History of Sonny Corinthos-1994

Sonny and Brenda have a date at the PC Grille. Sonny tells Brenda a little about his past.

Sonny: I had ambition, not in a scholarly sense, college was never an option for me. I wanted to be in the world, I wanted to make my mark, make some money. I started hanging out with the older kids in the neighborhood, you know the ones that had gotten to where I wanted to be. They had cash. I started doing odd jobs here and there, you know. I was quick, reliable, I took care of business, and they took care of me. Now it has come full circle. I go back to the neighborhood and the kids, they look up to me, They want what I have.


Sonny and Brenda start dating. Brenda is living with the Quartermaines and Sonny comes over and charms Lila, as he drinks tea with her and talks to her about her Pickle-Lila (a relish she invented with Stella the maid). 


Sonny and Brenda have another date. Sonny takes Brenda for a drive in his green Jaguar.

Sonny: I know people say bad things about me. I don’t care what they think. As long as you draw your own conclusions based on what you know, what you see and how you’re treated.

Brenda: That seems fair.

Sonny: Have I ever treated you badly? Have I disrespected you? Have I embarrassed you in any way?

Brenda: No, you’ve been a complete gentleman, mostly, mostly you have.

Sonny: Well, I lost my head for a second. But I am a gentleman. That’s how I was taught and that’s how I live my life. I mean, you and me, we’re having a good time, right? I mean we play our little games, we tease each other, we flirt but there’s knowing your dance. But after awhile we’re going to come to a point when things are going to kind of get real.


Sonny and Luke’s next assignment is to break Frank Smith out of jail. Laura is very worried and asks Sonny to keep an eye on Luke because she is pregnant. Sonny agrees, but Frank has ordered him to kill Luke after the prison escape. Sonny and Luke pose as FBI agents that are going to transfer Frank out of jail. The breakout is discovered quickly and there is a shootout in the parking lot. Luke and Frank get away, as Sonny stays behind. Sonny is shot in the chest and arm. He is able to get into his car, bleeding and wounded. He is driving erratically when he crashes into Brenda Barrett’s car. She helps him to his apartment. A mob doctor comes and operates on Sonny. Brenda gives him a blood transfusion to save his life. They are both type O blood. Brenda stays with Sonny and helps nurse him back to health.


In the aftermath of the jail breakout, Sonny confronts Stone. He was supposed to be the getaway driver. But Jagger showed up at the last minute and sabotaged the plan. Sonny tells Stone that he is not reliable for the work that Sonny does. Sonny is mad, but gentle with Stone. He realizes that he will not be able to have Stone work for him and maybe that's for the best.


Brenda introduces Sonny to her friend, Lois Cerullo.  Lois immediately recognizes Sonny. They grew up together as kids in Brooklyn.  

Sonny: You look exactly the same.

Lois: I do not. I look eminently more sophisticated.

Sonny: That's right. You cut off your pigtails.

Lois: You bum! Would you get over here? 

Brenda: Wait a minute, would you please tell me how this is possible?

Sonny: Bensonhurst.

Lois: Yeah. We grew up together.

Brenda: Great.

Lois: So, let me look at you. Not bad. You must be doing pretty good for yourself.

Sonny: I'm making it.

Lois: Do I want to know how?

Sonny: Probably not. How's the family?

Lois: So what changes? Every time I bring your name up, Louie harps on the $300 he says you owe him.

Sonny: So, they remember me?

Lois: Yeah. Who could forget the bad boy of Bensonhurst?  


Sonny and Brenda have a double date with Robin and Stone. But,  it's not long before she starts to realize Sonny’s life is full of danger. On another date, Sonny is knocked unconscious and dragged out of his apartment by some of Frank Smith’s men. They tell Sonny that Frank believes Sonny has gone soft on Luke Spencer. Luke helps Sonny when he pretends he and Sonny have a grudge. Sonny makes up to Brenda by giving her a diamond bracelet with the words, “Sensation, sweet, felt in blood. Felt along the heart. This will always remind you of what I can’t forget,” a poem by William Wordsworth.


Lois and Brenda decide to open their own record company, L & B Records. But, they need money to do it. They meet with Sonny and try to get him to invest in their company. Sonny plays a hard bargain, but agrees to be a partner in the company. Lois’s only stipulation is that Sonny use legitimate money. Sonny backs them as a partner. He promises them he is using clean money.


Sonny and Brenda make love for the very first time in Washington, D.C.  


Sonny goes to Puerto Rico, clears Miguel Morez from his old contract, and convinces him to sign on with L&B Records. He also finds Miguel’s true love, Lily Rivera. She is the daughter of Puerto Rican crime boss, Hernando Rivera.


Sonny hides Foster for Lucky. Foster has bitten the school bully and is ordered to be put to sleep. Sonny promises he won’t let that happen. Sonny and Brenda are hanging out at his apartment. He starts to tell her a little about himself. Sonny stops talking and gets really distant. They get in an argument and Brenda goes to her friend Lois. Lois had already told Brenda that Sonny can't be reformed. Brenda is desperate for information about Sonny. Later, after they make up, Sonny confides to Brenda about his stepfather. Saying, “he made me feel stupid. I never knew when it was coming, so when you come after me like that I don’t know how to react.”


The comeback concert for Miguel is in Puerto Rico. Sonny and Brenda grow closer and make love in the hot tub. Luke has a final showdown with Frank Smith and kills him in a cemetery. Their vendetta is over, but Sonny thinks there will be trouble. He meets with Hernando Rivera and tells him he is taking over Frank Smith’s territory. Brenda follows Sonny to the meeting and is kidnapped. Sonny and Brenda make love on the beach. Miguel's concert, Rivera's men kidnap Sonny, Brenda, Lily and Miguel. Rivera has plans to kill Sonny. Lily steps in and tells her father he has to kill her first. Rivera releases them.