Like Father, Like Son(ny) 6/21/05

Maurice Benard and Dylan Cash debate how to act, how not to crack up, and the perfect Father's Day gift

Soap Opera Weekly

June 21, 2005

written by Carolyn Hinsey


Soap Opera Weekly: How long has Maurice been playing your dad?

Dylan Cash: Four years and he's hopefully going to be playing him for four more years.

Weekly: Had you watched General Hospital before you got the role?

Cash: No, I was actually trying out for a flashback for Sonny. I didn't get it. But they wanted me back for Michael.

Maurice Benard: How could you play me as a kid with that red hair?

Cash: Well, it would probably have been black-and-white, so no one could tell.

Weekly: Do you remember when you first met Dylan?

Benard: Honestly? No.

Cash: I knew he was going to say that (laughs)! I don't either, but I know that I was nervous and scared.

Benard: I was nervous and scared that, um, maybe you weren't going to be a good actor.

Cash: I was already acting for two years!

Benard: But it's a different ball game when you do a soap. I do remember thinking this kid was very smart, and that when he comes into his own, which he's doing now, he's going to be a damn good actor.

Cash: Thank you.

Weekly: Do you run lines together?

Benard: Not a lot. He's a great listener, so I just look at him and I'll bring him in. He's great at taking direction.

Cash: Sometimes.

Benard: No, most of the time. Sometimes he gets on my nerves because he's messing around. But he's actually a really good kid.

Cash: Yeah, me and Mo, we mess around. He likes to box.

Benard: It’s fun. I hit him in the head.

Weekly: Who wins?

Cash: Sometimes I do.

Benard: He thinks he does, but I do.

Weekly: Do you ask Maurice for advice on how to play your scenes?

Cash: No, he just gives it to me. (Benard laughs for five minutes.)

Benard: That was the best!

Weekly: Can you give me an example?

Cash: The one where I was laying in bed and I cried 'cause Mo was telling me that AJ died. The day we shot that, he said, and the director did, too, find one place that makes you really sad, think about it and then go.

Weekly: What did you think about?

Cash: My Grandma, she passed away.

Benard: I know that. So if he needs it for a scene, I'll say to him, "Think about that," and he will. He was incredible in that scene. He was crying, not fake-acting crying, really crying.

Cash: A lot of people think that makeup puts stuff on my eyes, but...

Benard: I won't allow him to put crocodile tears in his eyes.

Cash: I did not like when AJ kidnapped Michael, so it wasn't hard...(Cash gets distracted) I swear that girl looks like she's from Zenon, the Disney movie.

Weekly: Yes, that's Kirsten Storms. She's the new Maxie on your show.

Cash: Really? Wow, I thought she looked familiar! I've seen all the Zenons except just a little bit of 3. Now I can get her autograph! I'm actually working with her!

Benard [to the star struck Cash]: All right, get back on track.

Weekly: Is it hard to stay in the moment when you're thinking bout your grandma, but he's talking about AJ?

Cash: A little. I didn't like the part where (AJ and Michael) crashed and they put glycerine on my face to make me sweat.

Benard: Why didn't you like that?

Cash: It was sticky.

Weekly: But even the best actor in the world can't make himself sweat.

Cash: Yeah, I can. I can run around the set 10 times and that will make me sweat.

Benard: He's become a method actor!

Cash: When I need to be out of breath, I don't just go (breathes heavy) like a lot of people do. I actually run.

Weekly (to Benard): Do you do that, too?

Cash: No, because Sonny is never out of breath.

Weekly: What's your relationship like with Steve Burton (Jason)?

Cash: He's a punk.

Benard: (Laughs.) I like that.

Cash: He's a major punk.

Weekly: How is he different from Maurice?

Cash: They're pretty much the same, but Mo is not a punk.

Benard: That's good. Because Steve always...

Cash: Punches me!

Weekly: Are you going to start a little acting school at General Hospital and teach the Maurice Method to all the other kids?

Cash: Nah.

Benard: (Laughs.) What are you going to teach them, then?

Cash: "Don't laugh." Don't laugh when you're taping, at least. You can laugh when you're in rehearsal, but not taping.

Benard: That's good.

Weekly: Do fans ask you what it's like to work with Maurice?

Cash: Every day. I say it's sort of hard, but fun.

Benard: When is it hard?

Cash: When you mess up. Sometimes you ad-lib and you say something really funny and we can't get our lines.

Benard: Why is that hard?

Cash: I said, "sort of hard."

Benard: (Laughs.) Oh, "sort of hard." You're going to make me look like I'm serious all the time.

Cash: You pretty much are.

Benard: I can joke around sometimes.

Cash: Oh, yeah. Once, I laughed and didn't stop for a half-hour.

Benard: Who were you with?

Cash: You and Tamara [Braun, ex-Carly].

Benard: Did I laugh?

Cash: You were the one who caused it! Tamara laughed for 15 minutes and I laughed for half an hour.

Benard: I don't remember that.

Weekly (to Cash): How do you memorize your lines?

Cash: Photographic memory. (He recites the alphabet backward.)

Benard: What the ...?

Weekly: Do you know Maurice's lines, too, if you have a photographic memory?

Cash: No, the only time I read their lines is when I don't have any lines, which is all the time.

Benard: You can look at something once and know it?

Cash: No. It's really hard to explain. If you give me a dollar I can do it (Everyone laughs; WEEKLY hands the kid a dollar.) I can memorize the serial number and say it forwards and backwards.

Benard: Really?

Weekly: Is this a trick to get a dollar out of me?

Cash: No.

Benard: Why don't you tell her you need a twenty?

Cash: Give me a hundred and I'll do it even better.

Weekly: Can I talk to Maurice while you're memorizing the dollar?

Cash: That would actually help.

Weekly: Okay. What kind of advice have you given Dylan?

Benard: Basically, know what you're saying, and why you're saying it. Listen and respond. Stay with me. Keep looking at me and then whatever comes out of me, let it affect you. If I'm getting emotional, take the emotion. It seems so easy, but it can be difficult. So, I do that with him.(Cash hands Benard the dollar.)

Benard: You got it now? Let's see.

Cash: C76892592D. D2952 (pauses) . . . 9867C.

Benard: You got it. You did it backwards, too. Wow.

Weekly: Okay, you can keep the dollar.

Cash: Nice! Now I have 12 bucks and 18 cents.

Weekly: You can use that to buy Maurice a Father's Day present.

Cash: No, I'm saving to buy Dragonball Z (the video game).

Weekly: What would Michael buy Sonny for Father's Day?

Cash: I don't know, because I only get the script two days ahead of time.

Benard: Yeah, but what do you think that he would get his father?

Cash: A Harley.

Benard: Do you really think Sonny would wear a leather jacket? Like Fonzie. Do you know who Fonzie is?

Cash: Fonzie Fonzarelli from Happy Days. I watch Family Guy. They say Fonzie Fonzarelli a lot.

Benard: You've got to buy Sonny something different. So, what is it that you would buy Sonny?

Cash: Probably an AK-47.

Benard: (Laughs.) Now you're talking!

Cash: He's a mobster, he can use it. That's all I'm going to say.