Jason Bails Mike out of Jail

(August 11, 1998. Mike is actually on for the whole show. A much welcomed Mike day!)

Jason: (Jason’s talking to Robin at the Penthouse when his phone rings). Hello.

Mike: (Mike is at the police station. He’s sitting at a desk and looks pretty worn and weary). Jason. Hi. Its Mike (he clears his throat). How are you doing?

Jason: Real good.

Mike: Good. Glad to hear it. Listen, I uh (clears his throat again) I got into a little trouble last night and I was hoping you could help me out.

Jason: What kind of trouble?

Mike: The kind you get arrested for. Drunk and disorderly.

Jaso: Are you okay?

Mike: Yeah (sighs). Yeah, I got in a disagreement with some guy over life sentences for organized criminals. That was the disorderly part.

Jason: What do you need?

Mike: Bail. But, just as a loan.

Jason: I’ll be there as soon as I can.

(Mike is sitting with his head in his hands by the phone when Taggart walks up to him).

Taggert: Lets go.

Mike: Where?

Taggert: Back to lockup. (He’s walking with Mike when they run into Justice).

Justice: Hey! What’s going on?

Taggert: Congratulations councilor (looks at his watch). Morgan’s got you down here in record time.

Justice: I’m here on other business, but Mr. Corbin is a friend and I intend to look out for his interests.

Taggert: Oh. You see his interests were in getting drunk and disorderly. Mine is in putting him away.

Justice: (Looking at Mike). Is that true?

Mike: (Looking tired and shaky, he talks softly) I called Jason. He’s on his way down with bail.

Justice: Well, then I won’t try and stop you from doing your job. But, if this doesn’t go strictly by the book you’re going to have another harassment suit to add to your scrapbook.

(Dara walks up to see what the commotion is about).

Dara: Excuse me, Excuse me. If you’re accusing Detective Taggert of harassment I’d like to know why?

Taggert: You see, Corinthos’ Daddy broke a few laws concerning proper public behavior. He’s been arrested and now I’m locking him up.

Justice: I want your assurance that Mr. Corbin will be processed in a timely manner.

Dara: You have it. Detective?

Taggert: Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dara: Good enough?

Justice: For now.

Dara: In that case we’re do in chambers on another case.

Justice: (looking at Mike). Let me know if he violates your rights. It’s his specialty.

Mike: Thanks Justice. (Mike and Taggert walk away).

(Next scene. Jason walks into the police station).

Jason: Excuse me. I'm here to bail out Mike Corbin.

Officer: Corbin? When was he arrested?

Jason: Last night, I think.

Officer: And the charges?

Jason: He said they were drunk and disorderly.

Officer: I don't see him listed.

Jason: Could he have been released already?

Officer: Well, we'd still have the paperwork. No, wait a minute. Here it is- Corbin. Okay, you need to speak to Detective Taggert.

Jason: Taggert. Thanks. (walks over to Taggert’s desk) Figures you're the one holding

Mike Corbin.

Taggert: (hands Jason the paperwork) Can you read it yourself or you need me to help? So, Sonny ask you to take care of his Daddy, or you got a thing for pulling old rummies out of drunk tanks? That he'd be there whenever you need him? Well, let me tell you how things work in the real world. Sooner or later, he's going to give you up.

Jason: (ignoring Taggert’s taunts) Detective, do I fill this part out?

Taggert: (Slowly) For . . . office . . . use . . .only. Just for fun, let's say we nailed Corinthos and he made a deal to give you up. You ever thought about what might happen to that little baby of yours?

Jason: (still ignoring the comments) Can I pay in cash?

Taggert: At the desk on your way out. Rodriguez, can you bring Mike Corbin out here? Most likely the Quartermaines would get him, which means by the time you got out – if you survived-that kid would hate you more than I do.

Jason: Done. (he hands back the paperwork).

Taggert: Give him up, Morgan. You tell me where Corinthos is and I'll make sure you're protected.

(Mike is brought into the room).

Mike: Thanks, Jason.

Jason: (to Taggert). He free to go?

Taggert: Afraid so.

Jason: Lets go.

Taggert: Not yet. (walks up to Jason and Mike. He clicks his tongue). The clock is ticking angerboy. You have a whole lot more to care about now. A baby, your pretty little girlfriend and Sonny’s old used-up drunken Daddy. Not to mention that territory he left you. That’s a whole lot for anyone to care about. Let alone some fool who can’t even spell his own name . . .

Mike: (interrupts and points his finger at Taggert). Let me tell you about a fool. A cop who goads a private citizen in front of witnesses.

Taggert: What witness? You just spent the night in the drunk tank.

Jason: Just forget about it Mike. Taggert does this when he has nothing else to use against me. It never works and it never will. Bye.(Jason and Mike leave the station as Detective Taggert has a grin on his face).

(Next scene- Jason and Mike enter the Penthouse).

Jason: If you’re hungry there’s plenty of food. If you’re thirsty there’s plenty to drink at the bar.

Mike: No. Thanks. Never mind (walks over to the couch and gingerly sits down). I just need to sit (he leans over and puts his head in his hands).

Jason: You okay? (he stands behind the couch and looks at Mike with worry).

Mike: Yeah. It’s just been a while since I woke up in a jail cell (he sits up and rests his left hand on head). I thought I was through with all of that.

Jason: You made a mistake. (He takes off coat and walks to the front of the couch).

Mike: Yeah. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately (he closes his eyes). Jason, I need to apologize. Ever since Sonny left I’ve been treating you like it’s your fault.

Jason: I understand. (sits down on couch).

Mike: I don’t see how that’s possible.

Jason: Well, Sonny trusted me to know where he was and not you. That probably made you jealous and hurt your feelings.

Mike: So, you’re not going to tell me to my face what a jerk (slightly laughs) I’ve been?

Jason: I miss him too, Mike. At least I get to know where he is.

Mike: You know, I have these conversations with him. They’re in my head of course. Sometimes it’s like he’s right there. I grab him by the shoulders and I shake the hell out of him for not making me part of his life. And I tell him, (his voice starts shaking with emotion) No, I yell at him, that I showed him how much that I loved him and that should count for something! (He puts his hands together). No matter what happened before. I just – rage inside all day long, Jason. And most of the nighttime too. (he rubs his face with both hands and leans back on the couch in agitation).

Jason: When Robin first went to Yale, I went out and I got into a fight every night. It didn’t matter who it was, it didn’t matter what we were fighting about. All I wanted to do was hit someone.

Mike: What made you stop?

Jason: Sonny. He made me realize that fighting doesn’t change anything. Maybe it makes you forget for a little while, but after its over whoever you miss is still gone, but now you’re in trouble with the cops.

Mike: (Still tearful and upset). Yeah. Leave it to Sonny to sum things up without wasting a word. I miss him Jason (sniffles). I just can’t get used to losing my son.

(Next scene. Mike is looking better and has changed into a clean shirt).

Mike: So, what do you think?

Jason: You look a lot better.

Mike: Yeah, well I feel a lot better (smiles). Well, listen, I better get over to the Recovery Room and make sure the joint is still standing.

Jason: You don’t have to go. Robin and Michael will be back soon.

Mike: Oh, really? I guess I can stick around awhile. What is that? Is that a photo album?

Jason: Yeah. I’ve been taking a picture of Michael everyday so Carly can see how he’s been growing since she’s been away.

Mike: That’s a great idea. (takes the photo album in his hands and smiles). Hey! Check this out. (laughs) This kids tremendous. Look at this!

Jason: Mike, If you keep getting in trouble, I’ll keep bailing you out. But the next time you feel like fighting maybe you can come over and visit Michael. Mostly I asked you to be Michael’s godfather because I respect you. And you’re a good friend and that’s what he needs. But another reason is I know how it feels to miss someone. And before Michael was born I missed Robin and Sonny all day, everyday. And Michael didn’t make me miss them any less but he helped somehow.

Mike: I know how that works. You can’t replace a person once they’ve gone. But, sometimes someone comes into your life and they make a place of their own. And eventually that person means as much to you as the person you lost.

(There’s a knock on the door)

Johnny: Bobbie Spencer.

Bobbie: Thanks. Hi. I'm sorry for not calling. But, I just had this sudden need to see my Grandson.

Jason: You don't have to call. He'll be back any minute.

Bobbie: Great. Hi, Mike. How have you been?

Mike: Getting along. I'm waiting to see Michael, too.

There are a few more scenes in the Penthouse with Jason, Robin, Michael, Bobbie and Mike . . .

(Jason leaves the room to take a phone call. Bobbie and Mike are left alone in the room).

Bobbie: (Bobbie sighs) It's a strange life, Mike.

Mike: Oh, yeah. Tell me about it.

Bobbie: I mean, Jason is the most devoted parent any child could possibly want, and yet he lives his life by a set of standards that no one can understand but him.

Mike: Well, frankly, I've stopped trying. But he knows how to be a friend. That's all that matters to me.

Bobbie: Yeah, well, he's certainly been a very good friend to Carly.

Mike: Yeah, I know.

Bobbie: The only problem is she wants him to be more.


(Mike and Bobbie looking at the baby album)

Bobbie: Oh, will you look at that face. Is that the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Mike: Yeah, and look at that. That's one of my favorites, too.

Bobbie: Peas all over his face. Yeah, very attractive.

Mike: Wait, wait, wait. Jason?

Jason: Just leave me a list, Mike. I'll make all the copies you want.

Bobbie: Thank you.

Mike: He will.

Robin: Hello (walks in with baby Michael).

Bobbie: Well, hi, there. There's my grandson. Hello.

Mike: Hey.

Bobbie: Hello.

Mike: Hey, kiddo. What do you know? What do you say?

Bobbie: Did you have a nice morning with Robin? Did you?

Jason: Michael, Carly wrote you a letter. You want me to read it to you?

Robin: Yes.

Jason: Come on. Yes. Ooh. Boy. Yeah.

Mike: Big guy.

Robin: Hey. Are you okay?

Mike: Yeah, better. Thanks.