe she just said that, you know? Anyway, one time, I went looking for him. And I made all the rounds to all the places where I knew that he went. The pool hall, the card room behind McGinty’s, and the guy who used to place Mike's bets on the horses. I must have covered most of Brooklyn just to ask him to come home, you know? We needed him, you know? My Mom did. I did. Not that that made any difference. I used to practice my speech while I was walking because he always said that, you know, manners were important, so I was going to say "please" and I was going to say "thank you" if he came home. Well, I never found him. Now, he probably could have been at the track or at another bar, or maybe he saw me and he kept himself hidden because he didn't want me to find him.

Comments: It's been a good week for Sonny history. He has talked about Mike, his mother, and Deke. 

March  25, 2002

Mike comes to Sonny’s Penthouse. He wants to know where Courtney is. Sonny says an earful.

Mike: (frantic and worried) Uh, listen Courtney’s not at the hospital and she’s not at her mother’s place. Do you have any idea where she is?

Sonny: (Drunk and fatigued, he releases his anger out on Mike. He basically yells out this tirade). Yeah. I’ll tell you where she is. She’s flying on a helicopter right now with AJ Quartermaine because you couldn’t lie to her. But see AJ, he lies all the time, and so he took her. You know how he took her? By telling her it’s a vacation. But, you couldn’t warn her. You couldn’t protect her because you had your first ever crisis of conscience. You said you wanted to be a father. You said you wanted to protect your daughter. What happened, huh? What happened?

Mike: I’m sorry.

Sonny: I’M TIRED OF HEARING I’M SORRY! AFTER THE FACT! AFTER THE DAMAGE IS DONE. (Knocks a chair down). “I’LL SHOW YOU SORRY!” (He violently grabs Mike by the shirt).

Sonny grabs Mike.  

Next scene.

Sonny: (He walks away from Mike. Mike follows him to the bar).

Mike: You can’t have it both ways, Michael. You can’t hate me for lying to you and then turn around and attack me for telling your sister the truth. Which way do you want it?

Sonny: I just want Courtney safe and away from AJ.

Mike: It’s the same thing I want.

Sonny: You’ve got a strange way of showing it, Mike.

Mike: I’m doing the best I can. But you just can’t give anyone credit for that, can you? Including yourself. 

Comments: I posted the whole transcript of the Sonny and Mike scene because I thought it was so good. Sonny was drunk and angry even before Mike arrived. But, I can understand Sonny's frustration. Why couldn't Mike do what he always does (from Sonny's perspective). But, the one time he plays it straight is when Sonny needed him to come through the most. Mike simply doesn't know how to deal with either of his children. But, I do think he is really trying. He didn't deserve being attacked by Sonny. I loved the end of their exchange, as it became a little more tender.



I am giving both Maurice Benard and Ron Hale a red rose today. Maurice for his fury. Ron for being grabbed so forcefully. THAT was a tense, incredibly acted scene.

March 19, 2002

Sonny and Mike have two brief scenes at the hospital. Courtney says that Mike asked her to go away with him so Sonny could keep her away from AJ. Sonny says he asked Mike to be a father to her. In the second scene, Sonny asked Mike why he chose now to tell Courtney the truth. Mike says he has to start somewhere.

Comments: I don't care what Courtney does at this point. She doesn't deserve to have Mike or Sonny in her life. But, I did shed a tear when Sonny said he doesn't have any family left. Sonny deserves a better sister. 

March  15, 2002

It's early morning and Sonny goes to Mike's place. He tells him he needs his help with Courtney. Mike says he'll be glad to help. After Mike gets dressed, they talk about what's been going on with Courtney and AJ. Sonny says that if Mike can't come through on this, he will have to take care of AJ himself. Mike thinks that he won't be able to help much. Sonny says that now is the time for Mike to be a father. Can he do this? Sonny needs to know. Mike says he will try. He wants Sonny to trust him. Sonny says do this for your daughter.

Comments: We are finally starting to have some nice, emotional, father and son scenes. I liked how Sonny went to Mike and asked for his help. We all know that was hard to do. But, I also think that Mike does need to be a father. Sonny said it best. "Start figuring out a plan and stop worrying about why it's not your fault." This is a great opportunity for Mike to start being a part of his children's lives and being there for them. 

I'm giving Mike a red rose. Not, for anything he did. But, for seeing him in his robe. He's been wearing the SAME jacket for months now and it was nice to see him in ANYTHING different : )

March  8, 2002

Mike comes to the Penthouse to talk to Sonny. He meets him in the hallway. Mike wants to know how much damage AJ has done to Courtney. Sonny says he's working on reversing that. Mike warns him if he hurts AJ, he will alienate Courtney. Sonny already knows that, but he can't help it if AJ has "transportation problems." He hopes AJ will get the message. Mike says Sonny is good at this. They both have a laugh.

It's rare that Sonny and Mike smile around each.

Comments: It was nice to get a good Sonny/Mike scene, although it was very brief. I loved both men smiling. Wow, they melt my heart. I have really enjoyed Sonny's scenes with Courtney. Maurice is playing them as very vulnerable and sweet. Hope Courtney soon realizes her brother is not as bad as she believes.   

February 27, 2002

Courtney is still missing. Janine knows where she is (with AJ) but she lies to Sonny and Mike. At his Penthouse, Sonny listens as Mike insists he go find Courtney. She might be hurt or with some low life (she is Mike!). Sonny tells Mike she will eventually show up and they both have to sit tight until she does. Mike agrees, but wants Sonny to tell him as soon as he hears something. Sonny promises him he will. As he leaves, Mike says, "I don't want it to be too late with me and Courtney. I want this chance. I want it to be different this time." Sonny sits on the couch looking like a rejected child.


Comments: When Mike said, "I want it to be different this time," I think it made Sonny feel like the unwanted and abandoned child. It's like Mike has given up on Sonny and moved on to better things (his daughter). I couldn't help but feel the pain of Sonny as he sat on that couch and listened to Mike.  

February 21, 2002

Mike arrives at Sonny's warehouse. Sonny had just gone over details with Max about where to look for Courtney. Mike asks Sonny if he's heard anything. Not yet, says Sonny. Mike gets upset, saying that Sonny doesn't seemed too concerned about his sister. Sonny says he's doing his best. Mike disagrees and goes into a lecture. He tells Sonny that he can't keep shutting people out of his life or he is going to end up alone. Sonny gets a phone call that Courtney might be on the docks. It's just AJ (he's hiding Courtney in his hotel). Sonny leaves the docks, but Mike thanks AJ for his help in looking for Courtney. Back at the warehouse, Sonny knows it's a set-up.

Comments: Sonny doesn't even know Courtney, so how could he be shutting her out of his life? How could he demand high standards from her if he doesn't even know her? How could he be accused of being cold, when it was Mike that has lied to Sonny for twenty years about his sister? You get my point. Mike's speech would have been better if it was applied to someone else, but not the topic of Sonny's long lost sister. And why would Mike believe AJ over Sonny? I thought that whole scene was very strange, especially when AJ has approached Mike several times with blackmail and his gambling. He knows what a scum AJ is. None of this makes much sense to me. 

February 11, 2002

Sonny asks Max to look for Courtney, but to be discreet about it. He doesn’t want her to know she’s being followed. Max says he understands and can handle it. Sonny looks at Mike and asks if he’s satisfied. Mike is still angry and tells Sonny he’s not going to let him be shut out of Courtney’s life. Janine comes in and starts blaming Sonny for Courtney being missing. She says that Sonny and Mike are pulling her between them and wants Sonny to stay out of it. She’s going to find Courtney herself. Mike leaves, but asks Alexis to keep an eye on Sonny. Alexis talks to Sonny. He says that both Janine and AJ are right. He is the one to blame for Courtney leaving. He always pushes people away.

February 8, 2002

Sonny is talking with Alexis at her Penthouse, when Mike knocks on the door. He is frantically looking for Courtney. He is angry that Sonny let her go from the police station without going after her. She was just in a car accident and was upset. Mike can’t believe Sonny would shut down on his own sister. Alex interrupts and informs Mike that she was the one that told Sonny not to go after Courtney. Sonny says that since Mike is such a great father, he should tell him what to do. Mike says he’s doesn’t know. Sonny responds by saying, “There it is. The truth for once. You don't have a clue what Courtney wants and neither do I." They argue some more. Mike asks Sonny to find his sister again. Sonny says no. Mike calls Sonny an arrogant bastard. Sonny says he will pick up the pieces and help Courtney when she realizes who Mike really is. The doorman hands Sonny a note. It’s from Courtney. It says she needs some space and is leaving town for a while.

Alexis defends Sonny.

Comments: Wow. Maurice Benard and Ron Hale were just incredible today. They make you feel how much anger Sonny and Mike have towards each other. They really seem like father and son. That is why I love each and every scene they are in. However, I don't like the vileness that their scenes have been having lately. I mean, how can Sonny and Mike recover from all of this animosity they have for each other? They are saying some really terrible things to each other. I am hoping that they have some tender scenes once again, because that has always been the beauty of Sonny and Mike.  

February 6, 2002

Sonny, Mike, Courtney, and Alexis are at the PCPD. Taggert is determined to blame Courtney for the accident and is trying to find a way to arrest her. He admits to Detective Garcia that he will do anything to get Sonny. In the meantime, Sonny is warning Courtney to stop talking. She refuses, saying she's innocent. A witness claims she saw Courtney run the red light (she's been paid by Nik to lie). It also turns out that Mike let his insurance run out. Sonny says if that's the case to arrest Mike. Sonny and Mike have a little argument and Sonny suggests Mike leaves. He does. Courtney is allowed to go home. Mike will receive a summons for the insurance and Courtney for running a red light. 

Comments: Sonny is being really mean to Mike. I think he went a little far in suggesting he be arrested. Since Sonny is so good at dodging the law, Courtney should take his advice. 

February 5, 2002

Courtney has been involved in a car accident with Mike's car. Sonny rushes to the hospital. She is okay, just shaken up. Detective Taggert is grilling her about testing her blood alcohol level and leaving the scene of a crime. Sonny tells her she doesn't have to do anything. Courtney says she has nothing to hide. She goes to take the test. 

Mike rushes into the ER. Sonny and him argue about Courtney. Sonny says that if Mike would have let him go after her, this never would have happened. Courtney pleads with them to stop fighting. She tested negative for the blood test, but she's charged with leaving the scene of a crime. She agrees to go down to the PCPD. Sonny and Mike go with her. 

Comments: When did Mike get a car? Could Mike afford a car? Wouldn't he have pawned it by now? Plus, Courtney has her own car. Why didn't she use hers? Minor point, I know, but for some reason that's what I was thinking through the whole Sonny/Mike/Courtney scene. 

February 1, 2002 

Courtney and Mike are at the Hotel. They sit down and start reminiscing about Courtney's childhood. They both remember the tea parties Courtney played and Mike buying her a real nice set. Janine knocks on the door. Courtney has invited her over. Janine and Mike fight for a few minutes, until Courtney gets upset and wants them to get along. They do for a few minutes. Sonny comes to the door. Courtney doesn't want him to come in, but Mike says it's okay. Sonny is angry at Mike for moving into the same hotel as AJ. Mike doesn't get the connection. Sonny explains that AJ is his enemy and is using Courtney. Everyone dismisses Sonny's concerns. Sonny wants Courtney to leave with him, but everyone tells Sonny he can't tell Courtney what to do. Courtney gets upset and storms out of the hotel. Sonny starts to go after her, but Mike tells him not to make Courtney feel like a prisoner.  

Comments: I do like the Courtney and Mike scenes. It's nice to see Mike be able to talk and reminisce about nice things with his daughter. What I really want is Courtney and Sonny to have some good scenes. We've seen the yelling. Now, it's time for some talking. 

January 28, 2002

Mike has a Hotel Suite for himself and Courtney. That was quick! Sonny must have given him a helluva lot of cash. Courtney arrives and both her and Mike try to set some ground rules. Courtney says she's not a kid and doesn't want to have to report to Mike about anything. Mike agrees. Mike tells Courtney not to be too hard on her brother, because he has a hard time with forgiveness. But, Mike wants to know if Courtney is different. Can she forgive her father? Courtney doesn't know yet. She needs some time. 

Comments: It's great seeing more of Ron Hale!

January 25, 2002

Sonny and Courtney continue to have problems. Courtney's angry at how Sonny is treating AJ. Sonny tries to explain that AJ is setting her up. Courtney says she knows what happened between them. AJ feels really bad about Sonny and Carly losing their baby and what happened was an accident. Sonny explodes with anger and knocks over some glasses. Mike walks in at the tail end. He wants to know what happened. Courtney asks if she can live with him. Mike agrees and Sonny gives him money for a nice place. Courtney leaves and Mike warns Sonny not to hurt his sister again.

Mike accepts Sonny's money.
Sonny cries after Mike yells at him.

Comments: Maurice, Ron, and Alicia were great today. I am glad that Courtney is moving in with Mike. We should be getting some good scenes. Although I really like Courtney, I think she's not being fair to her brother. She barely knows him and she's already demanding that he give her answers about things that have nothing to do with her. Then she believes everything her brother's enemy is telling her. I am glad that Mike is not going to tolerate Sonny's behavior, but I did feel all of Sonny's pain when his father was yelling at him.  

January 23, 2002

Mike visits Janine. He wants to help out with Courtney in some way. Janine hands him a tally of all the money he owes her. She says he can help by giving her something like $198,000. They argue for a while and Janine really lays into Mike. She doesn't want him to be around Courtney because he will hurt her. Mike wants a second chance with his daughter. 

In the meantime, Sonny is explaining to Alexis that he doesn't want Courtney to get hurt by Mike. He's angry that Mike was "working her" at the restaurant and that she's falling for it. Mike can't be trusted, period. He also doesn't know how to talk to Courtney, he can't seem to get a word in. Alexis encourages him to keep trying. She is his sister. Sonny says he doesn't need anybody. 

Comments: I felt bad for Mike today. But, I think his hope lies with his daughter. She doesn't have all of the baggage that Sonny carries. She wants to get to know her father. And I really want Ron Hale to have more scenes :)   

January 22, 2002

Sonny, Mike, and Courtney are at the Port Charles Grille. Mike thanks Sonny for inviting him, but Courtney admits she was the one that called him. Sonny refuses to sit down at the table, but eventually takes a seat. Courtney leaves for a minute. Mike tells Sonny that he isn't running this time and if he doesn't like it, tough .Courtney returns and Mike wants to make a new start with his children. He tells them he isn’t sure why he did what he did, but he is going to make them a promise. They won’t regret trying to work things out tonight. Sonny is tuning out at this point and cannot even look at his father. Courtney is listening to every word. Sonny manages a few snipes at Mike (it’s harder to live off your winnings when you have a family to support, right Mike?).

Mike pulls out a picture of himself and Courtney when she was young. This sends Sonny completely over the edge and he bangs the table with his fist. Mike tells him not to do this. Sonny wants Courtney to leave with him, but she refuses. So, he gives her the condensed version of Mike’s story. “He didn’t mean to. It wasn’t his fault. And he always loved you. Is that enough? Do you feel better now?” Alexis witness the whole thing and comes over to the table. She offers to take Courtney home. Sonny tells Mike when he’s done cleaning up this mess they are through.

Comments: Wow. Today’s scenes at the PC Grille were explosive. Sonny was so angry. Mike, on the other hand, was giddy with hope and excitement that he could reconcile with his two children. Courtney, wanting a family moment, had no idea the history and pain that are between her father and brother. She was walking into a minefield.

Mike's wallet sure tells a lot of stories.

As Mike started his speech you could just see Sonny’s eyes glazing over. He has heard all of this before and has no tolerance for Mike’s rationalizations. I think Mike has already won over Courtney. She wants a relationship with her father. Especially when Mike pulled out the picture of them and called her his princess. (For you history buffs, when Mike first came to town, he and Brenda became quick friends. On her birthday, Mike gave her a picture of Sonny when he was a child. He told her he had kept it in his wallet all of these years. Sonny was furious and felt that Mike was using Brenda to get to him). 

The reason Sonny went ballistic today was not just because Mike left him. It was because he lied to him about his sister. His anger today was so powerful. From the minute he saw his father at the restaurant he turned into a hurt and betrayed child. Whenever Sonny acts out people say, "he's needs to grow up," or worse "get over it." I don't need to rehash Sonny's history, but he has a couple of major issues from his childhood that he has never dealt with: Abandonment (Not only his father, but from his mother, who chose Deke over her own child) and his child abuse. These events have shaped Sonny's whole life and they define him. He handles his emotions and feelings with anger. This is who Sonny is and it's the only way he knows how to react. 

Sonny’s scenes were so volatile today that one had the feeling he was capable of jumping across the table and strangling his father. And that is why I am giving Maurice Benard a rose for his performance. From the banging of his fist on the table, to his refusal to make eye contact with Mike, to his slamming Alexis’s door (right after he kicked a chair), he took today’s scenes and ran with them. 

Sonny isn't handling this very well. But, Maurice gets a rose for showing Sonny's fury. 

January 10, 2002

Mike is waiting in the hallway of the Penthouse. He asks Courtney if they can talk. She agrees. Mike tries to explain why he never looked for her. It was the gambling. Courtney tells the story of how her Mom dragged her away from their home, told her Mike was dead, and how she cried every night. She says he has a lousy explanation. Mike said he felt he didn't deserve to have a family. Courtney is upset and wants Mike to leave when Sonny and Alexis walk in. There's some heated words between Sonny and Mike. Courtney finally tells Mike to leave. He says he'll be around. Then, Courtney yells at Sonny and tells him to stop telling her how to feel. She runs upstairs, and Sonny says to Alexis. "That went well."


Comments: We finally get some Mike and Courtney scenes. I wish they were longer, but at least we are getting a little more history of what happened. The scenes were terrific and there is already some tenderness between Mike and Courtney. Unfortunately, it's really hard to be sympathetic to Mike in any of this. He really broke the hearts of both his children. This is just my take, but since he was with Courtney until he she was eight, they already seem to have a much stronger bond together than Sonny and Mike. After all, Mike left Sonny at a much younger age and Sonny's childhood turned out much different than Courtney's. She probably has a much better chance at reconciliation with her father than Sonny ever will. And Sonny's anger at Mike is his own way of not getting hurt by him. I don't blame him. 

January 8, 2002

Sonny is at the PCPD with Courtney and Janine. They are being questioned about Edward Quartermaine's blackmail scheme. Sonny tells Courtney she doesn't have to say anything if she doesn't want to. Courtney doesn't cooperate with Mac Scorpio. The charges are finally dropped and Janine and Courtney leave the PCPD. Back at Alexis's place, Courtney is very upset. She tells Sonny she doesn't even know him and he's trying to control her every move. Sonny says he's sorry she feels that way. Courtney leaves to go out with Kristina. 

Meanwhile, Mike demands that Zander tell him where Courtney is. Zander refuses to help Mike because he doesn't want to betray Sonny. Carly intervenes and tells Mike she will talk to Zander and try to find something out. Zander still says no. Mike explains to Carly that has a chance to build a relationship with his daughter and he's going to find her.

Comments: They really need to show some Mike/Courtney scenes. That is so important to the storyline. I love how Sonny is being protective of his sister. He is well intentioned, even though Courtney doesn't think so. I loved Courtney's outburst today and I know they are trying to make her personality a lot like Sonny's. I think that when she gets to know her brother a little more she will understand why he acts the way he does. Which is why I'm putting in a quote of the day.

Carly: Forget about Sonny for a minute.
Zander: Easier said than done. Don't you think?

January 3, 2002

Sonny and Mike both appear in today's episode, but not together. Sonny is trying to get Courtney to stay in town. He is with her and Janine at their hotel. Alexis is with him. Courtney doesn't want anything to do with Sonny. She says he is cold and he looks right through people. Then she asks if he's going to use her to get back at "their father." Sonny says he doesn't need her to do that. They banter for a few minutes until Alexis asks to talk with her alone. Alexis tells Courtney that Sonny wants to get to know his sister and convinces her to stay in town. Courtney agrees to stay with Alexis and Kristina. Sonny thanks Alexis and says, "The smartest thing I ever did was hire you." He is very happy. 

Alexis helps Sonny smooth things out. 

Meanwhile, Mike has a very short scene with Carly and Zander. He is angry and accuses Zander of setting him up. He's mad because Zander brought Courtney to Sonny instead of him. Zander defends himself and says he didn't know who Courtney was when he brought her to the Penthouse. Carly tells Mike he needs to calm down and she'll talk with him in the morning. 

Comments: I was a skeptic at first, but I am enjoying the story line so far. Sonny really wants to get to know his sister and I liked when he was talking to Janine and telling her that if she pulled a stunt and left with Courtney that he would look for her. And Sonny is acting so . . . well like Sonny, with his demands, and threats, and warnings. But underneath his gruffness, it's just his way of trying to have some control over this whole situation. He was so happy when Alexis was able to get Courtney to stay. I always love to see Sonny smile. I am hoping that Mike will be a bigger part of this story than he has been so far. I would like to see some interaction with Mike and Courtney. I would like to see Sonny and Mike talk and try and resolve some of their issues. Mike is too one-dimensional and this would be a great opportunity to change that.