Marcus Taggert

Marcus Taggert arrived in Port Charles in 1997. It was quickly revealed that he had a vendetta against Sonny Corinthos. After a few months of intense harassment, Sonny had Jason do a background check on him. Jason reported to Sonny that Detective Taggert was from a precinct in Brooklyn and had been Deke Woods rookie partner. Sonny and Taggert meet on the docks and Taggert tells Sonny the reason for his vendetta.

Taggert: He saved my life that day. He got the D.A. to go easy on me. He told the state I’d be better off with my mother than in custody. He walked me out of the station that day and told me to meet him on the playground on Saturday. 

Sonny: The playground?

Taggert: He was standing there with a basketball. I told him I was good. He watched me shoot for a while. And then he told me I better choose another profession.

Sonny: Police work.

Taggert: I chose that myself. You see, Deke, he wouldn’t care what I chose, as long as I stayed in school. See, Deke, he said no education, no life. And then he’d tell me about his wife and how her son ran away and broke her heart. I knew Deke two years before he ever spoke your name. And that was just to let me know you hooked up with some wise guy Scully. Joe Scully. Like you hadn’t done enough damage. Destroyed his marriage, trashed his house. Had to go and connect his name to organized crime.

Deke had helped a young Taggert through some rough times and steered him towards a career with the police department. Taggert was Deke’s rookie partner and he told him all about his stepson, Sonny. Taggert believes that Sonny beat his own mother and murdered his stepfather. He has vowed revenge ever since.

In Port Charles, Lieutenant Taggert, now promoted, has been a no-nonsense and serious cop. He is by the book, but at times can get a little ambitious about his work. Mac often has to remind him to do things right, so any evidence against Sonny can be used in court. He enjoys locking Sonny up and one time kept him in the interrogation room with the heat turned up, trying to get Sonny to talk. He comes to the Penthouse often with a search warrant. 

* Taggert became the guardian of Juan when he stayed in Port Charles. 

* Taggert's mother remembers Sonny from Brooklyn.