Jason asks Mike to look after Michael

General Hospital-February 27, 1998. Jason asks Mike to meet him at Luke's club. He has a meeting that night and he's not sure how it's going to turn out. Mike's in the back room, lighting a cigar, when Jason walks in dressed with his new look.

Jason: Hey.

Mike: Hey. Whoa, nice threads. (Jason turns around to show off his new attire. Mike laughs)

Jason: Thanks for coming.

Mike: Yeah, well any excuse to raid Luke's ubador. (They're standing close to each other) How's my godson?

Jason: He almost rolled over this morning. I bet he makes it tomorrow.

Mike: (laughs) Good for him. So, what did you need to see me about?

Jason: Michael. (sighs) I have a meeting tonight. If it doesn’t go the way I want he's gonna need you to look out for him, Mike. Teach him things. Sooner or later the Quartermaines are going to get a hold of him. I need you to promise me they won’t keep you away.

Mike: Are you telling me you're gonna die?

Jason: Maybe.

Mike: No. No. I won't lose both of you. (takes a few steps back from Jason)

(break. . .next scene)

Mike: I lost one son this year. He told me that he loved me and then he disappeared. Now, maybe he's dead or maybe he's alive. I don't know because YOU won't tell me. (Mike walks away and turns his back to Jason)Your word to Sonny is more important than how much I miss him. And I only accept that because it is YOUR word Jason. (He turns and faces Jason again) Any other man and I would hate to my dying breath. But you taught me more about honor and simple loyalty than I have ever known. (He steps closer to Jason, they are a few feet apart) You treat me with respect , make me godfather to your son, and gave me a place in your life that Sonny never would. Now, I won't let that go and I won't lose both of you.

Jason: It's not up to you Mike. It's like Sonny leaving. Things happen. I can't explain why. They just have to be that way.

Mike: Is someone out to kill you?

Jason: Yes.

Mike: Are you afraid to kill them?

Jason: No.

Mike: Then DO IT or I will.

Jason: Killing him now will not solve anything. This is about business.

Mike: It's about your life. You have a son. I stood in that church when you promised God to love him and to raise him and now you're turning your back. . .

Jason: I'm not turning my back on him (angry).

Mike: (angry too) If you walk out that door to your own execution that's exactly what you're doing.

Jason: (getting louder) I chose this organization before Michael was born. The rules didn't change because my life did, Mike. I'm gonna fight with everything I have, but if I lose . . .(lowers his voice) I want Michael protected. Which is why I came to you. (sighs) The Quartermaines will raise him to make him believe that he is a thing that belongs to them. You have to teach him that he can be whatever he wants to be. Promise me. (Mike has his head down) Please, Mike. I'm asking for your word.

Mike: (pauses, shakes his head yes, then whispers softly) All right.

Jason: Thank you.

Mike: As long as you give me your word that you are going to fight.

Jason: There's a pretty good chance I'll win.

Mike: Pretty good are not the odds I like. You tell me wherever this happening is gonna take place. . .

Jason: No. It's not a place you can get near.

Mike: (slightly scoffs) You did that on purpose.

Jason: Yeah.

Mike: You learned more from Sonny than I thought.Jason: (small smile) That's probably why I'm not gonna die. (Mike & Jason look at each other for a moment) One more thing.

Mike: Okay.

Jason: IF it happens. Just tell Robin I love her and that I'm sorry.

Mike: If that's what you want.

Jason: Thanks. (Jason puts his hand on Mike's shoulder, then starts walking out he door. He turns back to

Mike). You and Sonny are the best friends I ever had.

Mike: (Mike has his back to Jason. He closes his eyes and takes a deep sigh).