Mike at the Bike Shop

Mike has been taking a lot of breaks from the Recovery Room and visiting the folks at the bike shop. Mostly, Jason, Robin, and baby Michael. He now has a regular stash of animal crackers handy for his Godson. He’s been giving a lot of advice to Jason and Robin about what will happen when Carly returns. Here is a summary of Mike at the bike shop.


October 6, 1998-General Hospital

Mike comes into the bike shop to see how Jason is doing. He asks where his Godson is. Jason says he’s home with Leticia. Jason thanks Mike for watching Michael when he was visiting Carly. Mike says it’s no problem. How did it go? Jason hates seeing Carly locked up. He almost hit the doctor. Jason wrote her two times a week and the doctor wouldn’t let her read the letters. Mike suggests the doctor might think the letters would cause a problem. Jason says the doctor even said the baby is too young to miss his mother. Jason says he’d fight until they killed him if he was in there. Mike says he didn’t know. Know what? says Jason. “That you empathized so completely with Carly. That you care about what she feels.” Jason says that’s because she’s Michael’s mother. Mike hopes she’ll be back with him soon. Jason agrees. He has to get her out of there.


October 9, 1998-General Hospital

AJ stops by the bike shop looking for Jason. Mike says Jason is visiting Carly, but that he can give him a message. AJ didn’t realize Carly was allowed visitors. Mike says she’s getting better. AJ wants to know when she’s coming home. Mike says he’d have to ask Jason. Robin comes into the bike shop. She’s going to watch baby Michael.


October 15, 1998-General Hospital

Mike comes into the bike shop. He asks if Michael wants some animal crackers. Jason says the baby just ate but he can try in a half-hour. Jason says Leticia’s mother is sick and Robin is at class. Jason thinks Robin is mad at him. Mike says Jason has a problem. Mike explains that Robin is worried about what will happen when Carly comes home. Mike wants to know if Jason is planning to set up house for all four of them. Jason doesn’t know yet. Mike understands why Robin is worried. Mike says the thing that Carly might want is Jason. After all, she did live with him and is the mother of his child. Robin probably thinks there won’t be any room left for her in Jason’s life. Jason says Robin knows that can’t happen. Jason doesn’t love Carly. Responds Mike: “But, you love Michael and you just said that Carly belongs with her son. I mean, you’ve got to consider how this is going to work.”


October 16, 1998-General Hospital

Mike comes out from the storm and into the bike shop. He talks to Robin. He explains that Jason went to pick up a part in Schenectady. Mike says that Jason should have been back by now, but is probably stuck in the storm. Then says to Robin “So, which do you think is more dangerous to Jason's health? Rain on the expressway or this little guy's mom?” Robin looks hurt and Mike apologizes. “Sorry. That wasn't funny,” he says. Robin says she’ll watch the baby and Mike says that’s great because he has to head out and wait for a delivery at the Recovery Room. Mike says it’s good that Robin doesn’t hold Michael’s mothers faults against him. Robin says it’s her that causing trouble not Carly. Robin has been nagging Jason to change things before Carly gets home. Robin is worried about how much Carly can push Jason around, now that Michael is involved. Carly knows how vulnerable that makes Jason. Mike thinks that maybe Jason is going to have to learn to let go. Every parent has to sooner or later.


October 22, 1998-General Hospital

(Jason and Robin got in a fight because Robin left Michael with AJ when there was an emergency at the cottage. Jason has been staying with Mike).

Mike walks into the bike shop. He asks if Jason has talked to Robin yet. Nope says Jason. Mike guesses they’ll stay with him again. Jason hopes that’s not a problem. Mike says he can stay as long as he wants. But, Mike warns the longer Jason waits to go back to Robin the harder it will be. Jason explains how she left Michael alone with AJ. Mike says the city was underwater and she was worried about the cottage, probably because of the connection to Brenda. It was too risky to take the baby. She had reasons. Jason says she used Michael to prove something to him. Mike admits she made a mistake, but Jason needs to forgive her. Jason explains that she had a reason to do it and it wasn’t a mistake. Mike says it sounds too complicated to him but he knows one thing: Jason and Robin are upset and it isn’t good for the baby. “You've got a situation here that is close to spinning out of control, and you're not helping it one bit.” Mike goes on to say Jason needs to make a decision and that’s the problem. There’s a wedge between Jason and Robin and Carly isn’t even out yet. Jason says all three of them will sit down and talk when Carly gets out. Mike thinks Jason has to do it sooner. Mike says he’ll stop with all the advice. Jason agrees he’s had enough, but he appreciates Mike’s help.

Bobbie walks into the bike shop. Mike has to get back to the bar. Jason and Bobbie talk about the same thing Jason and Mike talked about. Later, Mike returns to the bike shop. He wants to take Jason and Michael home and fix them his world-famous red snapper a la Corbin. Mike asks Jason if he thought about what he said. Jason says yes. He has a plan before Carly comes home. Mike is surprised that Jason took his advice. Jason replies, “If you didn't want me to, why'd you tell me all that stuff?” Mike says “It’s a rare person that takes good advice, I should know, I never did.” He thinks Jason is a lot smarter than he ever was. Mike goes out and warms up the car for baby Michael.


October 23, 1998-General Hospital

(Mike comes into the bike shop. He has Michael in his arms. Bobbie is sitting down reading a magazine).

Mike: Oh, surprise. Look who's here.

Bobbie: (stands up and walks over to Michael) Hello, handsome.

Mike: Why, thank you.

Bobbie: (laughs) You, too, Michael. Hi. Can granny have a hug and a kiss?

Mike: Oh, look, here you go (Mike hands her the baby).

Bobbie: Yeah? Oh.

Mike: Be careful. He's been a little cranky today.

Bobbie: Oh, really? So your Daddy isn't the only one who didn't get any sleep last night, huh?

Mike: He told you that?

Bobbie: Are you kidding? But I have an automatic translator in my head.

Mike: Well, and what does it tell you about Jason's chances of moving back into the cottage?

Bobbie: You can talk above a whisper. Jason's not here.

Mike: Yeah, well, as much I'm loving the company, this is just not working for Jason or Michael. And I'm sure it's not great for Robin, either.

Bobbie: Well, I'm sure they'll work it out somehow.

Mike: (Line of the day) A man, two women, and a baby? (Mike shakes his head) I'm afraid that's going to take a little finesse, and finesse is not Jason's strong suit.

Bobbie: Hmm. Well, you know, neither is long-range planning, but he's really trying to sort things out with Carly. I gather you gave him a little nudge last night.

Mike: Well, two nudges are better than one. (Smiles)

Bobbie: (laughs) Yeah, they say that's true with most things in life. Like childcare for instance, huh? So when the Godfather gives out, the Grandmother kicks in? How about letting me take over? (Michael is trying to pull off her earring) You can rest or work or whatever.

Mike: You know that automatic translator of yours? Actually, it's a mind-reading device. (laughs) I'll leave my number for you over here.

Later, Mike is back at the bike shop. Michael is playing on a blanket and Robin is sitting with him.

Mike: You know, he missed you.

Robin: I missed him, too. Not just Michael.

Mike: Well, if it helps, Jason's been miserable.

Robin: That makes two of us. I hate hurting him.

Mike: He'll be fine as soon as he sees your face.

Robin: Look, I know that Jason doesn't want me alone with Michael, and I don't want to put you on the spot, but is it okay if I stay here and wait for him?

Mike: That's fine by me. And, you know, I think Michael will like that, too.

Robin: Yeah.