Mike and Sonny Play Pool

This scene was in April of 1996, right before Sonny and Lily go to Canada. Lily had recently asked Mike to come over and help her cook, because she wanted Mike and Sonny to get along better. Sonny was angry, telling her not to do something like that again. This scene is a few days later and is one of the first times, since Mike has come to Port Charles, that father and son have a civil conversation.

(Mike is in the back of Luke’s, playing a game of pool by himself. Sonny walks in looking for Luke).

Mike: Hey (sinking a ball in the side pocket).

Sonny : Hey.

Mike: I was thinking of running the table.

Sonny: No kidding (uninterested). I was just looking for Luke.

Mike: He’s not here.

Sonny: (Sonny hesitates, then walks towards Mike, who’s standing at the pool table) All right, um, I was gonna tell you too, that what you did for Lily, you know, what you did for Lily, was a decent thing to do.

Mike: Hey she’s a decent woman. If she ever learns how to cook she’d be damn near perfect. (Sonny allows a slight laugh, then heads back out the door. Mike tries to keep him in the room). Cooking. Did I ever tell you about the night you were born?

Sonny: (Sonny stops in the doorway and turns to Mike). No. No, must have missed that one.

Mike: (Mike laughs. He plays pool while Sonny stands by the door). It was a Tuesday. It’s a funny thing to remember. I mean it’s such a nothing day, Tuesday. You know what I mean? Anyway, I had been out for about five days (He taps a ball in the side pocket as Sonny starts listening to the story). I was running a rig out of Jersey. I hated that rig, it was like a prison. Anyway, I called Adela from Trenton. How romantic is that? (He looks at Sonny) I told her I’d be a couple of hours and be home for dinner for sure. I stopped at my buddy Tommy G’s place, you know, for a quick one. Then I got hung up in a game of five-card stud. I won big, too. Eight, nine hours later I strolled in the door. Told some big fat lie about having a blow out on the toll way. (He pauses and shoots a ball into the corner pocket. Sonny’s still by the door, his eyes cast down towards the floor). There she is, must have been midnight. The table was set, dinner kept warm in the oven. So, I’m sitting there eating this fish soup she made and she’s sitting across from me, the lights hitting her just so, and she was nine months pregnant and I had never seen anything more beautiful. (Sonny is still looking down at the floor, a little tearful) Some women don’t do pregnant so good, but Adela did (Mike sinks another ball and continues). So she gets up and goes into the kitchen to get dinner and I hear this crash. So, I go running in and there she is all bent over, and . . . .she went into labor just after I had called and she waited. She wanted to make sure I got my dinner first. Believe that? (shaking his head)

Sonny: (softly) Yeah, I can believe that. So then what happened.

Mike: I took her to the hospital. Here I am driving like a freakin’ fool and she’s cool as a cucumber (Mike sits down on the edge of the pool table). That was before all this hands on stuff that father’s do now. So I stayed in the waiting room. You were born within the hour (Sonny looks down at the floor again). And I walk in and there she is holding you in her arms with this look on her face. She couldn’t take her eyes off you (Some sad music starts to play, Mike is getting tearful, Sonny is too). I stood there watching the two of you and started to cry. Then I thought, you stupid bastard, who do you think you are to deserve these two perfect creatures?

Sonny: (Sonny is still looking down. He’s moved by the story and whispers very quietly) Nobody’s perfect.

Mike: So you say. (Mike clears his throat, stands up and continues shooting pool)

Sonny: (Sonny lingers, deciding if he should leave. He hesitates, then walks to the pool table). How about the best two out of three?

Mike: (Mike looks up from the table, surprised at Sonny offer). You’re on. (Sonny takes a deep sigh and gets a cue stick. Mike closes his eyes, thankful he has finally connected with his son).

Next scene: Mike and Sonny are playing pool together and trying, somewhat awkwardly, to have a conversation.

 Mike: (Sonny shoots a ball in the corner pocket) You’re good.

Sonny: So how many times were you in prison?

Mike: Twice, But it was jail, not prison. I was never that good.

Sonny: What was your crime? (he keeps sinking balls in the pockets)

Mike: You’re gonna laugh.

Sonny: Try me.

Mike: Well, the first offense was unpaid parking tickets. (Mike sinks one)

Sonny: That’s a scary one. (Sonny smirks)

Mike: I don’t get no respect. But, there was a second time.

Sonny: Don’t tell me. Jaywalking. (he smirks again)

Mike: I got caught with my hands in the till. I was working at this biker bar just outside San Francisco and the boss caught me skimming and he took exception. However, his wife made a special plea on my behalf. I was out in two days with the charges dropped. (he sinks a shot)

Sonny: His wife, huh? (Sonny doesn’t look too surprised)

Mike: Oh yeah. You should have seen that women ride a chopper. Poetry in motion

Sonny: dog

Mike: (Mike laughs and sinks the eight ball in the corner pocket) Pay attention, son. You might just learn something.

Sonny: (throws up his hands) All right, all right. I give up. I know when I’ve been had. (Sonny reaches in his pocket and hands Mike some money).

Mike : Hey, buy you dinner?

Sonny: (Sonny starts to get a little anxious about this bonding stuff and starts heading towards the door. They have an awkward moment in the doorway). No, no, no. I need to meet Lily. We’re gonna be going out of town, you know, for a little vacation.

Mike: Hey, Well that’s great. You both deserve it.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. If you see Luke tell him to hang in there and I’m reachable if he needs me for anything.

Mike: Will do.

Sonny : Okay, and I asked Harry to call me if anything happens, but just in case maybe you could, you know, make sure. . .

Mike: No problem. I’ll let you know.

Sonny: (He’s getting really uncomfortable) Thanks, thanks, and you know, if, you know, the dinner, if I get back, maybe we’ll do something, have dinner.

Mike: Sure thing. (softly, hoping it will really happen)

Sonny: (He can’t look Mike in the eyes) See ya.

Mike: See ya, Michael.