Michael Corinthos III

Michael has a special place in the hearts of both Sonny and Mike. When he was baptized in the church, Jason asked Mike to be his godfather. Jason also gave him the name of Michael, named after his best friend Sonny. 

Michael is the son of Carly and A.J. Quartermaine. Carly had some complications during his delivery. Michael was born with a damaged heart and was in an incubator the first few weeks of his life. At the beginning, Carly had a hard time bonding with her son, but with the help of her mother Bobbie, she was able to hold her baby. Eventually, Carly became a very loving and devoted mother.

Sonny has been a part of Michael's life ever since he returned to Port Charles and got involved with Carly and Michael, who was a toddler at the time. When Carly became pregnant with Sonny's child, she was still married to A.J. and living at the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny wanted his raise his own child, but Carly told him she wasn't going anywhere without Michael. Sonny made the arrangements and brought Carly and Michael back to the Penthouse to live with him.

Sonny has always had a very tender and loving relationship with his stepson. He cares about him very deeply and wants to make sure he grows up without the pain and violence that he knew in his own childhood. After Sonny marries Carly, he officially adopted Michael as his son. 

Michael has been through a lot in his young life. He was very upset by his parents divorce. He became a great big brother to his brother Morgan and sister Kristina. When AJ kidnapped Michael, he tried his best to cope with the ordeal. He protected his siblings and was able to contact Sonny briefly. He is credited with saving Morgan and Kristina and having them return safely. When Michael returned from the kidnapping, he was traumatized and in shock. It took him a while to recover from his brainwashing. After therapy and time spent with his family, he recovered from the kidnapping ordeal.

Michael was very upset and angry when his longtime nanny, Leticia was murdered. He asked his father to seek revenge. Sonny explained to Michael that he didn't want him to end up angry and be just like him. However, Michael decided he wanted to protect his family. He bought a gun and hid it in his room. When Morgan found it, he decided to get rid of it. When Michael brought the gun to the docks, it accidentally discharged, injuring Kate Howard. Michael ran away. When Michael returned, Sonny told him he would love him forever.

Sonny and Michael were spending more time together and he was at the coffee warehouse with Sonny. Sonny was showing him the business. There was a sniper in the building hired by Claudia Zacchara to kill Sonny. When the gunshots are fired, a bullet accidentally hits Michael in the head. He is put in a coma and transferred to a care facility named Aftercare Institute of Manhattan. Doctors tell Sonny and Carly that Michael will never wake up.

After one year in a coma, Michael was transferred back to General Hospital, where Sonny and Carly try a risky procedure to save their son. Michael wakes up from his coma. He has a long recovery, as he is prone to violent outbursts and has some anger issues.

Michael continues to have impulse control problems and outbursts. When Claudia kidnaps Carly, Michael is the one that finds them at a remote cabin. When Michael witnesses Claudia trying to kidnap Carly's newborn baby, he takes an axe and kills Claudia. Michael is in shock, but he states he has no regrets at what he had done. He tells Sonny that he wants to go into the business. Sonny tells Michael that he wants something better for him and that he cannot work for him. Sonny goes to trial for Michael. But the plan backfires when Dante finds out it was Michael and not Sonny that killed Claudia. The judge sentences Michael to five years in prison. Michael is soon released from prison and put on probation. Sonny and Michael are reunited when Michael is finally allowed to see Sonny again.

Michael starts seeing a girl named Abby, who works at a strip club. When Abby gets attacked by her abusive boyfriend, Michael has flashbacks about what happened to him in prison. Michael reveals to his family that he was raped in prison. He agrees to go to therapy to deal with what happened to him. Sonny tells Michael he will always love and support him.

Michael and Abby have a serious relationship. Michael starts working for the Quartermaine's but he quickly becomes bored with the business. Sonny agrees that Michael can work at the warehouse as long as he isn't involved in any mob business. Michael agrees to the compromise. When Abby is in Chicago, she is tragically killed in a construction accident. Michael is devastated. Sonny offers comfort to a grieving Michael.

Michael's biological father, AJ returns to Port Charles after faking his death. Michael becomes conflicted about his relationship with Sonny. Sonny tells Michael he will always love him and nothing can change that.


Other information about Michael.

*Tony kidnapped Michael when he was an infant.  

*One of Sonny's rules is that he and Carly never fight in front of Michael.

*Michael loves boats and jets.

*Michael will inherit all of Jason's shares of Corinthos-Morgan Imports.

*Michael loves going to the beach to collect sea shells.

*Mike Corbin and Emily Quartermaine are Michael's godparents.

*Michael's birthday is December 29, 1997.

*Michael collects baseball cards and likes the NY Yankees.

Sonny with
his namesake.
Michael's birthday
party .Riding a bike.
At the Park
Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart
Michael adores Sonny.