Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan became involved with Sonny Corinthos after he was involved in a car accident. He suffered from brain damage and was having a difficult time coping with his family, the Quartemaines. He was also unable to hold any type of job.

Sonny was impressed when Jason returned a large amount of money that belonged to him and it wasn’t long before he offered Jason a job.

Sonny: I cover a lot of territory Jason. You know why? Because I got good instincts and I know who I can trust.

Jason: Why me?

Sonny: Like I told you before. You're smart, you keep your mouth shut, and you listen, which is rare. And you look right through people. I can use that.

Jason: How?

Sonny: I think I'm going to start you out as a runner first, which is kind of a courier.

Jason: Like the guy who got shot?

Sonny: Yeah, but he was stupid. You're not. Anyway you're not going to do anything dangerous at first. You're going to work your way up just like any other job. Like I said, you got a rule here. When you work for me you're invisible. All right? If you're going to take any risks, you take it on your own time. Think you can handle that?

Jason: Yeah, as long as you deal with the Quartermaines.

Sonny: Like I told you before. The Quartermaines have no power in my world.

Sonny soon discovered that Jason was able to handle the challenge of his business. When Sonny’s wife Lily was killed, Jason took care of Sonny and became even more involved in the mob. Eventually, Jason became Sonny’s loyal friend, right-hand man, confident, and business partner. When Sonny left town for over a year, Jason took over the organization.

Jason is Sonny's enforcer. He helps Sonny in all kinds of situations with his business. Jason can often be seen at the PCPD, due to his risky job duties when working for Sonny.

Sonny and Jason had a falling out when Jason objected to Sonny having a romance with Emily. Jason was so upset he stole Sonny's business from him. Sonny eventually took the business back, but their relationship has never been the same. When Michael was shot in the head and put in a coma, Sonny gave the business to Jason.

Jason and Carly blackmailed into giving over custody rights of Michael and Morgan because he felt they weren't safe around Sonny. Later, when Sonny got the business back, Jason started working for him again. Jason contiues to be Sonny's "hitman."

Jason is ambushed and shot on the docks by Duke Lavery. Sonny arrives at the Pier and dives into the water, searching for Jason's body. He is never found and presumed dead.

Jason facts:

*Jason is a very good friend of both Sonny and Mike:

*Jason gave Sonny his shares of ELQ stocks.

*Jason named Michael after his friend Sonny Corinthos.

*Jason would give money to Mike for his gambling.

*Jason and Sonny have a coffee business named Corinthos-Morgan Imports.

*Jason and Mike owned a bike shop together.

*Jason asked Mike is Michael’s Godfather.

*Jason gives Mike good advice on how to talk to Sonny. 

*In 2006, Jason betrayed Sonny by stealing the business from him because Sonny fell in love with Emily and Jason didn't like it. During their many conversations, Jason revealed how tired he was of always taking care of Sonny, cleaning up his messes, and was convinced that Sonny would hit Emily. Jason never thanked Sonny for all of the things Sonny did for him over the years. Jason betrayed his brother. However, a few months later, Jason apologized to Sonny and their friendship was renewed.

Jason is killed in 2012.