History of Sonny Corinthos-2008

Sonny goes to Manhattan to see Kate. He tells her he wants to try and fit in her world. Kate agrees, but warns Sonny her life is very different that life in Port Charles. Sonny gets hit on by one of Kate's female friends. Sonny and Kate go to a party at an art gallery. Sonny and Kate discuss the art pieces. Kate really admires one particular painting, which Sonny buys for her. When Sonny goes to pay for the art, he overhears Kate's "friends" saying demeaning things about her. Sonny almost hits one of the obnoxious friends and is arrested for assault. He is put in jail and a restraining order is given to him. Sonny can no longer be in Manhattan.


Sonny takes Kate to Bensonhurst. It is the first time the audience has seen Sonny in Bensonhurst since he went to Lois Cerullo's wedding in 1995. During Sonny's conversations with Kate, we find out more information about Sonny’s life in Bensonhurst.

Sonny takes Kate the restaurant called Fortunato's, where they had their first date.

Kate: Oh, I can't believe this place is still here. I can't believe that we're here. This was our place.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. Our first night on the town.

Kate: Oh, man, I was so impressed. I remember I was sitting on the fire hydrant.

Sonny: Yeah?

Kate: The corner of 86 th . . .

Sonny: And 21st Avenue. In front of Gus' soda shop.

Kate: What? I liked egg creams.

Sonny: Well, I mean, you probably still do.

Later in the conversation, Sonny reveals to Kate that he was abused by his stepfather, Deke.

Kate: Oh, the right people. You mean Joe Scully.

Sonny: Well, I guess your cousin Gloria would call that the wrong people. But you got to understand something. You know, back then, there was not much good in my life, except you.

Kate: So you were already working for him then?

Sonny: Nothing heavy. Fringe stuff, you know. He knew about you, and he also knew that I didn't have any soft spots left from the beatings that I took from my stepfather. So he saw that I was different with you, and then I gave him some information and he said that I could take you here, you know, on the house.

Kate: Oh. Okay, so I'm guessing that Joe Scully paid for our first date.

Sonny: No, no, he didn't. He got us in. Whatever I spent that night was my own doing, and it impressed Scully.

Kate: Of course he was impressed.

Sonny: Well, you know what? The person who wasn't impressed was my stepfather. One of his buddies saw us leaving here and told him. And I learned a lot about that night. That it feels much better to get hit on the back of the leg with a belt buckle than it does on your chin.

Kate: Sonny, you never told me any of this.

Sonny: Why would I tell you? You were so happy. I didn't want to ruin anything, you know?

Kate: Well, that explains why I didn't hear from you for a few days. I thought it was something I did.

Sonny: I didn't want you to be afraid.

Kate: Of who, Joe Scully, or your stepfather?

Sonny: Both. I mean, right people, wrong people, it's all your point of view. I did what I did, and now, I became one of them. I just don't want tonight to be about bad memories.

Kate: Sonny, all of my memories about that night are good. I'm just sorry that yours weren’t.

Sonny: I don't have good memories, period. Especially when I was young. The only thing good was from you. But I tell you what I had to go through it all over again and it meant you being right there in front of me, looking at me like you're doing, I would.

Sonny meets an old friend, Moose Minucci, who owns the restaurant. Moose tells Kate.

Moose: We all hung out in the old neighborhood, you know? Yeah, unbelievable. We hung, but Sonny here, he kind of like drifted on the fringes , you know, the dark and silent type.

Sonny and Kate put money into a fortune machine, Madam Zoltinho. They had done the same when they were younger. Sonny gets a fortune that says, “You will stand alone." He refuses to show Kate what it says.

Sonny takes Kate to the Stillwell Movie Theater. They sit in the same seats as when they were young and reminiscence about old times and how they would make out and talk about their future together.

Finally, Sonny takes Kate back to where they were supposed to meet up that fateful night by the street corner lamppost.

Kate: Every street corner had food, if it was a restaurant or a bakery or someone's house that should've been a restaurant.

Sonny: You want to know what I remember?

Kate: What?

Sonny: I remember trying to figure out every way I could to hide from my stepfather. Because I got to tell -- he had eyes on every block, so you know what I did?

Kate: Hmm?

Sonny: I just moved further and further and further in the shadows.

Kate: Where you met Joe Scully.

Sonny: I would try to figure out every shortcut, fire escape, bins, barrels, even the trunk of a car once. I could get to any place from here, except to you. This is where I laid it all out on the line for you.

Kate: Sonny, is this where . . .

Sonny: The night where we agreed to meet that night. And we were going to run off together? I waited a long time that night. And here you are.

Sonny proposes to Kate. He tells her she has his heart and soul. Sonny wants them to have a second chance. Kate won't answer Sonny. Instead, she runs away. Sonny is heartbroken. In grief and anger, he buys the restaurant and movie theater and destroys them. Then he disappears for a few days.


Sonny is reeling after Kate rejects his marriage proposal. He goes to a bar to have a drink. He has a one night stand with a lady in the bar. He doesn't find out until he goes to a mob meeting a week later that the person he slept with was Claudia Zacchara, the daughter of enemy Anthony Zacchara Sonny tells Claudia that they are enemies, period.



Michael is obsessed about protecting his family. He insists that Sonny find out who killed Leticia and Emily. Sonny tells him he is working on it. Michael buys a gun. Sonny warns Michael that he will get in trouble if he finds out he has a gun. Michael goes to the docks to get rid of the gun. The gun accidentally fires and Kate Howard is shot. In a panic, Michael runs away.



Sonny stays at Kate's bedside after she is shot by Michael. Sonny and Mike have heart to heart talk.



Kristina is traumatized when she sees the text message killer in the window. Sonny tries to comfort her.


Michael finally returns to Port Charles. He is caught up in an explosion at the docks, when the warehouse Sonny is having a meeting at blows up. Michael confesses that he is the one that shot Kate. Sonny assures Michael that it was an accident and that he will always love him. Sonny wants to spend more time with Michael.



Sonny: I wasn't that lucky because I was never able to find my own father when I needed him. And my stepfather . . . he didn't love me. Okay? He was not a happy person, so he took it out on his family, right? You know what? If you ever think we're being unfair, you need to come to us. You understand? Because, you know, all we want for you is to be happy, right? Safe and the whole thing, right?




Sonny takes Michael to the warehouse to show him he is a legitimate coffee importer. There is an attempt on Sonny's life. Sonny is uninjured, but the bullet hit's Michael in the head. Michael is severely injured and in a coma. Sonny blames himself and vows revenge for his son. Everyone in town blames Sonny for what happened. Kate is there for Sonny and reminds him he is a wonderful father. Sonny is visited by Robin, who tells him that Michael would want him to be at his bedside.

Robin: Instead of just blaming yourself for all of this, have you thought about what your son wants? I mean, do you even know?

Sonny: He would want me to be with him.

Robin: Then that's what you should do.


Sonny is totally devastated by Michael getting shot. Robin talks to a distraught Sonny at the warehouse.



Sonny: I made a big entrance at the Haunted Star tonight. I made sure everybody noticed me gambling and drinking a little bit. Everybody thinks that I'm punishing myself. They're worried, but that's ok because that's the whole point. I put you here. And, as your father, it's my job to make it right. So I'm going to be going out a lot all over town. No guards. And it may take a while, but people are going to notice. And whoever shot at me and shot you instead is going to try again. And when they do, for you, I'm going to kill them. 4/17/08


Sonny: Hey, come here. Come here. How you doing? Listen to me, okay. Your brother's been very badly hurt, okay? We're all very sad about that, okay. Hey, now, I just got to tell you something, okay? There's nothing we can do to wake him up. He's not going to wake up. 5/8/08




Michael will be in a permanent coma. Sonny and Carly place Michael in a care facility in Manhattan, where he can get the proper medical care. On the way home from the trip, a shocked Sonny and Carly make love in the limo. Later, Carly makes Sonny sign over rights to Morgan as well. She says he can't keep his children safe. Sonny gives the mob over to Jason.


Sonny gets engaged to Kate Howard.


A new mob boss, Andrei Karpov, arrives in Port Charles. He approaches Sonny and asks for his council. He respects Sonny's history and more importantly, his connections and information. Sonny agrees to advise Karpov on the ins and outs of the Port Charles players on the condition that Karpov leaves his old organization alone.



Sonny ends his business relationship with Karpov after he finds out he is importing drugs into Port Charles. Sonny admits he misses the power of being in the mob, but now wants to move on with his life.


Sonny finds out from Alexis that Kristina has been threatened by Anthony. Sonny warns Jason that he better start doing his job.


Sonny visits Lulu and tries to offer her comfort. He confides to her that he suffers from Bipolar Disorder and he knows what it's like to be scared.

Sonny: Breaks from reality . . . they're scary. Believe me. I know. You see things that can't be real, but they're real to you and you try to be strong. You try to get yourself, you know, together. Everything's ok for a little while, and then something happens. You see a vision. Hear voices whispering.You don't know if it's a thought, a dream, a nightmare. I've been where you are and the worst part for me was that I lost belief in myself. I thought I was a burden to everybody who loved me. And then when I tried to get better and willed myself to survive in the real world. And, you know, get some control. It got worse for me. And you know what? All I wanted to do was hide. And I understand that you find comfort in that. That makes you feel safe. But I'm just, you know, speaking for myself. I felt hopeless when I would let myself disconnect.

Lulu: I hate this place.

Sonny: I know. I know what that's about.

Lulu: I hate the way they look at me.

Sonny: A lot of people recover from breakdowns. I don't know if you know this, but I'll let you in on a thing here. I don't know if your Dad told you, but I was diagnosed with something called bipolar disorder. And my life is good. I take medication. I see doctors every once in a while, which is what you need to do. Because I'm telling you right now from experience, you can't solve this on your own.

Lulu: I can't solve anything.

Sonny: You've got to let the doctors help you.

Lulu: Ok.



Sonny takes Kate to the island.


Kate finds out about Sonny and Carly getting intimate on the limo ride back from taking Michael to the institution. Kate calls off the wedding.


Sonny gets in a car accident. He saves Claudia by removing her seatbelt with a knife. Claudia says Sonny saved her. Sonny corrects her and says, no Michael saved you.

Claudia: You saved my life.

Sonny: No, Michael did.

Claudia: That was Michael's pocket knife?

Sonny: We were walking through town years ago and he saw it in the window of the department store, right?

Claudia: Yeah.

Sonny: He wanted it, I bought it. One Christmas he carved out "Dad" in a piece of wood and gave it to me. I just forgot about it, you know, until after I took him to the institution. I was going through his stuff and I saw it and I never go anywhere without it.


Sonny goes back to Bensonhurst before his wedding to Kate. He wants to invite Olivia, Kate's cousin to the wedding so Kate has some family attending. At the bar, he meets his old friends Paulie Rinaldi and Mary-Therese. They reminisce about old times. They talk a little bit about baseball. Sonny meets Olivia and asks her to attend the wedding. She agrees.





Sonny and Kate are going to be married. They both arrive for the ceremony. As their vows are being said, gunshots suddenly ring out and Kate is shot. The wedding is never completed. Kate survives her injuries, but Sonny vows revenge.


Angry that Sonny threatened him, Russian mob boss Karpov attempts to murder Sonny. He stabs Sonny in the chest and throws him off the pier with weights. Before he is stabbed, Sonny finds out that Karpov is not the one that shot Kate. Left to die, a drowning Sonny is saved by Carly. He recovers from his injuries.



Sonny, knowing he will be taken out again if he doesn't take action, seeks revenge and kills Karpov. A mob war starts. Kate breaks up with Sonny, after she finds out that Carly helped Sonny recover from his injuries. Carly also provides and alibi for Sonny when he is charged with Karpov's murder.


Mike is attacked as a mob war starts up.


Sonny needs power and protection from the retaliation from the Russian mob. He makes a deal with Anthony Zacchara. He will be an ally with the Zacchara's and be in charge of their organization. To prove his loyalty, he has to marry Claudia Zacchara. Sonny agrees to the terms.



Sonny confides in Mike that he is going to "play," Claudia Zacchara so he can find out her family secrets and find out who shot Kate. Mike worries about Sonny's plans.



Sonny visits Luke. He tells him why he married Claudia Zacchara. Sonny and Luke enjoy a nice visit. Sonny jokes that they are "partners again," due to Sonny's involvement with his new organization.


Sonny gets to visit Morgan for Christmas. It's the first time he's seen his son in seven months. Carly tells Sonny that Morgan needs his father in his life and Sonny can start seeing Morgan again.



Sonny visits Michael on his birthday. He is struggling with the visit, knowing Michael will never get better. Carly shows up and tells Sonny that Michael would want her to forgive him. She tells Sonny, " He loves you so much, Sonny, and it's well deserved, because you are a terrific father."