Janine Matthews

Janine Matthews arrived in Port Charles in December 2001. She was involved with a blackmail scheme involving Edward Quartermaine. She would see Mike a few times around town and they had some bitter exchanges. It was clear they knew each other. When she found out Sonny Corinthos was Mike's son, she tried to extort money from him for some information. Sonny refused, but he eventually discovered that Mike and Janine had been together for a time and had a daughter, Courtney. 

Janine worked in a lot of casinos. It is where she met Mike. They both had a lot in common and were together for eight years. One time, Mike took all of Janine's savings and lost it on a craps game. Janine decided that she didn't want her daughter around him anymore. She told Mike to leave and when he came back a few days later Janine and Courtney were gone. Janine took Courtney out of town (Reno) and told her that her father was dead. Mike decided not to look for them because he thought he didn't deserve a family.