Mike & Jason Buy a Motorcycle Shop

August 18, 1998. This is the first scene with the character of Marco. Mike is interested in buying the motorcycle shop next to the Recovery Room and has asked Jason to meet him there. Jason steps into the bike garage and sees a mechanic working on a motorcycle.

Jason: Excuse me. I'm looking for a guy named Mike Corbin.

Mechanic: That's nice.

Jason: Yeah, I'm supposed to meet him here. He's thinking of buying this place.

Mechanic: Yeah, I know all about it. You're one of those . . . (surprised) Jason Morgan.

Jason: And you are?

Mechanic: Marco. Basillo. The owners told me perspective buyers would be dropping by (Wiping his hands with a towel). I just never thought it would be you. Can I show you around?

Jason: No, I think I've seen enough. (Looks at the motorcycle that Marco is working on) This is a nice bike. (Sits on the bike).

Marco: Yeah, I mean, it's run into the ground a little bit, but it's definitely worth fixing. Do you ride?

Jason: Yeah, I used to, I used to.

Mike: (Mike comes in the shop) Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Jason: Hey. No, it's all right, it's all right. Excuse me. (Jason gets off the bike and walks towards Mike).

Mike: Hey. What do you think?

Jason: I like it. I just had no idea that you liked motorcycles.

Mike: Yeah, well, I've ridden a few in my time (laughs). But, look, that's not why I want to buy the place. You see that wall? (points) Now, that butts right up against the bar, and eventually, I'd like to break through and expand.

Jason: Well, why not expand now?

Mike: Money.

Jason: Come on (shakes his head). You know you don't have to worry about that.

Mike: I know. I know. But I'm coming to you for a loan to buy the place. As far as the expansion goes . . .

look, I'd rather wait until I can afford it.

Jason: However you're comfortable.

Mike: Thanks (pats Jason on the shoulder). See, all part of the master plan is I want to add a few items to the menu.

Jason: mm-hmm? (Jason loses interest and starts walking away as Mike is talking. He stands by the bike and watches Marco work on it).

Mike: You know, and that way kind of turn this into more of a formal dining room . . . tables, nice lighting,

put a couple of wine racks over against that wall. That way, I can draw more sophisticated . . . (notices Jason is distracted). Are you listening to any of this?

Jason: He's doing this wrong. Are you putting in a new fuel line?

Marco: I'm trying (working on the bike).

Jason: All right, look, (takes off his jacket and starts working on the bike) you see that cable that's running to the gearbox, okay? You've got to bend the line around it because with the vibration, it'll wear out in a couple weeks.

Marco: Like this?

Jason: Yeah. Ok, let me show you right here.

Marco: Okay.

(Next scene)

Jason: And then you attach the valve there, okay? Twist, but don't tighten too much or the gasket will leak.

Marco: Is that enough?

Jason: It's enough. We're finished, man.

Marco: Thanks. You know, if you're looking to buy a bike, I could talk to the owner about this one for you.

Jason: No, I don't even think I would get a chance to ride. I'm going to wash up.

Mike: (Mike walks back in the shop) Hey, hey.

Jason: Hey, what's up? Where you been?

Mike: Oh, I had to call the hospital. A friend, Ellen Burgess, was admitted after she and Lucy Coe got chased by a bear.

Jason: A bear?

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, well, it's a long story. The ladies were staying at a friend's place up at Pleasure Point and Ellen fell in a well.

Jason: (Looking around the shop again) Mike, you ever think about keeping this place open? You know, just until you're waiting to . . . the expansion?

Mike: Well, I'm pretty busy in the Recovery Room.

Jason: Well, you just need to hire someone. Even if you don't do that well, at least you won't be losing money to taxes.

Mike: Well, listen. Technically . . . technically, I'm going to own this place, but we know who paid for it, so if you want to keep the garage open, that's fine with me. But whatever profits we make, we split.

Jason: I got plenty, Mike.

Mike: As far as I know, we could lose money. But in either case, we're partners. (Puts his hand out for Jason to shake) Deal?

Jason: (Jason shakes his hand) Deal.

Mike Sighting-General Hospital- August 21, 1998

(There’s a celebration going on at Luke’s. Mike makes his way through the crowd and finds Jason talking to Emily).

Mike: Hey.

Jason: Hey, Mike.

Mike: I thought I was going to be fashionably late.

Jason: Yeah, well, I think the guitar player's going to be fashionably later. You want to play some pool?

Mike: Let's rack them up.

Jason: All right.

(Next scene. Mike and Jason are playing a game of pool it the back room of Luke’s Place. Mike takes a shot and misses the corner pocket).

Mike: Ugh.

Jason: Hmm.

Mike: Jeez. Well, the show must be going well. Either that or . . . or Luke put out his stogie.

Jason: Yeah, Luke's not around.

Mike: On a show night?

Jason: He's leaving town (maybe he’s going to hang out with Sonny on that island : ) He left a while ago.

Mike: Why?

Jason: I don't know. He just said to keep an eye out for Lucky and keep him out of the business. (angrily) My business.

Mike: And that . . . that rubbed you the wrong way?

Jason: Yeah, I don't like somebody telling me what to say to somebody else.

Mike: Well, listen, Lucky's a young guy. I mean, he shouldn't be getting into something he can't get

himself out of (Mike aims his cue at a ball as Jason is talking).

Jason: Yeah, well, when are you old enough to decide, Mike? You know, Michael, sure. Michael's too young. He needs me for everything. But how will I know when to stop taking care of him?

Mike: (Mike hits the ball and looks up at Jason) All right, let's say, let's say that Michael is Lucky's age, okay?

Jason: Yeah?

Mike: And Michael decides that he wants to be a part of your business. What do you do?

Jason: I hope he doesn't (Jason hits a ball).

Mike: Why not?

Jason: Because it's not easy.

Mike: What's not?

Jason: Keeping the people safe that you care about. Keeping yourself safe for them. See, Mike, at first I didn't even have to think about that. Ever. But now I do. You can't help it, but you think about it all the time. Now, I'm not saying Michael should have it easy. But it's not. It's not easy (Jason sighs heavily).