History of Sonny Corinthos-1998

Sonny stops by Port Charles and visits Jason. He is staying on the island and updates Jason on some business. He is introduced to Michael.


During his brief visit, Sonny also visits Mike, who's mad that Sonny never said goodbye. Sonny refuses to tell Mike where he's going.


December 18, 1998

After a years absence, the character of Sonny Corinthos returns to the show.

Jason gets a call from Maria on the island. She tells him that Sonny is acting very strange. She is worried he might hurt himself. Jason goes to the island and Sonny is in bad shape. He is drinking a lot and Jason doesn’t want to leave him alone. He is grieving the loss of Brenda, who was killed in a car crash with her mother. Jason finally convinces Sonny to return to Port Charles.