Jason Tells Mike about Brenda's Death

(General Hospital-September 16, 1998)

Mike and Jason walk into the motorcycle shop . . .

Mike: Well, I hope this is private enough for you. Listen, I, uh, did what you said and I didn’t hire anybody to replace Gordy. Look, I really gotta get back next door, Jason. This is the middle of our lunch crush. Be that as it may . . . (starts to realize that something’s wrong). NO! It’s . . . it’s . . . it’s not Michael.

Jason: No. No, it’s not Sonny. I’m sorry, Mike. Brenda’s dead.

Mike: No! (shakes his head in disbelief, puts his hand to his mouth).

(Next scene)

Mike: Look, if they couldn’t find her, couldn’t that mean that maybe she could have got out . . .

Jason: Mike, after a night and day, that can’t mean anything good.

Mike: (sits down and sighs). You know, I thought you were going to say that Sonny was gone. But, it’s almost the same thing. (Shaky voice) What Brenda and I had in common was that we both loved him. (Tearful) And what Michael and I had in common in the end, despite everything, was that we both loved her. And she understood that. Even though no one ever said anything out loud. I mean, she was so generous with me. I mean, she was generous with herself because she knew (voice breaking) . . . she knew that letting me near her made me feel nearer to my son. (Crying now) And I can’t believe that they . . . that they never got together . . . I can’t even believe it (puts his head down in tears). Listen (stands up, sighs), Thank for coming to tell me. You know, only you or Robin would have thought to come and do that for me. Is Robin okay?

Jason: (Shakes his head no, sighs). I should be going.

Mike: Thank you. (Jason starts to leave) Jason, tell Sonny that . . . just tell him I couldn’t think of a damn thing to say, okay?

(Jason leaves the shop and Mike, devastated, sits down and cries).