Lulu Spencer Falconeri

Lulu Spencer is the daughter of Luke and Laura. Luke was never around much and Laura was institutionalized. Because of Sonny's close relationship with Luke, he always watched over her and offered her protection. Lulu suffered a nervous breakdown after she killed Logan Hayes. Sonny offered her advice and comfort.

When Lulu starts dating Dante Falconeri, who is Sonny's long lost son, her relationship with Sonny changes. Dante is a cop who works undercover to take Sonny down. The case ends tragically when Dante's cover is discovered and Sonny shoots Dante. Lulu cannot forgive Sonny.

Sonny continues to try and have a relationship with Lulu, but she is unforgiving. Lulu and Dante's relationship becomes serious. They move in with each other. Lulu continues to have misgivings about Dante's dangerous profession. She doesn't want to be married to a cop. Lulu starts to drink from the stress of Luke being gone and her issues with Dante.

Dante proposes marriage to Lulu and she finally accepts. Dante and Lulu get married in Bensonhurst on December 23, 2011. After a reconciliation with Luke, Lulu seems to have gotten her drinking under control. She gets a job maintaining the evidence locker at the police station. When Lulu is the one that suspects Ronnie Domestico, Dante's partner and childhood friend, he kidnaps her. Ronnie is killed in a shootout and Lulu is rescued by Dante.

Lulu becomes a mother with the birth of Rocco Falconeri.