GH Review 2006-Summary of Sonny & Mike Scenes

December 12, 2006

Mike: So the boys with Carly tonight?

Sonny: Well, that's a good guess.

Mike: A guess? Not really, Michael. I mean, you only show up here when you can't stand being alone in that house by yourself.

Sonny: Yeah, I admit, sometimes I do get a little lonely.


Sonny and Mike haven't had a scene for six months. So, I was very excited about seeing father and son together again. Their conversation was so disappointing. It would have been nice if Mike asked about how Sonny was doing with taking medication, how he was doing in therapy, or talking about the boys and Kristina. The show continues to miss opportunities to have some meaningful Sonny and Mike scenes.

June 9, 2006


It is the day of Sonny's nephew and Mike's grandson, John's christening. Sonny calls Mike over to the house. Mike is sure Sonny is mad about his gambling, but it turns out Sonny wants to reminisce with his father. Please read the following transcript for the detailed scene.


The Sonny and Mike scene was such a treat. From start to finish, the scene had so much history to it. Sonny was acting like a little boy in those scenes. Sonny has talked to Mike about his childhood memories many times, but he's never talked about the good times, he’s always talked about the pain that Mike caused him and his mother. The scene put me in tears because it was so heart wrenching for so many reasons: Sonny having a good childhood memory, Sonny remembering his father in a good light, Sonny encouraging Mike to spend time with his grandsons. Ron Hale played those scenes incredibly well. Mike was so stunned at the gift, the memories, and Sonny’s generosity he could barely speak.

I loved the baseball theme of their conversation. In the past, there have been several times when the only thing that Sonny and Mike could connect to was talking about baseball. According to Mike, Sonny caught a foul ball at Yankee Stadium when he was seven years old. Please see the following transcript for that story.

May 18, 2006

Sonny: What happened to you?

Mike: Um, couple of guys shook me down for some money I owe.

Sonny: So you gambling again?

Mike: After Courtney died, I didn't see a whole lot of reason not to. So when I got started, I kept digging myself in deeper and deeper, racking up the losses, chasing the big score, you know how it goes. I've been there enough times before.

Sonny: Yes, you have.

Mike: I tried keeping up the payments, and then I even started skimming at Kelly's.

Sonny: So you need a loan.

Mike: Michael, I hate coming to you. I know how you feel about this, so go ahead and lay into me. I deserve it.

Sonny: How much you need, Mike?

Mike: All right, where's the lecture?

Sonny: Why waste my breath?

Mike: Michael, you have every right to tear into me. It's been going on since you were a kid. My gambling ruined your childhood and Courtney's, too.

Sonny: It's a sickness, Mike. I wish you'd get help. But I'm not going to force you to do it. You're going to have to come to that on your own terms. In the meantime, I don't want you to get hurt. So, tell me what your debts are, and I will pay them.

Mike: Michael, are you messing with me?

Sonny: How much do you need, Mike?

Mike: Sonny, are you okay?

Sonny: Life's short. Courtney's death is proof of that. One minute you got everything, the next minute you got nothing. You're the only father I have. I'm not going to waste my time worrying about things that I can't fix.

Mike: I hate being a burden on you, Michael!

Sonny: Hey, you know what, Mike? I hate that you gamble. You waste your money, you get involved with the wrong people, but the thing is, I've been punishing you too long! It has to stop! Whatever help you need, you got it.


Mike came to Sonny with his usual plea. He needed money to bail himself out of trouble. Sonny's usual reaction is anger. But today, Sonny offered to help his father. Mike was so surprised he asked if something was wrong.

Yes, Mike. Sonny is hurting. He had his business stolen from him and is reeling out of control. The Sonny and Mike scene showed how oblivious Mike is to Sonny's struggles. I am hoping that Mike is going to be involved in this storyline. He needs to help his son now, since he's never been able to before.

April 21, 2006


Mike: Here's the birthday guy. Ok. All right. Happy birthday, son.

Michael: You have to make a wish.

Sonny: Ok, first of all, I want to thank everybody for coming. Mike, I'm proud that you could make this happen. I thank you for that.

Michael: You're welcome.

Kristina: Daddy, did you make your wish yet?

Sonny: Oh, yeah. Everybody ready?

Michael: Yes, hold on, hold on.

Mike: Let's do it.

Sonny: One, two, three . . .


Michael put on a surprise birthday party for Sonny. We all know that Sonny hates surprises and he hates his birthday, not to mention that Jason just stole the business, so it was a bittersweet day for Sonny. This was the first birthday party Sonny has ever had on the show, so it was really significant for a lot of reasons. I loved the support he had of his family. Sonny was so happy to have his three children with him. It was great to see Mike there and say, “happy birthday, son.” But I also think Sonny felt like a little boy again, the one without any power to defend himself, the one that was beaten on birthdays, the one that had no protection. I would have loved a scene with Sonny and Mike, where Sonny showed a little vulnerability with his father, but trying to be stoic, and Mike seeing how much support Sonny needs right now.

April 6, 2006

Sonny: What is this?

Mike: Brenda's phone number. And it just may save Emily's life.

Mike: Robin gave me Brenda's number. She's in Rome. She's working for a children's aid charity. Now, if you'd give her a call, I'm sure she would drop everything.

Sonny: Why would I do that, Mike?

Mike: Because Brenda would know as well as you do that you and Emily are wrong for each other.

Sonny: You know . . .

Mike: And she'd come back to save Emily.

Sonny: You know damn well I'm not calling Brenda! She's got her life, I've got mine.

Mike: Your life almost ended last night. So did Emily's, in case you missed it!

Sonny: The only mistake I made is trying to hide what Emily and I feel for each other out of some stupid desire to respect the people around us. You included. You were grieving over Courtney. I wanted you to get through that before I said anything. But why even bother when you show me no respect in return?

Mike: Michael, how can you be so selfish?

Sonny: I don't want to hear it!

Mike: All right, fine, don't listen to me! But I know you, Michael. And when something happens to Emily, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life.


I think that Mike was concerned about Sonny and doesn't want him to get hurt if he lost Emily. However, I really wanted Mike to be more supportive of Sonny and Emily. Sonny deserves some happiness and I would think that Mike out of all people would want that too. Now that Courtney is gone, Mike needs to be there for Sonny again.

February 27-March 2, 2006

Sonny comforts Mike at Courtney's memorial service.


Sonny: I came to give you an update on Courtney's baby. He's alive, but he's getting weaker.

Mike: You know, it should mean something . . . your coming by here, taking the time. I mean, I should care that after all these years of you shutting me out of your life that you're finally making an effort. But Courtney's gone, and this grieving-brother/loving-son routine is too little too late.

Sonny: You want to hate me, Mike, for being alive and Courtney's dead? Okay, that's fine. I don't blame you. But don't you give up and die, too.



Mike: What do you want now?

Sonny: I just want to make sure you get your shot.

Mike: Do you see the irony here? Me, my used-up life, my mistakes, my failures, all those wasted years. I get to live. And you . . . all the damage you've done . . . you get to live. But Courtney, who risked her life for her child, who only wanted to be a mother, who always gave more than she took . . . Courtney's the one who died.

Sonny: I agree, Mike. It's wrong. I don't know what you want me to do here.



Sonny: I get that you're hurting over Courtney as bad as it gets. And you're angry at the world, at fate, god, me because I'm still here and Courtney's dead. And you know what, Mike? I don't blame you. I could have been a lot more considerate to her. That's something I'm going to have to live with. As you know, I've lost children, too. And there's nothing in this world worse. The pain seems bottomless like it's going to swallow you whole. But if hating me helps you deal with it . . . if it gives you something that you can hang on to so you don't fall out of sight, then I can take anything you got.

Mike: You can take your empathy and go straight to hell.


Sonny: Can you do me a favor?

Emily: Anything.

Sonny: Can you say a prayer for me and my father? I don't know how I'm going to get Mike through this day.

Emily: Sonny, you love him. That's all anyone could ask or want you to do.


Father Coates: Welcome. Our first speaker will be Courtney's father. Mike?

Mike: Nobody said life was fair. Um . . . and . . . usually I can talk and say things. But . . .

Sonny: Hey you don't have to do it. You go sit down, okay?

Sonny: Yeah, it's true I did not know my sister very well. But I do know that she wouldn't have wanted to be remembered with blame or anger. First of all, I want to thank everybody for coming. I know Courtney would've appreciated it. I was stunned to find out I had a sister. I wanted us to be close, but I didn't know how to follow through. Courtney and I were different, you know, in so many ways, and I tried to protect her, and I went too far. I told her what to do, who to be with. I lost sight of the fact that she was her own person, she has the right to make her own decisions. So I drove my sister away, and I never found time to get her back. Courtney was all about family and love and bringing everybody together. She believed the biggest sin was abandoning children and keeping them from their parents and depriving them of love. It's wrong that Courtney's gone, it's wrong that the world has lost someone with so much kindness and generosity, and it's really wrong that her little boy will never experience the love of his mother. I know that if Courtney wanted to ask us one thing, she would want us to take care of that little boy and give him the best of ourselves.


Sonny and Mike have had more scenes this week than they've had in many years. The scenes were harsh and raw, with Mike full of anger and grief and Sonny bearing the brunt of his father's pain. I admired Sonny this week, because time after time when Mike lashed out at him, he took his father's abuse. But he also looked so hurt at Mike's words. Sonny was best at the memorial service, when he stood up for Mike and finished the eulogy for him. Then, still at the church, Sonny sat with his father and awkwardly tried to provide him some comfort.

February 21, 2006

Sonny tells Mike of Courtney's death.

Sonny: Hey.

Mike: Hey. I thought you went home.

Sonny: I did. I just came back for Courtney.

Mike: Oh, I was waiting for someone to come by and tell me what my newest grand baby is. You know, between us, I was hoping for a little girl. You know, someone I can spoil rotten the way I wanted to with Courtney.

Sonny: It's a boy. Courtney had a boy.

Mike: Oh, good. Well, that's fine. He's okay, right?

Sonny: He's struggling, but they think he's going to make it.

Mike: And I got to see Courtney before they wheeled her in. She was nervous and I told her everything was going to be just fine. She waited too long for this baby not to do right by it.

Sonny: Hey, Mike, you got to listen to me. You got to listen to me.

Mike: All right, but does he look like her? Because she was such a beautiful baby. She had blond curls and huge blue eyes.

Sonny: Courtney didn't make it. Courtney's dead.

Mike: Get out.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Mike: Get out. Courtney meant nothing to you. She was like something on the bottom of your shoe. You couldn't even find it in your own heart to embrace your sister, so don't stand there and act like you're sorry. Don't pretend to grieve with me. And what they say is true. Only the good die young and somehow a selfish bastard like you gets to live forever. Get out of her, Michael. Get out of here! Just leave me alone! Get out of here!


I will never forget the look on Sonny's face when his own father spoke these words to him. It was like Sonny became the five year old little boy that Mike had abandoned. What Mike said was so cruel and unfair. I understand that his daughter died, but he has a son that he's ignored for the past four years. He didn't even seem to care that Sonny had the virus. On a positive note, Ron Hale and Maurice Benard both turned in an incredible scene. Let's hope that we see more of these two in the coming year.