Lois tells Brenda about Sonny

Summer 1994. Brenda had gotten in a fight with Sonny. She was very upset and in the heat of the fight, cut her hair. She goes to Lois to talk about what happened.  

Brenda: Oh Lois, isn’t there something you can tell me about him?

Lois: Look, Sonny is carrying a lot of baggage from when he was a kid.

Brenda: What kind of garbage?

Lois: Family stuff. I’m not really too sure about it. You know, it’s the kind of stuff where I’d walk in and hear my parents say something like “poor Sonny," and then they’d clam up in front of us kids.

Brenda: That’s all you know?

Lois: You know, I guess I can ask Gloria what it was all about.

Brenda: Oh, could you please? Cause he won’t talk to me about anything. I know he loves me, but he won’t talk to me about this. I know he loved his mother very much, but he had this stepfather he would never talk about.

Lois: Yeah. A cop.

Brenda: What?

Lois: His stepfather was a cop. He died before Sonny’s mother and he didn’t have any brothers and sisters. I think that’s why he liked hanging around Louie so much, because he was the closest thing to a sibling he ever got.

Later, after Sonny and Brenda get in another fight, Brenda talks to Lois again. Brenda is having a hard time figuring Sonny out.

Lois: All right. What has put you in such a negative mood today?

Brenda: I know. I just went through a night of hell.

Lois: Oh. Do tell. Does it have anything to do with Sonny?

Brenda: Yeah. I got a little more than I bargained for last night.

Lois: No surprises there.

Brenda: Has he always been like that?

Lois: Are you kidding me? It’s like I told you. When my brother Louie started hanging around with him, my Ma would throw a fit. All the mothers in the neighborhood did.

Brenda: So, he was that bad?

Lois: He had a rep. If anything a little suspicious went down in the neighborhood, everybody pointed a finger at Sonny. I think he liked being gossiped about, frankly. But, you know, he was so cute he could get away with it. But, we all knew he was trouble.

Brenda: But, see. This was all when he was a kid, right?

Lois: Yeah. But, then he left Brooklyn and I lost track of him. Then I heard he got mixed up with some heavy hitters in the city.

Brenda: What city?

Lois: New York, Manhattan. Bren, come on, get with it.