Lily Rivera Corinthos

Sonny first met Lily Rivera in a park in Puerto Rico. He brought her to Port Charles, to reunite with Miguel, who was in love with her. When Sonny and Brenda broke up, Lily and Sonny started dating. Lily’s father was a crime boss from Puerto Rico, Hernando Rivera, and she understood the world Sonny’s lived in. She never asked him questions about his business and Sonny appreciated that.

When Sonny was charged with racketeering and facing a long prison sentence, Lily made a deal with her estranged father. Get Sonny’s charges dropped and marry her, and she would mend her relationship with her father.

Rivera paid Sonny’s bail and had a meeting with him, telling him of the conditions of his freedom. Sonny knew he could never serve any prison time. He agreed to marry Lily. Sonny deeply respected Lily, but admitted to her that he wasn’t in love with her. Lily told him she understood and that her love would be enough for both of them.

Lily was a schoolteacher and loved children. She always regretted giving her own child, Juan, up for adoption. Sonny and Lily both wanted a family.

Sonny did try to make the marriage work, but he was still in love with Brenda. When Sonny planned on leaving his marriage to be with Brenda, Rivera planned to have him killed. Unknown to her father, Lily and Sonny reconciled when she became pregnant. Lily was killed in a car bomb, right in front of Sonny’s eyes. He has never gotten over her violent and sudden death.

Over the years, when Sonny has had his breakdown, he usually starts talking about Lily. He dreams about her, hears her voice, or thinks other people are actually Lily. He even visits her at the cemetery. Her violent death will always haunt Sonny.

*Lily wanted Sonny and Mike to get along by asking Mike to dinner.

*Lily taught Jason how to dance.

*When Sonny is troubled, he often visits Lily’s grave, bringing flowers.

*Sonny often has nightmares about Lily’s death.

*Sonny has had dreams about the child he was going to have with Lily.