The History of Sonny Corinthos-2015

Shawn tells Sonny that Bill Eckert's grave is empty. Sonny plans to handle fake Luke himself. Sonny tells Julian about Bill's empty grave. Sonny's not totally convinced that fake Luke is Bill. Julian asks Sonny if he put a hit out on Ava. Sonny admits he wanted her dead, but didn't order a hit. Julian thinks fake Luke ordered the hit on his sister. Julian tells Sonny that Ava is their ticket out of prison. She has an escape plan. Sonny agrees. It's the only way to protect his family. Franco is going with them on the escape plan. They will use Madeline's transport to the PCPD jail. Ava and Madeline are walking to the police van with a guard. Sonny, Julian, and Franco show up dressed in police uniforms. They knock out the guards. They all take off in the van as the police shoot at them. Julian tries to call Lucas and warn him of fake Luke's plan. Julian tries to shake whoever is following them and the van crashes. Everyone is knocked out. Johnny and Carlos arrive. There is a shoot out. They catch Ava. They let Franco go. Johnny confronts Sonny and Julian. Johnny is shot by Julian. Carlos shoots Ava. Sonny finds Ava holding on to the bridge. He tries to help her because that's what Connie would want, but Ava falls into the water. Julian stays to help find Ava, as Sonny heads for the Haunted Star. Sonny confronts fake Luke on the docks. Sonny tells fake Luke that he won't harm Michael or anyone else. Fake Luke says it's too late. There is a bomb on the boat. On the boat, Michael finds the bomb. Sonny arrives and takes the bomb and jumps overboard. The bomb explodes in the water. Sonny is missing. On the docks, Michael tells Carly about his final minutes with Sonny. He doesn't know how to feel with no father. They find Sonny's body in the water. He's declared dead. Carly tries reviving him and asks for Michael's help. Sonny coughs and starts breathing again. Sonny is taken to General Hospital. Sonny tells Morgan about what happened with Ava. He tried to save her. Morgan shows him the baby picture. Dante visits Sonny. "Sounds like a lot of people owe you," admits Dante. He's glad Sonny is alive. Sonny and Dante hug each other with tears. Michael sees Sonny as he's being wheeled back to Pentonville. Sonny says he's proud of Michael. Ivy comes up and tells Sonny how grateful she is for what he did. Her father, the governor of New York shakes Sonny's hand. He's going to pardon Sonny for his courageous act.



Morgan visits Sonny. He tells him about baby Avery. "The baby's yours, Dad." Morgan tells him the baby is with Kiki and Dr. Clay. He shows him a picture of the baby. Johnny taunts Sonny. He tells him he is getting out and taking over the Jerome family. He will go after Sonny's territory next. Julian arrives in Pentonville. Sonny questions him about his false confession. Julian admits Johnny put him up to it. Johnny's thugs show up to beat up Julian. Sonny attacks one and Julian fights back. They tells the guards they were only a witness to the killings. The guards believe them. Sonny tells Julian they are allies as long as Johnny is their enemy. Julian tells Sonny that he doesn't know who his boss is, but he looks like Luke. Sonny wonders where the real Luke Spencer is. Sonny weighs their options. Shawn visits Sonny in Pentonville. Sonny tells Shawn they are going to war with fake Luke. Sonny tells Shawn to find out what's going on. Shawn wants to include Jordan. Sonny doesn't think that's a good idea. Sonny informs Julian that Shawn is running surveillance on fake Luke. Julian argues that they are endangering their sons. Sonny says this is their best bet. Johnny sends some new thugs to beat up Sonny and Julian, but they attack them and steal their cell phone. Sonny uses the phone to call Shawn for an update. Shawn tells Sonny the house was owned by Bill Eckert. Sonny explains to Julian why he thinks Bill Eckert is behind all of this. He looks just like Luke. He was supposedly killed by Frank Smith and might be out for revenge. Johnny calls the cell phone and Sonny answers it. Sonny taunts Johnny on the phone. Sonny calls Michael and warns him about fake Luke. Michael dismisses Sonny. Fake Luke calls Sonny on his phone and threatens his sons if Sonny continues to plot against him. Sonny tells Julian the only way to fight fake Luke is to bust out of prison.