GH Review 2003-Summary of Sonny & Mike Scenes

December 26, 2003

The Haunted Star. It looks like Mike and Bobbie are a couple. 

December 23, 2003

Christmas dinner.

December 28, 2003

Mike attends Morgan's baptism.

December 15,  2003

Is this as close as Mike gets to his grandson?

December 12,  2003

Mike makes a toast to Sonny's freedom.


Sonny's trial is over and everyone is waiting for the verdict. At the courthouse, Mike walks up to Scott Baldwin (and the press) and tells him " Excuse me. You know something, you have a personal vendetta against my son." He lets the press know that Scott did nothing when Ric Lansing kidnapped Carly and that he is corrupt. In the courtroom, Sonny is found not guilty. There is a celebration at Kelly's. Sonny walks in and Mike, Bobbie, Max, and Justice are all waiting to congratulate him. Mike makes a toast to his son.

Mike: Hey, hey! Hey! Congratulations. I knew you could do it.

Carly: Thanks. Yeah. He was great with that jury, wasn't he?

Sonny: I just told the truth, that's all.

Bobbie: Well, I for one am very happy for you, Sonny.

Sonny: Oh, Thank you.

Carly: Thank you.

Sonny: That's great.

Mike: All right, how about a toast? Here. To my son Michael and to family.

All: To family.

Mike: And to Justus, who finally brought some real justice to this town.

All: Hear, hear.

Bobbie: I'll drink to that one.

Mike: Ahem. So hey, listen (he goes over and hugs Sonny).

Comments: I loved that Mike defended Sonny to Scott. It was exciting to see a Sonny and Mike scene. I was hoping for some dialogue between them, but seeing the hug was great. Sonny looked so happy to see his father. Now we just have to wait for a Mike and Morgan scene. 

October 8,  2003

At Luke's Club, there is a surprise baby shower going on for Sonny and Carly (put on by Bobbie). Carly has already opened some presents, among them a baseball mitt given by Mike. Sonny arrives at the club, very shaken and upset. Sonny has just been at the cemetery where a faux Lily has warned him that Carly and his baby are in danger. Sonny tells Carly that they have to leave immediately. Mike and Bobbie try and get Sonny to at least stay for cake, but Sonny insists they must leave.

Comments: Sonny looked really shaken when he came into Luke's Club. Now, considering that both Bobbie and Mike were at Luke's the night a pregnant Lily exploded right in front of Sonny's eyes, you would think that they would be a little more sympathetic to Sonny's fears. The only person that was the least bit sympathetic was Bobbie, who actually defended Sonny. But Mike completely dismissed Sonny's fears and didn't even seem to care or notice that his son was terrified and fearful for the safety of his wife and child. Bad decision of the year: Bobbie having the baby shower at Luke's Club. Sonny and Carly should have never been any where near that place, with or without a faux Lily warning Sonny of the danger. There's just too many bad vibes there for Sonny.

June 16,  2003

June  13, 2003

Sonny and Mike are at the church before Courtney and Jason's wedding. Sonny and Courtney have a heart to heart talk and Sonny tells her he loves her. Sonny is a little nervous and wants everything to go just right. Janine arrives and Sonny warns her not to cause any trouble. Mike is the proud father of the bride and is thrilled he's walking his daughter down the aisle for her wedding and that Sonny is the best man. Unfortunately, Carly is kidnapped before the wedding can begin and there is no ceremony. 

Comments: I was very happy Mike was at his daughter's wedding. However, I wish that Sonny and Mike could have had some more interaction today, especially since Sonny himself was recently in some dire straits. They both looked fantastic in the tuxedos!

May  7, 2003

Mike arrives at the hospital. Courtney has been hit by a car. It's a suspected hit and run and Mike lashes out at both Sonny and Jason about how she was safe until she got involved with them. Carly tries to reassure Mike that Courtney will be okay, but he's very upset. 

Comments: Sonny has been telling Jason for months that he didn't want him involved with Courtney. He told Jason it was too dangerous. Now Courtney is the target of Jason's enemies. I wish Sonny would tell Jason "I told you so." I also wish Sonny would have told Mike that he feels the same way. If Mike only knew of the grief that Sonny has been through to get Courtney out of Jason's life! On the plus side, there have been two Sonny/Mike scenes within a week. I just think it's strange that they aren't talking more about Adela and Ric, since it's such a bombshell that Adela had another child.

May  2, 2003



Sonny and Mike haven't had a scene together since December 2002! So today was a very welcome scene indeed. I hope we see more. 


Comments: Mike hasn't seen Sonny in a long time and a lot has happened. But the news that Adela had another son is a pretty shattering news to both Sonny and Mike. I think they are both having a hard time (frankly, as well as the audience) that Ric is really Sonny's brother. Sonny is already starting to blame himself for the fate of his mother and I hope Mike is there to support Sonny as he learns some hard truths about his mother. It was fantastic to finally see a long awaited Sonny and Mike scene.