Mike asks Sonny to a Baseball Game

This scene is in July of 1996. Sonny is still grieving Lily's death. Mike has been keeping close tabs on his son, with little thanks. Sonny's accountant has told him that he could go to prison unless he finds some legitimate ventures to invest his newly inherited Rivera money. He wants his newly hired runner, Jason, to get out before it's too late. Sonny and Robin are sitting at an outside table at the Outback when Mike walks up and enters the conversation.

Mike: Hey, what’s up? (Sonny and Robin don't respond) Now what has he said to make you look like that?

Robin: Oh. . . nothing….it’s just that I’m supposed to be working right now. (She stands up) You here for lunch?

Mike: Well, maybe later. I’d like to sit with my son (he looks at Sonny). If I could. I mean, if you don’t mind?

Sonny: (acting hostile) suit yourself.

Robin: (walks away from table) Enjoy.

Mike: (sits down at the table) She’s a sweet girl.

Sonny: The best.

Mike: I wasn’t kidding when I said that uh, she looked upset. What’s going on?

Sonny: She’s worried about Jason.

Mike: Should she be?

Sonny: He works for me. What do you think? (Sonny gives Mike a cold stare and leans in closer) I’m a gangster. I use people. I eliminate the ones that get in my way. It's a good life but there are substantial risks. When you fall you fall hard.

Mike: Michael. . .

Sonny: No, no, no no, don’t start. Sooner or later everybody pays. It’s my turn, that’s all.

Mike: Don’t do this Michael. Don’t destroy yourself for something that wasn’t your fault.

Sonny: Not my fault? (getting irritated) What do you mean not my fault?

Mike: You did the same thing when Stone died. You stopped and you waiting for some kind of punishment that never came.

Sonny: What planet have you been living on? It came! It came, all right. Or weren’t you there the night they arrested me. That’s the night I should have gone down, Mike! But there was one reason I didn’t. (Mike doesn’t know what he’s talking about and looks surprised) She came to me once. She told me how she went to her father to tell him she loved me and how terrible she was as a person to ask him for help. Like there was any other way. Rivera used her to own me and now I’m sinking under the empire. I am sinking under his empire and no innocent is gonna free me out of prison or die in my place. I am finally getting what is coming to me.

Mike: (annoyed at Sonny's self-pity). What is it gonna change? What are you gonna make right by beating yourself up?

Sonny: (irritated) Forget about it.

Mike: I CAN’T! (getting angry) I have been on the receiving end of your anger Michael, and it is terrible and unforgiving and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, least of all you. (Sonny turns away and rests his head in his left hand, trying to tune Mike out) I say that you have paid enough already and if Lily were . . .here.

Sonny: (Sonny goes ballistic. He faces Mike in anger, knocking over and ashtray from the table, pointing his finger in Mike's face.) If you mention her name again, I will kill you!

Mike: (sick of his son's behavior, he gets up in disgust and walks away from the table).

Sonny: (puts his head in his left hand and buries his face. His voice is a little shaky) Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. (Mike stops walking away and sighs. He puts his hands on his hips, turns back and looks at Sonny) I didn’t mean to do that.

Mike: (walks back slowly, picks up the ashtray, sets it on the table and sits back down. Sonny is unable to look at Mike) It’s all right It's all right. Look, the conversation was getting too metaphysical anyway and guilt and retribution aren’t exactly my favorite subjects. (Sonny sighs, touches his forehead with his hand) Besides, like the man said, the only place that life has order is at the

Mike and Sonny: (in unison) Ballpark.

Mike: (surprised) You remember?

Sonny: Yankee Stadium (he finally glances up at Mike). I was what, seven years old?

Mike: (laughs) You caught that foul tip back in the stands and I remember saying, that kids gonna be one hell of an athlete. (Sonny's looking down) You know, matter of fact, I’m um. . gonna go to a game tonight. Want to come along?

Sonny: Baseball?

Mike: If you don’t have any other plans.

Sonny: (softly) Sure, why not.

The next scene. . . Mike and Sonny walk towards the Outback bar and sit down. Mike's very excited about going to the game and Sonny looks like he's sorry he said yes.

Mike: You're serious about this?

Sonny: I said it, didn’t I?

Mike: Yeah, but I mean, you know, I like to get there right at the beginning and see everything: warm ups, batting practice. .

Sonny: Whatever you want Mike.

Mike: Yeah, 'cause you know, the warm up tells you everything: who’s sharp, who’s playing hurt, how the team is concentrating. That's the most important thing. I mean when a guy's mind isn’t on the game he might as well hang it up. (Brenda walks in with Jax. Mike has completely lost Sonny's attention as he watches Brenda and they stare at each other from across the room. Mike continues with the baseball talk) Now Behar is the veteran. A lot of people thinks he’s up there but I’m telling you, the guy has energy burn. I mean, when he is on he can move in and out. I mean, McKensey he always comes in with a plan which is good. Now Ludel. . .