Mike Charms Helena Cassadine

April 2, 1998. Luke asks Mike to meet him at the docks. He's worried about Lucky and needs some help. It's nighttime as Mike walks downs the steps and over to where Luke is standing. Luke is looking out at the water.

Scene 1

Mike: Must be quite a celebration (there are decorations all around for the dock renovation ceremony).

Luke: (turns and faces Mike) Oh, who cares. It's all politics, right?

Mike: I take it you're passing on the festivities?

Luke: Watching Edward Quartermaine slap himself on the back is not my idea of a good time. No. I have other plans.

Mike: Is that why you asked me to meet you here?

Luke: Yeah (Luke sighs). Lucky has uncovered some ancient family history, which leads him to believe I'm not the man he thought I was. He has taken his sleeping bag and is living at another address. Which is okay. That's not the problem. The problem is he has thrown in with a pit viper from hell.

Mike: Anyone I know?

Luke: Helena Cassadine.

Mike: Wait a minute. Cassadine? I mean, after he knows all about your history with them? That doesn't make any sense.

Luke: I know. But he's not trying to make sense. He's a loose canon (like you, Luke?)

Mike: Can't you reason with him?

Luke: Maybe. Someday. Not now.

Mike: From what you told me she is a very dangerous lady. What are you going to do?

Luke: I'm going to protect him from a distance. I can't lose him Mike.

Mike: Yeah. Tell me what you need?

Luke: (Luke reaches out and pats Mike's shoulder. They both face the water and continue talking. Luke points towards the water). See that yacht?

Mike: (slight laugh) Hard to miss.

Luke: Yeah, well that's Helena's. I'm gonna go over there, tonight, and I don't want her walking in on me 'cause I've got a little business to take care of. Now, she usually takes a stroll along the dock at this time of the evening and I'd like it a lot if you could make sure she stays here.

Mike: You have any idea how I'm going to accomplish that?

Luke: I suggest you hack off her arms and legs and throw the rest in a bucket.

Mike: (Mike laughs out loud) That's kind of messy. I'll tell you what. I'll come up with something a little more neighborly.

Luke: I thought you might. (Mike pats Luke on the shoulder).

Scene 2

(Mike's sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper, and waiting for Helena. She finally arrives and he stands up and pretends to bump into her).

Mike: Oh, Oh, I'm sorry. Are you all right?

Helena: Well, I will be. (She starts walking away).

Mike: Excuse me. Excuse me. Could you wait just a minute?

Helena: Yes?

Mike: I . I . I . can't believe it. Is it really you? After all these years?


Mike: It was New York. The Plaza Hotel. June 19 . . .uh . . oh, it was too many summers ago for my taste. We were both there on business. We struck up a conversation in the Oak room. I taught you how to drink Martini's that night, Rox, and you were a very good student.

Helena: I'm sorry sir.

Mike: Sir? Sir? It's Mikey.

Helena: Be honest. Do I look like the kind of a woman who would know a Mikey?

Mike: In every way possible. (seductively)

Helena: This has gone quite too far. My name is not Roxy, Rox, Roxanne or heaven for bid Ro. No. I am a stranger that you have detained far too long (She walks away).

Mike: (Mike follows her. He really lays on the charm). Oh, how I have missed those eyes. That little patch of amber right there in the pupils. After all these years and still I've never seen anything more beautiful.

Helena: (getting a little charmed) You're observant and not without taste, but I'm really not who you think I am.

Mike: Don't you have a telephone number, an address, someway I can get in touch with you?

Helena: I'm sorry . . . but

Mike: Look, I understand why you're mad at me. I mean, we had such a beautiful thing and I let it slip away. But, we're different people now, Rox. If you'd just give me one more chance, just one night and I know I can make you happy.

Helena: Happy means different things to different people.

Mike: You pick the meaning I'll make it happen. (smooth line, Mike)

Helena: Well, you're very sure of yourself, Mr. Mikey.

Mike: Look, why don't we discuss this over cocktails and dinner? Do you still enjoy bouillabaisse 'cause I've got just the place . . . (just then Lucky walks down the steps to the docks and interrupt's their conversation).

Lucky: Mrs. Cassadine, sorry I'm late . . .(Lucky stops in his tracks when he sees Mike. Mike and Lucky exchange glances).

Helena: Do you two know each other?


Mike: Us? No. No. Listen, Roxy. Maybe I've been pushing this thing too fast. It was fate that brought us together and if it's right it will happen again. Look, take care of yourself (he gets out of there as fast as he can).

Helena: (turns to Lucky) Who is he?

Lucky: (doesn't even hesitate) Mike Corbin. Sonny Corinthos' father.

Helena: The criminal?

Lucky: Well, some people would say so.

Helena: Anything else?

Lucky: He's a friend of my father.

Helena: He wanted something from me. Any ideas?

Lucky: Mike loves money and beautiful women.

Helena: Good answer. Well, are you ready to find out- how did you put it- where all the bodies are buried.

Lucky: You bet.

Helena: Come. Let's go someplace we can be comfortable.

Scene 3

(Mike and Luke meet back at the docks).

Mike: I had her eating in my hand. Then, all of the sudden, Lucky shows up. I had no choice but to get out of there fast.

Luke: Do you think he busted you? (your son ratted him out, Luke!)

Mike: I don't know. It's hard to say. How did things go for you?

Luke: It was a little tricky, but okay. Sorry, Mike I gotta tune in (he planted bugs on the yacht and wants to start listening).

Mike: All right.

Luke: Thanks again.

Mike: Yeah. (Mike walks away and Luke starts eavesdropping on Lucky and Helena's conversation).