Kate Howard

Kate Howard is from Sonny’s old Bensonhurst neighborhood. She was known then as Connie Falconeri. Sonny dated her when he was a teenager. They had both planned to run away together, but at the last minute Connie changed her mind. Sonny was sixteen and decided to take a job with Joe Scully, a decision which changed his life forever. When Connie arrives in Port Charles she tells Sonny she changed her name to Kate Howard. She also attended Princeton University. And she is now the editor of a fashion magazine called Couture Magazine.

Kate and Sonny rekindled their romance when she arrived in Port Charles. The often talked about growing up in Bensonhurst together. They again grew very close and after two tries, Kate finally accepted Sonny's marriage proposal. But tragedy struck and Kate was shot at her wedding and the ceremony never took place.

Sonny and Kate start to rekindle their romance in the fall of 2011, after Sonny is left reeling from his failed marriage to Brenda. Kate helps Sonny when he goes back to Bensonhurst to face his childhood past. When Kate is diagnosed with DID, Sonny vows to help her through her mental illness. It's revealed that Kate was raped and became pregnant by Joe Scully Jr. when she was 17. She tells Sonny that is the reason she left him at the corner and never went back to Bensonhurst.

Kate develops DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Her alternate personality is "Connie. Sonny does his best to help Kate deal with her mental health. However, "Connie" resurfaces again after she Joe Scully Jr. returns to town and she meets her son, Trey. Sonny continues to try everything to get Kate back.

Kate is murdered at the Crimson offices in August 2013.


Information we know about Sonny and Connie being in Bensonhurst.

*Sonny never took Connie to meet his mother.

*All the mother’s were scared of Sonny being with their daughters because of his bad boy reputation.

*Connie went to Sacred Heart Academy and all of the girls loved Sonny.

*Connie worked in a bakery called Harvey’s.

*Sonny remembers Connie being good at hopscotch.

Kate Howard Bio*Connie always loved Sonny's dimples.

*Sonny didn't want Kate to ruin her reputation by hanging around Donny Giardi in Bensonhurst. So he threatened Donny within an inch of his life until he agreed to stay 50 feet away from her.

*Sonny and Kate used to make out under an Army blanket at the Boardwalk on Coney Island. Kate's parents thought she was studying with Julie Capona and never got caught. Sonny never told. Sonny and Kate waited to make love until her arrival in Port Charles.

*Kate remembers Sonny was always calm and collected right before he would get into fights, but underneath he was always furious.

*Kate never forgot Sonny Corinthos. Kate: "I used to think about you, you know? When I'd come home late from a party in the village or go to work early. I'd watch the sun rise over the east river and I'd think about Brooklyn. And I'd wonder what happened to you, if you were still alive. Sonny: "Yeah, I am. Sometimes I wonder if I'm supposed to be, but I am."

*When Sonny and Kate make love in Port Charles after all of these years, it's revealed that although they used to make out when they were teenagers, they had never made love before.

*Kate is afraid of water and never learned how to swim. Sonny tried to teach her to swim at the beach on Coney Island, but she wouldn't go past her ankles in the water. Sonny was a good swimmer and was always trying to coax her out to the water.

*Kate was good at the arcade games at Coney Island. She won a bulldog prize with one try, after Sonny tried to win it for her and spent all of his money.