Mike at Nurse's Ball 1998

Mike Sighting-June 22, 1998

Port Charles Nurse's Ball

(Mike and Mary are standing and talking when Victor comes up and introduces himself).

Victor: Evening. I don't think we've met.

Mary: (Mary makes the introductions) Oh. Victor, this is Mike Corbin. Victor Collins, Kevin's father.

Victor: Mike (shakes his hand) nice to meet you.

Mike: You too.

Victor: Excuse me for interrupting, but Mary I'd like to but some raffle tickets, you're my lucky charm.

Mike: (Mike smiles) Once a lucky charm, always a lucky charm.

Mary: (looks at Mike) gotta go

Victor: Excuse us.

Mike: See ya

(In a later scene. Mike and Luke talk briefly)

Mike: (claps as Eve and Julie's performance is ending) Some night.

Luke: Yeah, great. (Pours himself a drink). I just ripped a dress off of Lucy.

Mike: There's a thought shared by many men in this room tonight.

Luke: This dress was like a psycho death shroud.

Mike: You mean like in the book? Is she all right?

Lucky: I guess. Cops are involved now, so I'm off duty. (pause) You didn't know Sonny was going to be here, did you? (takes a sip of his drink).

Mike: Did you?

Luke: (Shakes his head no)

Mike: He's one of your best friends. Didn't that bother you?

Luke: Not a bit. (pauses) I'm not his father.

Mike: Whatever that means. My son doesn't seem to think I need to know whether he's dead or alive.

Luke: Well, sons are like that sometimes. (Takes another sip of his drink)

General Hospital Nurse's Ball

(Jason and Robin are talking when Mike walks over)

Mike: Excuse me. Am I interrupting?

Jason: No

Mike: Were you with Sonny the whole two weeks you were away?

Jason: Yes.

Mike: Did he ask about me at all?

Jason: Yes he did.

Mike: What did you tell him?

Jason: That you missed him.(Mike walks away)

Robin: Sonny really hurt Mike. He doesn't deserve that.

Jason: I know. But, Sonny doesn't mean to hurt Mike. But, there are some things that he can't tell him.

Robin: Maybe you understand better because you know where Sonny is.