Kelly's Diner

Located near the docks, Kelly's has good food and reasonable prices. Most newcomers to town come here to get a job and a room. Not a lot of mob action, but a longtime hangout of Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny:  I like the coffee here, even though Jason and I have our own coffee business.  

Jason: Kelly's is a good place to eat breakfast.

Sonny: When I first came to town, I did a lot of business here with Luke Spencer. That was when I worked for Frank Smith. But, Ruby never liked my business. 

Jason: (Leaning over to Sonny) Courtney used to work here, Sonny.

Sonny: What?  When?

Jason: She was a good waitress, though. She likes me.

Sonny: (Sighs). Well, that's good, because she hates me. 

Jason: The foods much better now that Mike is running this place.

Sonny: *laughs*

Jason: Hey, he makes cookies for the boys and Kristina.

Sonny: But he can't make scrambled eggs.

Jason: *shrugs shoulders*


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