The story of how Michael, Morgan, and Kristina Corinthos were kidnapped and what Sonny did to get his children back.

Reese: "So whoever snatched Kristina was aiming a dagger straight at your heart. That's how a woman gets back at a man like you."
Sonny: "What do you mean, a man like me?"
Reese: Powerful, guarded, invulnerable, except in one area . . . your children. They're your achilles' heel."

Sonny buys Greystone. Sonny bought Greystone Mansion as a gift for Michael. He wants a place where his children can play and not be cooped up like they were at his Penthouse. However, from the very beginning, the security in his new home is lax. Only weeks into being at his new home, Kristina is kidnapped from a bedroom window.


Michael and Morgan are also kidnapped: Sonny is frantic with worry looking for Kristina. Soon after her disappearance, Michael and Morgan are kidnapped from their rooms at Carly's place. The FBI is called in to help and Agent Reese Marshall is assigned to the case. It is suspected that Faith Roscoe is involved.

Sonny to Carly: "This isn't about money for Faith. She can care less. Yeah, you know, $5 million falls in her lap, she'll take it as a bonus. This is about doing me in, about breaking my heart, and damn it if she didn't do it. She's got all three of my kids . . . all three of my kids, God knows where!"


The Phone Call: Sonny receives a desperate phone call from Michael. It is brief and Michael is cut off as Sonny hears a gunshot. The call ends and Sonny is devastated, convinced he will never see his children again.

Sonny to Reese: "Do you know what she's capable of doing to my children, huh, if she gets bored with the game? I'm trying to fight for my children's life right now! You want to help me, huh? Go ahead, you can help me. But if there's rules that need to be broken, I'm going to break them. I'm going to go find her right now."

Revenge: After a lead on his children's whereabouts, Sonny goes to Louisiana, where he tracts down Faith Roscoe. There is a violent showdown at a church. To Sonny's horror, his children are gone, there are signs of Michael's blood on a shovel, and the trail is cold.

Morgan and Kristina are found; Michael is presumed dead: More desperate days for Sonny, as he tries to find out what happened to his children. As Sonny is losing all hope, Morgan and Kristina are found and rescued from a plane that was heading to Texas. Michael isn't on the plane and Faith tells Sonny his son is dead and at the bottom of a Louisiana swamp. Sonny is devastated. Sonny thinks Faith has an accomplice.


Refusing to give up: Sonny continues his desperate search for Michael.

Sonny to Jason: "So what? We know she plays games! My son's not here! He's alive! Tell them! Tell that this isn't a grave!"

Sonny to Jason: "Yeah, well, then somebody's got to do something about it! You know Michael better than anybody. He's a fighter. He doesn't give up. He's not gone. He's not dead! Say it, Jason. He's alive! You're wrong. Michael's out there somewhere fighting for his life, and he's going to keep on fighting until we bring him home!"

Michael is dead!


Jason: There was an envelope in Aaron's pocket. Ok? It was addressed to you. There was no note. It was a picture.
Sonny: A picture? Give it to me. Give it.
Reese: Don't do this to yourself, Sonny.
Sonny: Give me the damn picture! Oh, God! Oh!

Sonny grieves for Michael: He takes solace in being with Morgan and Kristina.


Sonny: I'll get through it, yeah, one minute at a time, right? You just got to take one step, another step, another step.
Reese: And tomorrow?
Sonny: I'll get through it. I still have two children, and I'm going to make sure that what happened to Michael never happens to them.

Sonny: (Playing Michael's game boy). It's Michael's. It's got a feature that records your best scores. He used to get, like, 590. I can't even get 300.


Sonny mourns his son: Sonny and Carly donate a new playground in honor of Michael at his beloved park. Sonny seeks revenge on all of his enemies. But in a cruel twist of fate, it has been AJ Quartermaine all along that has been the mastermind behind the kidnappings and Michael's "death." AJ has faked Michael's death, taken him out of the country, and starts to brainwash him. AJ tries to convince Michael that his parents don't want him anymore. For months, AJ isolates Michael, tells him lies, and eventually confuses and extremely traumatizes Michael. Michael does try to keep the faith.

Michael: I want to go home.

Michael: All my stuff is there. My Dad bought a house so I can have my own room, and a tree house in the backyard.

Michael: It's not ice cream, it's gelato. By the way, I don't want anymore.
AJ: Oh, aren't you the gourmet?
Michael: Dad buys it every time we go to his island.
AJ: You mean Sonny, right?
Michael: We woke up every morning and played footprints in the sand.
AJ: I don't think I know that game.
Michael: It's where you walk in the wettest part of the beach and you try and see how many waves it takes for your footprints to get washed away. Yeah. Dad's always last the longest because he weighs a lot more than me.

Michael: Bye, AJ.

Michael just wants to go home.


Michael comes back to Port Charles: AJ brings Michael to Port Charles, where he becomes even more confused when he finds out that Sonny and Carly think he's dead. AJ continues his manipulations and Michael becomes so traumatized he goes into shock. He is brought to the hospital. He isn't speaking and constantly clutches a pillow. After a showdown with Jason, AJ is brought to the hospital as well. AJ is murdered in his hospital room.


Michael shuts down: Sonny tries to reach his son. He tells Michael that AJ is dead. Michael is unable to cope and completely withdraws.

Sonny: AJ's dead, Michael. He was a very troubled man. He made a lot of mistakes, especially with you. He lied to you. But the lies are over now, okay? AJ's gone. It's hard when someone dies, buddy. However you felt about them.You just got nowhere to put those feelings anymore, you know? But you know what? When we get you home, it's going to be okay because you're going to start feeling like yourself again. Okay, I'm going to be outside if you need me for anything.

Sonny: I told him AJ's dead. He went back to holding that pillow.
Reese: He's trying to withdraw. Michael's confused.
Sonny. He doesn't know who to trust. He used to know he could count on me for anything. AJ took that away from him, you know?
Reese: Okay, but you have to be patient. You know, Michael’s been traumatized for months. Just put yourself in his place.
Sonny: I've been in his place. My stepfather was a miserable human being. He'd get drunk, lock me in the closet, get drunker, and beat the living daylights out of me.
Reese: Well, then you do understand, and that's good for Michael.
Sonny: What AJ did to Michael was worse. He got in his head, made him question everything he knew. But I got to look at the bright side. It's over. AJ's dead. He can't hurt my son anymore.

Michael responds to Morgan by throwing a ball to him.


Michael remains traumatized: He is readmitted to the hospital, as he continues to have nightmares and withdraws.

Sonny: As soon as the doctor says, I'm going to take you back to the island. We're going to get up in the morning, like we always do. We're going to go in the ocean. We're going to go for a swim. I'm going to buy you new fins, because your feet have gotten so big. And you can collect shells and give them to your mommy, because you know how much your mama loves shells. And then guess what. I'm going to take you on the speedboat, and I'm going to let you steer, and I'm not just talking about, you know, where I'm behind you, holding your hand, steering. I'm going to let you steer by yourself. You know why? Because I know you can, because you are a strong, brave, smart little boy. And I know that I can count on you to take us wherever we need to go. And then, after lunch, you know what I'm going . . . you know what I'm going to do after lunch? Don't shut me out! Don't! Tell me what's wrong and I can fix it.

Reese: Dr. Ryan thinks you're an amazing boy. She knows a lot of children, and she's pretty smart about figuring out what's bothering them. You know what she told me? When you put your hands over your ears, it's because you're trying to stop remembering something that you heard before, or saw. AJ Said a lot of things to you that weren't true, Michael, and if it were me, I would feel awful about that. I would feel so terrible for believing him, and I would be so angry that I didn't figure out that he was a liar. But there's something that you have to know. AJ fooled a lot of people. He fooled your parents, and he fooled the police and the FBI And he was so smart that he fooled a lot of different grownups. Michael, honey, nobody blames you for anything. You did absolutely nothing wrong, and you're an awesome kid and everybody loves you so, so much, especially your mom and your dad.

Sonny protects Michael: It is becoming clear that it might be Michael that has killed AJ. Sonny vows to protect Michael no matter what it takes.

Sonny: I'm a hell of a role model. My son watched me, learned my personal code of ethics. When someone hurts you, you hurt them back. When someone threatens the people you love, you make them pay. Parents teach from example. I taught mine to kill.
Jason: Sonny, this is not all on you. I didn't do any better for that kid.
Sonny: Well, there's plenty of blame to go around. AJ hurt Michael. Michael believed that AJ Was a threat to Kristina and Morgan. But, you know, it's very easy to say a man deserved to die, but we're talking about a 9-year-old little boy. "I'm sure Daddy would do it, Jason would do it." We might as well have put the weapon in his damn hands.
Jason: Listen to me . . . you have been a great father. You've done everything you can to protect him from that side of the business.
Sonny: Kids don't miss a beat. Sometimes you don't even realize they're there. They see things, they hear things, and they understand. How can we blame Michael for what we would've done? He just beat us to it.
Jason: There's no changing what Michael did. Sonny, we can't change who we are.
Sonny: Sometimes, Jason, there's a moment in time . . . you don't see it coming, sometimes you don't realize how much it's changed your life until later, sometimes years, but it's that moment that defines everything from that point on.
Sonny: The day Joe Scully killed my stepfather, I told him, I said, "Hey, my stepfather beats up my mother and I wish he was dead." And then he was. The justice Scully gave to me that day no one's ever given to me. And I've got to tell you, it felt so powerful. That was my moment. The point of no return.
Jason: Yeah, when AJ drove us into that tree, there was no looking back for either of us. I mean, even if I tried, there was nothing there. You know, AJ it messed with his head and all, in a whole other way. That was the point of no return. That's what it's going to be like for Michael if he has to take the stand and then he remembers what he did to AJ
Sonny: He's just a little boy. He shouldn't have to be dealing with matters of life and death, his or anybody else's. We got to figure out another way to protect him. Yeah. That's what we got to do. Jason? Protect them both.

Sonny confesses to AJ's murder: Sonny turns himself in, willing to go to prison to protect Michael from anymore trauma.

"How do you know? You ever been arrested? I'm not talking about when you're a kid, it's a misdemeanor, whatever. I'm talking about the first time it's real, when it counts, when the cops come into your place of business. And if they want to make an example out of you, they treat you like scum. They throw you against the bar, they handcuff you, they read you your rights in front of everybody, the people you care about, the people who were just starting to respecting you. And then there's the cop shop, you know, the prints, the mug shots, the media vultures. And then they throw you in a cell that's about the size of a closet. My son is 9 years old. He will never, ever have to experience the humiliation of what that is." Sonny to Reese, on how far he will go to protect Michael.

"The only innocent here is Michael! And he's suffered too much already. We are brothers, flesh and blood. One day, that's supposed to count for something. I'm asking you, forget what you know about Michael and let my confession stand." Sonny to Ric.

Sonny goes on trial for AJ's murder:

Sonny: AJ Quartermaine hired Faith Roscoe to kidnap Michael, my other son, Morgan, and my daughter, Kristina. They're just babies. I don't even like talking about this because it's such a . . . AJ drugged Michael, dragged him into a swamp, put fake blood on him, took a picture of him, sent it to us so we would think that our son was dead. And if that's not enough, he lied to Michael, brainwashed him into thinking that we didn't love him anymore or we didn't want him anymore.


John: Did you see someone murder your father?

Michael: My father is right there.

John: Michael, you took an oath to tell the truth. You're going to have to answer my question.

Michael: I did not see anyone kill AJ Quartermaine.

John: Are you trying to protect Sonny?

Justus: Objection, your honor! He's badgering a little boy!

Michael: My Dad does not need protecting. He did not kill AJ


"People confess for many different reasons. Some confess because they are pressured by the police or because they feel guilty for hating someone or wishing them ill will. Others confess for the reasons that Mr. Corinthos did to protect someone else. In this case, it was Mr. Corinthos' son Michael. When Michael Corinthos was subpoenaed, he was in the throes of a posttraumatic stress. The child could not speak and he had difficulty distinguishing between dreams and reality. The boy had been traumatized for months. So Mr. Corinthos confessed . . . to protect his child from further anguish. I'm sure those of you who are parents would've done the very same thing." Ric throws the case.


Judge: Have you reached a verdict?
Foreman: Yes, we have, your honor.
Judge: Will the defendant please rise?
Foreman: In the matter of the people of the state of New York vs. Michael Corinthos Jr. In the death of AJ Quartermaine, on the charge of second-degree murder, the jury finds the defendant not guilty

Sonny is found not guilty.

Michael: Mike, Mike, Mike!
Mike: Hey! Hey, are you to celebrate Sonny's acquittal?
Michael: You know?
Mike: Of course I do.
Michael: I'm here to apologize for running out on you and Grandma Bobbie.
Mike: Oh, that's past history. Don't give it another thought.
Michael: I just wanted to tell everyone that Dad did not do it.
Jason: Michael, what sounds good?
Mike: Listen, it just so happens I have those chocolate-chip cookies you like.
Michael: I can have all of them?
Mike: All of them? Of course. Why not? It's a special day.
Michael: Thank you, Grandpa Mike!

The Aftermath: Michael continues to suffer from nightmares about his ordeal and starts seeing an imaginary friend, Jodie. Michael goes into therapy with Dr. Thomas, but both he and Sonny are very reluctant.


Jodie: I live down the street, so I walked over.
Michael: Okay, but how did you get in? My Dad has guards at the gate.
Jodie: I crawled through the hole in the back fence.
Michael: But nobody knows about that but me.
Jodie: I guess I figured out your secret, huh?
Michael: Why did you have to warn me about dr. Thomas?
Jodie: I have to go to him, too. I hate it. He always asks how I feel about stuff.
Michael: I have to go to a therapy session. I promised jason, emily, and sam.
Jodie: Want to know how to get out of it?
Michael: How?
Jodie: Having a fit.
Michael: I have fits for real. I get mad, I break things. In fact, that's the entire reason that I'm going to the doctor.
Jodie: You have to cry, act like a baby, curl up in a ball, and then they'll never make you go back to dr. Thomas.
Michael: Really?


Michael: Why are you making me go? Why do I have to go to Dr. Thomas?
Sonny: What the hell's going on?
Emily: Michael just came running out of his session with Dr. Thomas.
Sonny: Buddy, you all right? Tell me what's going on.
Michael: I don't want to talk to Dr. Thomas anymore. Please, Dad, I want to go home.
Sonny: Yeah, I'm going to take you home, all right? You don't have to see the doctor again.
Sam: Sonny, maybe you should talk to Dr. Thomas first, okay?
Sonny: He's upset, okay? I let you guys talk me into this when my gut was telling me it wasn't the right thing to do. Now look what's going on with my son. I'm going to take my son home, all right? And I don't want the subject of therapy ever raised in my house again.
Sonny: You feeling better?
Michael: Yeah. Thanks for bringing me home, Dad.
Sonny: I was worried about you.
Michael: I'm sorry that I scared you. I just had to get out of there.
Sonny: What did dr. Thomas do that got you so upset?
Michael: He asked me about A.J. I don't want to talk to him right now.
Sonny: Yeah, I know. You don't have to.
Emily: I know how hard it is, Michael, okay? But you need to try. That's how you're going to get better.
Sonny: Go upstairs and get some rest.
Michael: Ok. Good night.
Sonny: You're Jason's sister, and I respect you. But don't ever contradict me with my kids. And don't ask my son to go see that shrink again. He's in in too much pain. The doctor made it worse. This therapy was supposed to help him deal with whatever he's going through. But all I see is a little boy in agony.

Sonny sees Dr. Thomas:


Sonny: Pretty good ride, huh, buddy? Last time you were on the island, you were about, I'd say, half the pilot you are now. What's wrong?
Michael: When I was in the Caribbean . . .
sonny: Yeah?
Michael: AJ Let me steer his boat.
Sonny: I'm sorry, buddy. I didn't mean to bring up any bad memories.
Michael: It's okay. Dr. Thomas says I should talk about this stuff.
Sonny: Is that so?
Michael: Dr. Thomas thinks it would help me if you talked to him.

Sonny: Dr. Thomas thinks I should sit in on of your sessions?
Michael: No, he wants to see you alone.
Sonny: Does that bother you? Because you think maybe we're going to talk about you when you're not there? Whatever's bothering you, you know you can tell me, right?
Michael: I just thought that if you went to Dr. Thomas, you'd see that he's not such a bad guy.
Sonny: You want me to like him? Because maybe if I think he's okay that it's going to help you to open up a little more?
Michael: Is that too weird?
Sonny: No, it's not weird at all. Come here. Tell you what I'm going to do, because I love you. Because I know you wouldn't be wanting me to go and talking to me about this if it wasn't important, I'm going to go see Dr. Thomas today.


Sonny doesn't do well at the psychiatrists office . . . but he does it for Michael.

Dr. Thomas: Well, I'm pleased to see that both Michael's parents are here today. Your cooperation and your insight will be very helpful to your son.
Sonny: Well, we're here to help Michael any way we can, all right?
Dr. Thomas: Ok. So, Mrs. Corinthos, I . . .
carly: Alcazar.
Dr. Thomas: Oh, right, of course. I'm sorry. And how is life as a newlywed?
Carly: Bliss. Thank you for asking.
Dr. Thomas: So I know that Michael had trouble with your new husband. Have there been any residual behavioral problems I should know about?
Carly: Other than the fact that Michael refuses to live in our home, which is surprising since you were the one who encouraged it.
Dr. Thomas: Hey, a 9-year-old should never make adult decisions.
Sonny: Well, I'm here because Michael asked me to come. Is that letting him make adult decisions?
Dr. Thomas: Why'd you change your mind?
Sonny: Michael had an episode the other day and he kind of lost his temper.
Carly: He did?
Sonny: Yeah, yeah. He broke a picture frame.
Carly: Oh, my god.
Dr. Thomas: What was the picture of?
Sonny: Himself.
Dr. Thomas: Has Michael always had rage issues?
Carly: That is more like Sonny. Well, I mean, it is.
Dr. Thomas: Mr. Corinthos?
Sonny: I have lost my . . . you know, I have a bad temper. I've lost my temper at times, I mean, you know.
Dr. Thomas: In front of Michael?
Carly: Sonny's always . . .
Dr. Thomas: So despite these psychotic episodes . . .
Carly: Who said anything about it being psychotic?
Dr. Thomas: Well, I'm a doctor, Mrs. Alcazar. I recognize the symptoms. Blackouts, uncontrollable rage . . . it speaks to classic psychotic breaks. But from what I gather, you've never sought professional treatment.
Sonny: I know how to ride out the events. I know how to keep them under control.
Dr. Thomas: "Ride them out"?
Carly: He just needs a little rest. Sonny just needs a little peace.
Dr. Thomas: Well, you have responsibilities, a family. How do you achieve this state of peace, Mr. Corinthos? Lock yourself in a closet? Or is someone else isolated from you?
Sonny: I'm claustrophobic.
Dr. Thomas: How long has that been a problem?
Sonny: Oh, I don't know, since my stepfather used to beat the hell out of me and lock me in a closet under the stairs.
Dr. Thomas: Well, abused children often become abusive adults. So it begs the question, have you ever struck Michael?
Sonny: I've never hit a child and I never will.
Dr. Thomas: What about women? Hit women?
Sonny: Never.
Dr. Thomas: A little slap, shove?
Carly: Ok, Sonny is not abusive.
Dr. Thomas: So where do you direct your rage?
Sonny: Am I on trial here? Because we're supposed to be talking about my son.
Dr. Thomas: We are talking about your son.
Sonny: I've never hit a child, I've never hit a woman. You know what, I've been known to kick a door down, bust my fist through a wall. What about you, doc? What happens when you've had a bad day? How do you release your rage?
Dr. Thomas: Do you ever shout at your son?
Sonny: At him? No.
Dr. Thomas: Oh. But when you are out of control you yell, break things, maybe Michael's there, maybe he's in the way, maybe . . .
Carly: Ok. Sonny is an amazing father. He would never hurt his children.
Dr. Thomas: The enabler feels the need to defend.
Carly: I am telling you the truth.
Dr. Thomas: So when was the last time you broke something of Michael's, you know even accidentally.
Sonny: Never. I don't know. Never. I don't know. Never.
Dr. Thomas: You don't remember?
Sonny; I don't know. Never. I never have.
Dr. Thomas: When was the last time you shouted at him.
Sonny: I don't.
Dr Thomas: You don't remember? I mean, Michael's there, he's in the house. you're yelling, he hears, you break things, they scatter, I mean, maybe . . .
Sonny: I have never laid a hand on a woman, I have never laid a hand on a child. But I'll tell you what, I'll snap your neck in a heartbeat.
Carly: Sonny, okay, stop.

Sonny puts Michael in hiding: When John Durant breaks into Dr. Thomas' office, he discovers that Michael killed AJ. As a result, Sonny has Jason and Sam take Michael on the run.

Sonny: What's wrong, Michael?
Michael: The police are after me.
Jason: Hey, hey, tell Leticia to pack your things. Come on, let's go.
Sam: Michael, go.
Jason: Hurry, michael. Cops showed up at Alcazar's, wanted to arrest him for attempted murder.
Sonny: How did this happen?
Jason: I don't know. Someone got evidence in front of a judge, the tape of Dr. Thomas saying that he knows Michael killed AJ
Sonny: We should've never trusted that doctor.
Jason: Sonny, we have to move fast!
Sonny: The first time I met him, I didn't like that guy.
Jason: We can't fight about this right now. Carly's stalling the cops. They're going to be here any minute.
Sonny: Did Dr. Thomas give the judge the tape?
Jason: No, I think it was Durant who broke into the office. But there's a jet waiting. We got to get this kid out of the country.
Michael: I'm not leaving the country.
Sonny: I understand that you want to stay here.
Michael: Tell them you don't know where I am.
Sonny: They'll find you.
Michael: Well, make them go away.
Sonny: Ok, I can do that once, I can do that twice, but I can't do that forever. You need to be gone by the time the cops get here.
Michael: Well, what if I hide out here with you? They'll never find me in this house.
Sonny: Ok, you know what, they're going to bring a warrant. Do you know what a warrant is?
Michael: Yes.
Sonny: They're going to force me to search the place.
Michael: Well, why can't you come with me?
Sonny: I'd love to come with you, buddy, okay, I would really love to, but I got to stay here and fix this. Then I'll be with you.
Michael: When?
Sonny: In a little while, okay? But you'll hear from me every day if you have to. Do you understand what I'm saying?
Michael: Yes.
Sonny: Ok.
Michael: Where will I go?
Sonny: Jason's going to help you out, all right?
Michael: What about Sam?
Sonny: Jason and Sam are going to make sure that you're safe, all right? I'm going to take care of everything.
Michael: I don't want to go to jail.
Sonny: You're not going to go to jail. I'm going to make sure nobody hurts you, okay? Come on.

Michael is cleared of AJ's murder: It is revealed that Dr. Thomas is the one that murdered AJ. Michael's imaginary friend goes away when he realizes he is not the killer. Sonny is glad to have Michael back at home. But he will always keep a closer eye and him and worry about his son's health.


Carly: Sweet dreams, sweetheart. We're so happy to have you home.
Michael: Will the nightmares come back?
Carly: I don't think so. But if you get scared, then just call us and we'll be here.
Michael: I know. It was kind of fun, sleeping in a boat. My bed was always rocking back and forth. The water lapping against the side of the boat worked a lot better than counting sheep.
Sonny: So you didn't mind being on a boat?
Michael: Well, it was kind of scary.
Sonny: Yeah.
Michael: Leaving home so fast and not knowing when you're coming back. Sam and Jason made it a lot better.
Sonny: Yeah. I wish you never had to have gone through this. But you know what? Through it all, you were strong, you were brave, and you never left your brother or sister. You stayed with them. You know, you had a chance to get away, you fought to the end, and you never gave up.
Michael: I didn't have much choice, did I?
Sonny: No. You are a survivor. And nobody can knock you down. You know who you kind of remind me of?
Michael: Who?
Sonny: Your Mama. And I'm very, very proud to have you as my son.

Sonny is grateful his children are safe: But he will never get over the kidnapping of his children.

Sonny: Let me tell you something. Every day, I thank God that you and Morgan are living here with me and Kristina's with her mother and I got nothing to worry about, but I got to be honest with you. There are times when I ask Max and Leticia to go check on you, and I even go check on you quite a bit. So, yeah, I haven't completely gotten over it, but I'm one of the lucky ones because you guys are all safe and here at home.