Mike and Brenda's Last Scene

(General Hospital-September 10, 1998)

Brenda is sitting in the hotel lobby talking to Robin about her mother’s return and the possibility of having a terminal illness. Robin listens and offers support, then stands up to leave. They hug each other and Brenda sits back down in her chair. She leans over and puts her head in her hands and, overcome with sadness, starts to sob to herself.

Mike is standing at the hotel registration desk. He’s turns around and sees Brenda crying. He walks over and stands behind her, reaches out, and puts his hand on her shoulder. Brenda reaches back and touches his hand. Then she turns and they look at each other, as he offers her silent comfort.

(Next scene)

Mike: Hey (he hands Brenda a glass of water). Take a sip and tell me if there’s anything I can do to make it better.

Brenda: (drinks the water and smiles) You already have.

Mike: Okay (sits down across from Brenda). You know the last thing I want to do is intrude or make you have to deal with me on top of whatever else it is that’s hurting you.

Brenda: (casts her eyes down, softly) My mother’s back.

Mike: (confused) I thought that she was . . .

Brenda: I know. You thought she was dead (slightly laughs). I thought she was dead. Turns out she was just in Europe. When I was a little girl my father paid her to go away and not come back and, so I wouldn’t go after her, he told me that she was dead (some sad music starts, it’s the music used when Sonny & Brenda were in the catacombs).

Mike: Look, um, maybe you better start at the beginning. When did all of this happen?

Brenda: A couple of weeks ago.

Mike: And you’re certain that this woman is your mother?

Brenda: Yeah, ‘cause Jax had her investigated and he wouldn’t let her tell me until he knew for sure. (Sighs heavily and is tearful) Now, I just wish that she hadn’t told me. Part of me just wishes that Veronica would just go back (low whisper) to where she came from.

(Next scene)

Mike: That’s her name? Veronica?

Brenda: Yeah. Veronica Wilding.

Mike: Well, that explains your middle name. I mean, I kept wondering when I saw it on the wedding invitation.

Brenda: Yeah. I always thought those were the only two things I got from her. My middle name and (shaky voice) her dark hair.

Mike: She told you something about yourself?

Brenda: Yeah, and now she wishes that she hadn’t and so do I. I mean, I don’t blame her. I’m trying not to blame her (sighs) I just don’t know. How could I suddenly be a daughter to this woman when she was never a mother to me?

Mike: At least she’s trying Brenda. I mean, otherwise she wouldn’t be here. I’ve never met your mother, but I know that much.

Brenda: (shakes her head) It’s not like you and Sonny.

Mike: No. Of course not. I mean, when something goes wrong between a parent and child that pain is unique. I mean, that all comes from the missed chances by a particular child and the mistakes made by a specific parent. And if she wants any chance to be a parent she better to do it right now. While she still has a chance.

Brenda: (softly) I think that’s exactly what happened.

Mike: She hurt you by coming back and I’m sure that she’s sorry. But, she doesn’t know how to make it all better and she probably (sighs heavily), she probably feels like maybe she should just go away. But, deep down inside of her, she still believes that you need her.

Brenda: Is that why you never left Sonny?

Mike: I uh, (puts his head down, laughs slightly), I did enough leaving when he was a kid. No. I owed it to him to stay even when he claimed that he didn’t want me.

Brenda: (Smiles) Veronica’s not as strong as you.

Mike: Then, maybe you need to tell her that it’s not too late. I mean, unless it is?

Brenda: (softly) I don’t think it is. I think maybe it’s just in time. (smiles, casts her eyes down, then looks up and gives him a gentle smile) Thanks, Mike.

Mike: (Looks down and pauses for a moment, smiles) You’re more than welcome.

Brenda: (laughs and leans over towards Mike) I’ve got to tell you a secret. (He leans in closer and she whispers) I wish that you were my father-in-law. I mean, I don’t mean that I want to marry Sonny, I love Jax. But, I wish we were going to be family.

Mike: You know something funny? (He reaches over and takes her hands) As far as I’m concerned, we are.

(They both smile at each other, stand up, and hug tightly).

Mike: Listen, you call me if you need me, okay? (He kisses her hands).

Brenda: Okay. Bye.

Mike: Bye.

Brenda: (watches as Mikes leaves).