Lois Cerullo

Lois Cerullo grew up in Bensonhurst and was a neigbor of Sonny's. She had a secret crush on him when she was growing up. Sonny was at the Cerullo house a lot, as he was best friends with her brother Louie. One time, Lois found a young Sonny in his brothers room with his shirt off. His back was full of cuts and bruises. Lois asked Sonny what happened and he told her he fell down some stairs. He told her not to tell anyone. Lois kept Sonny's secret and didn't know until later that Sonny was actually being abused by his stepfather. When Lois arrived in Port Charles, she remained friends with Sonny. She asked Sonny to help her finance L&B records, which he did. Lois became friends with Brenda, Sonny's girlfriend at the time, and she would always explain a lot of Sonny's behaviors to Brenda. She told Brenda about Sonny's life with Deke and that Mike had left him when he was young. When Ned Quartermaine couldn't understand why Lois stayed loyal to Sonny, even when he was considered a violent mob boss in Port Charles, Lois replied, "Once you love Sonny Corinthos, you never stop."