Luke's Club

Luke's is a blue's club. It was originally owned by Luke Spencer and Sonny Corinthos. It has been the scene of many mob hits, including firebombs, car bombs, and shoot outs. It is the place where Lily Corinthos was killed.

Sonny:  (Quietly) I have a lot of memories here.

Jason: This is the place where I first met you. You gave me money for a cab ride home. 

Sonny: (Smiles). I hired you right after that and have never regretted it. 

Jason: I was here the night Lily was killed. Her car exploded in the parking lot. 

Sonny: (Looking out the window). Yeah.

Jason: (Changing the subject). This used to be the Paradise Lounge?

Sonny: Yes. The Paradise Lounge was the first club I owned when I arrived in Port Charles. It was a strip club. I lived in the apartment above the club.

Jason: What happened?

Sonny: Police Commissioner Sean Donnelly shut it down because I hired minors. It was a great club and a lot of stuff happened in that apartment.

Jason: Like what?

Sonny: I got shot after helping Frank Smith escape from prison and Brenda nursed me back to health. Stone lived here with me. I used to do a lot of business with Harry Silver here. It's also where Brenda wore the wire. 

Jason: (Shaking head) Nicolas Cassadine got hurt in a shootout.

Sonny: Like I said, there's a lot of memories here.

Mob Haunts